Air Jordan XII Cool Grey/White Team Oranges

No this is not about music

Now i haven’t purchased a pair or Air Jordan’s in well over ten years. One reason being because ten years ago, i worked in a shoe store and didn’t have to wait in line. The other being, now that i no longer work at one and have to wait in line, i see that there is no reason why i should have to take extra time out of my life to stand out in front of a store, hours before they open just to hopefully buy a pair and not get shot while on the way out to my car.

All this while the entire working staff of the store are still home, asleep in their beds (the waiting in line part, of course).

Da homie Mickaleaux fell through to help me out with some conceptual ideas on a project, then he showed me these bad muhfuggas and i instantly felt a wisp of cool air glide over my heart, and then i knew it was real. Now hopefully i can just ask around and somebody, somewhere can put a pair on the side for me, if not it’s cool.  But these will most definitely be my next purchase. Not the biggest shoe-buff by far, even after working in a shoe store, but i haven’t been so compelled to want to buy something like this since the first iPhone dropped.

I’m sure y’all could care less about what i want, but c’mon, these bisshes are sweeeet!! Am i wrong? Anyways, you can find these baby’s on shelves (or not) by Saturday May 19th!


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  1. You’re not wrong my g. Dem thangs cleannnn!

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