Bassmentality 2/1/13 (playlist)

What up world! Greetings and #quasars. Mike 5ive Pre-Sent!


First let me say Rabbit, Rabbit! It’s a myth, according to Nick, Jr. (yes I’m citing Nick, Jr.) at the first of every month when you very first wake up say, “Rabbit, Rabbit!’ This is indefinitely grant you good luck all month long. Good luck to all those who remember,lol

This week’s show, 1st show of the spring Semester!, #hashtag was #NolaDays.


 Unless you were under a rock you know the Superbowl is happening in my city this week.  #Realtalk because the Saint’s not playing I could really care less. I know that’s not good sportsmanship but I have the RESERVED right to say Fcuk You if you not saying #whodat.

Anyway returning back to the theme/hashtag, In this week’s playlist, I wanted to compiled all of my memories and feelings of this week into a melody. For instance, earlier this week some students I’m teaching really got to experience “school” violence. There was a shooting on the corner of their block. Then counter clockwise we have Superbowl going on. I have to commute through the city so I see all this papier mache and gloss and wonder “damn where this shyt normally be at?” But I’m not totally saying this week was dystopian but I got to watch my Lady, New Orleans, go through her many phases. I definitely wanted to allude to the bad but still show that this is that City.

To start it off right I figure the best thing to do was introduce everybody to the main thing they know about New Orleans: Voodoo. And Papa Celestin held me down with “Marie Laveau.”

Peep the playlist:

12:07am Marie Laveau Papa Celestin Papa Celestin’s New Orleans Band GHB Music Alt Oldie
12:10am The Beginning Melaphyre Dan’s Freeman Story FFU Hip Hop
12:16am Just Begun Talib Kweli feat Jay Electronica Revolutions Per Minute Blacksmith Hip Hop
12:18am Superdome State of Mind Truth Universal Superdome State of Mind (Single) Dragon’s Breath Hip Hop
12:22am My City MacNiffy ClimaXX Elevated Elements Hip Hop
12:25am Berserkr Tizzo 24000ft Tall YBM Hip Hop
12:34am Big Beast Killer Mike feat Bun B & T.I. R.A.P. Music Williams Street Hip Hop
12:39am Sucka N*gga A Tribe Called Quest Midnight Marauders Jive Hip Hop
12:43am Pyramids (Change) Madlib Beat Konducta Vol. 1 & 2 Stones Throw Hip Hop
12:45am Um Um Slum Village feat Keys Villa Manifesto E1 Hip Hop
12:46am what if i Skipp Coon & Mr. Nick women revolution tennis shoes tibbit muisc Hip Hop
12:51am Statistics The Left feat. Invincible Gas Mask MMG Hip Hop
12:55am Over The Waters Luca Brazi Brainfood S/R Hip Hop
12:57am Broken Levee Blues DJ Shadow The Outsider Universal Island Hip Hop
01:04am Cartoons and Cereal [Edited] Kendrick Lamar feat Gunplay Good Kid, M.A.A.D City TDE Hip Hop
01:11am Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed & Encouraging (C&S) Big K.R.I.T. Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed & Encouraging (C&R) S/R Hip Hop
01:15am Numb! Dee-1 I Hope Dey Hear Me Vol. 2 S/R Hip Hop
01:18am Fly Rahim Glaspy RawRev: Act 1 RawRev Hip Hop
01:23am Running Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX I’m New Here XL Recordings Hip Hop
01:26am Gamin’ on Ya People Under the Stairs Fun DMC Gold Dust Media Hip Hop
01:29am Another Day in Paradise Elespee & Prospek Nola Noir GPC Hip Hop
01:37am Time Lost in the Wind jakie Skellz Time Lost in the Wind (Single) Elevated Elements Hip Hop
01:41am Juice [Know the Ledge] Eric B & Rakim Juice (OST) MCA Hip Hop
01:44am Rebirth of the Slick A. Nunn Rebirth of the Slick (Single) S/R Hip Hop
01:46am Invocation Common One Day It’ll All Make Sense Relativity Hip Hop
01:49am Disconnect Marz the Superior Rise & Downfall S/R Hip Hop
01:51am Understand Me Midcity AB Random Realness S/R Hip Hop
01:57am We Major Paasky feat Raw D.I. Ready to Die 2 S/R Hip Hop

And like that I was suddenly at 2am workin on my final goodbyes and signing off. In hindsight, extra stoked that the Ravens won the Superbowl but I would have been prouder if it was the Saints. (Its the black and gold in my bloodstream.)

As some Lagniappe a la #quasar: Ray “Let There Be Light” Lewis





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