…taming the Future #6

tame 2

Today was the first day of school after Christmas Break.

:::Hit The Music:::


I don’t know if y’all have the pleasure of having kids but TEACHING is a close second to me. My momma told “they like lil people, you gotta talk to them.” Lil people you say?! Swear they 2wenty ft. tall. But as much as we go through labor pains making films with the kids, you do bond with them. In my mind, I’m like “dawg if you just cool out and pay attention we can really get to the fun part.” I think @MisterBats face sums that up nicely. However mad you get though the Children are really the future. The things we say, do, or talk about they in turn ingest it. (I’m not gon’ front I kinda geeked in elementary school to get French lessons. Overlook the fact that I used the word “geek,” you get the point!) So I’m happy on the days when it’s popping but when its not I don’t wanna frown. (Frowning uses 11 muscles, Smiling uses 12 muscles. #sciencefact)



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  1. sup mr. martin and mr. mike from alaric smith aka elvis shakur

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