HomeWreckers INC


To view HWI in separate easy to digest episodes click below.

EPISODE ONE: “We’re Here For You”

HomeWreckers INC., founded by the illustrious Dave Forker, is a company that helps single people fall in love with the person they feel they belong with, even if their chosen loves are currently already in relationships. 

“It doesn’t matter, we’re here for YOU” — Dave Forker


EPISODE TWO: “Cheaters”

Dave Forker explores the first of three categories regarding his company and how HWI helps to improve relationships. Cheaters never prosper. #HomeWreckersInc



“Everybody slips.” The lesson that top “Strategic Love Specialist” Jermaine Solomon makes sure that every one in a relationship is aware of. If you’re not aware, you will be by the time he’s done making you single. In the name of HWI, Solomon is the head “Slippers Specialist.” He helps those that aren’t meant to be in relationships slip out so the right person can step in. It’s the American way.



The hardest category to crack is that of the genuinely “FAITHFUL” couple. But Dave Forker has an ace up his sleeve, Jasmine O’Neal. Our crew follows Jasmine as she tackles her toughest “faithful” case yet. #HWI


EPISODE FIVE: “Falling In”

Is head strategic love analyst Jasmine O’Neal falling in love? Or is she really just that damn good at what she does. Find out in part five of this seven part series! #HWI


EPISODE SIX: “Falling Out”

Jasmine O’Neal resigns from HomeWreckers Inc. Why? Click the sideways triangle. #HWI



The series finale of HomeWreckers INC. How did it all go down???




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