#1 on Most Hated List: Dirty Cops

I hate crooked cops!

Yes, above you see Mat Damon’s crooked tail chatting with Leonardo’s rattin behind from The Departed. I love that movie you know? It shows a very realistic version of what happens to these undercover cops and what should happen more often to the topic of this blog today. Not to be extreme and say that they should all be shot in the head in their residencies (that’s over kill, lol no pun intended), losing their jobs, dignity, self/public respect should be enough.

Ok, let me slow up and start at the beginning. No offense or anything, but I really don’t like cops. I don’t like them. Sorry, can’t change my mind on it. I respect the ones I know, which are hmmm, 2, but other than that, nope. I’ve got good reasons to me. Being a girl who grew up “’round the way” in Da Roc Town, everybody knew if a cop came, it was going to be some trouble. I never felt safer when they came around, only scared because they were going to create a disturbance much bigger than what was there. It was my humble observation that they weren’t there to serve or protect ME but to humiliate and harass for stupid stuff. I mean clearly no cops nor the legal system are making their causes better with things like, the execution of a 14 year old African American boy in 1944 in South Carolina for a murder there was no evidence proving he committed, the execution of Troy Davis a few weeks ago, and oh yeah, things like this:

If you don’t know that video, you need to check out my bro Mike5ive‘s #OccupyWallStreet piece! That happens to hundreds of Americans daily!! Come on man! So YOU ALREADY  KNOW how I must feel about the bain of existence for cops right off the back. Dirty Cops are beneath the scum of the earth because they are even more corrupt that your average run of the mill cop! I even like politicians better than them because at least I know the politicians are going to be a little sleezy, but still tell me what I wanna hear before they take advantage of me! Again, no pun intended.  Now that I have your brains ready for it, I can bring in the funny!

Crooked Cops

So these two cops from Philly, Officers Christopher Luciano and Sean Alivera were arrested for stealing marijuana and $3,000 from, (get this!), an undercover cop posing as a drug dealer!! Haha! Talk about set up! Apparently the story is that word was getting around that these two were robbing drug dealers. Their plans were to keep the money and sell the marijuana. So basically, these men called to serve and protect their community were instead serving the drugs on a platter and protecting their own behinds! Guess they didn’t do a good job of either one. Thankfully, the district attorney’s office and the police department set the perfect trap and got them. Now that, I will applaud.

This occurrence happened only a few months after some other officers were caught stealing heroin, too. That’s my point people. This is out of hand. And while this is a kind of funny story, what’s not funny is the stuff the cops get away with all the time because they wear a badge. Here in New Orleans alone, cops should have been dropping like flies left and right for as many have been charged with raping girls, killing innocent African Americans during Katrina, and so on, and so on. But it seems the boys in blue are impenetrable. Now don’t take this next question wrong or think I’m an anarchist or anything like that; on the contrary, I like government, order, so on and so forth. I’m just a rebel. Which is why I do wonder if the American people will ever take a stand together and say we need to rethink how this legal system and the policing system work? Will it ever be a time when people say you know what enough is enough, and demand that stricter laws or policies be enforced on the people who are supposed to up hold the damn law in the first place?? Or will we spiral into a 1984 situation with all these new technologies and have Police be able to come in, beat you down for nothing, and then say oops, my bad, it was the 30 seconds of Hate time and you were just there…..Oh wait, didn’t we just see that above?

That’s this Diva’s take on things. Holla back.


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