A Diva’s Fashion Sense

Ok since I’ve been dedicating the past two weeks to politics, this diva has decided to take a break from that and get into the other wonderful things I’m interested in. Since it is getting into the fall/winter month, which is my favorite time of the year, what better time could there be to talk about fashion! Winter’s when you get to layer it up, try beautiful earth tones, and wear my absolutely favorite shoes: BOOTS!!!!!

I came across this site through my StumbledUpon.com account. Because it was my first time using it, this discovery made me love the site all the more! It’s called Free People Clothing Boutique and yes it has boutique prices! Now I am no fashion expert and I do not profess to be. I just know what I like and some of their clothes are pretty nice if you’re into what I consider bohemian chic! Here are a few pics that I liked that can be found online at http://www.freepeople.com.


Thermal Shortie


The featured clothing item here are the thermal high-waisted black shorts from the gimme the beat, boys andCool Breeze and Falling Leaves collections. The ruffled bottom makes it look more like a skirt which I also happen to love because it takes the design of the garment from bland shorts into something that can be dressed up like the model. This girl could be going to work, out to party, or just throughout a regular day and looks that can transcend multiple venues are my kind of thing. Not only that, but they’re thermal shorts, which means your nether regions won’t get frost bite! :-) The price: $58.00. Coupled with the shorts, she’s wearing a fishnet longsleeve top ($58), carrying a sofia pattern handbag ($78), a tribal rhaise pendent ($428), brisa crochete tall socks ($20), and ludlow laced boots ($278) all found at freepeople.com.





Globetrotter Corsette Cami

This Globetrotter Corsette Camisole from the Romance collection comes in both black and green and looks good in both! There is nothing I like more  than a camisole that can offset an outfit and just looking at this gives me all kinds of ideas. I mean could you imagine out good you would look with this on and a blazer? Office appropriate, maybe not, but hot, yes!!! The price isn’t too bad either: $68.00. What she’s also wearing is an emma embroidered waistbelt ($198) and a perfume amulet necklace ($250).







floral lace fit and flare dress

This last dress is included in multiple collections including After Midnight. If you’re ready for you night out on the town this fall, the floral lace fit and flare dress might be a hot ticket. Available in pearl grey, black, and this beautiful red (my favorite) it rings in at $128.00. Don’t worry about how sheer the dress is because it comes with a tank dress lining and mesh trim. In this picture, the model is also wearing a perfume amulet necklace, a pair of buckle back ankle boots ($248), a copper coil cuff ($188), and a rocky citrine wrap ring (now $69.95).






Hope you’ve enjoyed just a few picks from this diva’s fashion sense, and stay tuned for much more. Check out http://www.freepeople.com. Send in your requests for other sites to be featured and comment on styles you’d like to see showcased on gumbomonster! Holla back!


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