An Artistic Call to Arms: Women and Hollywood

Hello all you people out there! First let me say I do apologize about my absence these past few weekends due to technical difficulties! I do hope you weren’t too sick without me, but lucky for you…. the DIVA’S BACK!

That’s right I’m back and with another topic that raises a lot of passion and concern for those of us artistic ladies out there. Now we all know about ageism and sexism in Hollywood and just about everywhere else. Let’s be honest here, the only women that we see most on the screen are usually half-naked, getting sexed or sexualized, or going on a killing rampage. Now while there’s nothing wrong with sex, nakedness, or the a girl with a vendetta, the question to ask yourself is this: are these the only roles we’ve seen men in?

Hannah-This movie was very, very badass, but this Hannah’s not the best role model.






Now, this is not to diminish the awesomeness of the roles that have been produced. Like this film to my right. It was absolutely amazing to say the least. However, a young, teenaged, white girl travelling the world murking people doesn’t exactly encourage our girls to grow up and become something great in life. It also blatantly rejects the idea that there are more than those kinds of stories out there. I mean, last time I checked, when I was growing up, a man and a baby weren’t the only two things I longed for.  So why are the only movies about women romantic comedies? Sorry, but being someone’s wife was not then, nor is it now my first dream.

Am I alone here? Is this what we're reverting back to? An toilet scrubber or a gun?

Now in the last year we’ve seen a men trying to get married (the Hangover), men saving the world (the Avengers, Green Lantern, Captain America, etc.), men sailing the sea (Pirates of the Caribbean), sweeping young teenage girls whose only goal in life is to love them off their feet (Twilight), magically blowing up stuff (Harry Potter), and the list goes on and on. A myriad of creative genius thrust on to the only sex Hollywood seems to acknowledge regardless of age ( I would say race, but notice that all of the main characters in these roles all have one pigment…just saying): M-E-N!! And let’s not even get into the fact that the roles the women in these movies did have were no where as near important as their male counterparts. Not to mention the fact that when’s the last time you saw a Black woman over 35 doing anything in a movie Tyler Perry did not produce, write or direct?? This is appalling to say the least. When I think about how messed up the industry I have dreamed of being in for the greater part of my life totally discriminates and yet makes billions while I have the potential to be out of work in 15 years, just keeps trekking along like nothing’s wrong, THIS IS HOW I FEEL:

Female Rage Face to Hollywood

Seriously though! What in the world is going on??? I mean, ladies don’t you remember the way Vivica A. Fox tore it down in Two Can Play that Game? I swear she had me wanting to become an executive of somebody’s advertising firm just to wear her clothes and have the life she had. She was a woman in control and a good role model. It doesn’t stop there. Don’t you recall Julia Roberts in one of my favorite movies Erin Brochovich? You cannot tell me she did not kill that role, fighting for those people who would have simply laid down and died had they not known their water was poisoned by the water company. Come on, you mean to tell me that once every what 10 years comes a role that is amazing and provoking, and actually worthy of an actress? Something has got to change!

So consider this the call to arms for every writer, producer, or director hopeful sitting around looking for some good material; let’s get some chicks on these screens and put actresses like me back to work! Rest assured, this diva will be doing everything in her power to get more stories on the screen starring none other than those carrying that XX Chromosome, ya heard?

That’s this diva’s take on things. Holla Back!


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