The Bad Mother’s Corner

So we all know there is no one way to raise a child. Nobody is an expert, everyone needs help from time to time, and that it is important to reach out to others who may be able to help you. One thing that I loved about Sex and the City 2, was that they took time out to allow Miranda and Charlotte time to vent about how crazy it can actually be trying to raise children, and how sometime the pressure can be just a little too much! I honestly feel like they verbalized a standard that should be enacted by mothers everywhere. The fact that I have no children is a sure fire reason that I support the idea of getting with other mothers, talking about the stress, and maybe, if it’s your thing, having a drink or two in the process. Personally, I need to know that although the road may be rocky, there are “rest-stops” every now and again so that I’ll be able to catch my breath and get back into the fight. This is what I wish would have been encouraged to the following. Now don’t get too mad because the story is kind of old, but seriously,  I could not just let this go without saying something about it. It’s just that outrageous to me.

….Excuse me while I chuckle a little. Ok, I’m back. Clearly and obviously, the physical abuse is completely out of line! But blowing marijuana in the baby’s mouth?? Are you kidding me?? That is just too damn far! What does she think this is Indonesia where we let our kids smoke cigarettes like this kid:

Well, NOT IN AMERICA!!! Lol, j/k. Go ahead readers, draw the conclusion that perhaps this was another Casey Anthony trial averted. HOWEVER there is one specific topic in particular that I believe needs to be addressed.


There were people who responded to this saying that this is the result of all the teenage/young adult pregnancies and the fact that they are not mature enough to handle the responsibility of being a parent. That my friends is what I like to call that bull and that ish. Let me tell you why. I, Canae Machelle White, Lady C, or any other name you have come to know me as, was born on Jaunary 25, 1988 to an 18 year old high school senior. My mother, Catherine Marie Merritt not only raised me, but I have 4 siblings which she raised as a single mother. Now, that is not to say that my father was not there. On the contrary, my father was a part of my life as much as any active duty Navy man can be. But I spent most of my life being raised and under the direct influence of my mother. Just to let you know what kind of mother I had, I’ll give you a few of my stats to date.

*Honor Roll every year since Kindergarten

*Invovled in basketball, band, AND drama throughout school and that was because my mother knowingly put a cap on how many activities I could do. (she knew I’d run myself into the ground, lol)

*Active as youth leader in my church since the age of 7 (I participated in dance, choir, played the drums, and did sound/camera)

*Full scholarship to Dillard University for Theater

*Graduated from Dillard University in 2010

And if I even blinked in my mother’s direction the wrong way, I knew I had a serious punishment coming. I have always, because of her, had a very strong respect for authority and elders whether they were 2 or 20 years older than me. All of this came from one 18 year old girl who decided that instead of doing what she wanted to do, she would do what she needed to do which was handler her responsibilities as a mother to me and my siblings. Not to say that she didn’t have help from friends and family, but she shouldered 90% of it on her own. Therefore it is an outrage to constantly and consistently see that mothers, young and old do not put nearly the amount of effort my mother did into being a good parent. It’s like people no longer feel it’s their responsibility to raise productive, healthy American citizens. And let me tell you from first hand experience, if the children are the future of tomorrow, then I’m afraid our future is looking pretty darn bleak considering the people raising children today.

Currently I am teaching Drama in an after school program here in New Orleans. One teacher I spoke with told me that rather than disciplining his children, one parent told the teacher to handle them, because according to her, parents are too afraid to be the “bad guy.” One thing I hated as a kid, but definitely appreciate now that I’m an adult, is the fact that my mother was never afraid or cared about being my friend. She was my mother first and foremost and my best friend second. She never lied to me, or spared my feelings because she knew this world wouldn’t care. But she built me up, taught me to think for myself, and to always remember who I am and whose I am. The way some of the students run around in my classroom, you wouldn’t be able to tell whether they came from a stable home, a zoo, or were raised by a pack of wolves!! The same teacher also told me she had a friend who had recently been married but decided not to have children because she didn’t want to bring them into a world with the kids today. And I don’t blame her. Nowadays instead of talking to children, you either have parents who let the tv and internet raise their kids….


You have the abuse shown above. It’s time for parents, fathers and mothers alike, to think more deeply about the future of the child you’re raising. Because people originally gave birth, not just to multiply, but to continue their lines; to continue the heritage and legacy of their people. What in the world are the children of today standing for that is firm enough to stand on tomorrow? What kind of world are we creating? Because the way we mold our futures through our children is the way our world will look. And I don’t want to be 50 in a world where delinquents, rejects, neglects, and degenerates run everything because parents today are too lazy to perform the job they should have considered BEFORE THEY GOT IN THE DAMN BED!!!

Another point is that it’s not like teen pregnancy or young adult pregnancy is a new thing! The only thing new about it is that instead of getting pregnant because the average age women get married is 15, people are slipping up for the lack of knowledge or the lack of execution of said knowledge. I’m not saying that all parents are bad today, but too many people are running around ignoring the signs of bad parenting.  I mean where are these teenagers’ parents?? Oh, my bad guess that’s cycle of bad parenting continuing. Seriously people, something has got to change!!! It’s time to think before tomorrow is no more.

Oh, and to lighten the moment, I’ve included a fail video below of a mother doing “baby yoga.” This was funny, but scared the crap out of me on many occasions. You’ll see why.

Yes…yes that is a real baby. Well, that’s the Diva’s take on things. Holla back with your comments.


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