The Democratic Socialization of African Americans…THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW!!!

Listen up people! It’s your favorite Diva, Lady C sending another serious transmission to every person with range! This particular Captain’s Log comes from a recent statement made by Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain and a comment made by Florida Congressman Allen West. Now as everyone knows, the race for the presidency is well underway and Republicans are doing every possible thing in their power to get that election. And by everything possible, I mean EVERYTHING WRONG!!!!!

I just have one question: WHY ARE AFRICAN AMERICAN REPUBLICANS SO CRAZY??? Seriously! Maybe not all of them, but any of the ones I’ve seen have been crazy. I mean having grown in what are considered the “not-so-ideal” circumstances, my family have always supported Democrats because they are the party that most readily created more opportunities for people in our situations. So quite naturally I always looked a little side ways at Black people who claimed to be Republican. The first time I came across this was on the Tom Joyner Morning Show during the 2004 election between President Bush and Presidential Candidate John Kerry. She was ranting about how African Americans needed to stop being lazy and that the fact that Bush had cut serious funding to welfare programs (like the Hope project sponsored by DHS in Little Rock, AR that helped get welfare recipients financially stable so they would no longer need the benefits) was, in so many words, irrelevant. I thought that lady was crazy then, and this is just as crazy now.

A few months ago, before President Obama released this jobs bill (which if you don’t know about it, you should get to know it get your congressman/woman to vote on it quick!!), the unrest from unemployment in the African American community came to a pinnacle of sorts. It seemed both Black Democrats and Republican alike had something to say about it. Enter: Congresswoman Maxine Waters and the Congressional Black Caucus.

After noticing that no one else was stepping up to answer the call, they began launching a series of job fairs in various cities that had some the highest unemployment rates, with a specific focus on African Americans. Thousands and thousands began to gather in an earnest attempt to get jobs  and recover from the devastating blow this economy has delivered to us all. Now wouldn’t you know that some random Republican (and I say random only because I hadn’t heard this man ever making any noise on my behalf as an African American) had already been spewing out things against the African American democratic leaders. Now, for the record, Lady C, hates Fox News and if there had been a way for me to upload The Ed Show’s version of this, I would because Ed went in on West! If you get a chance people, check that out because it’s hilarious!!! Anyway, on with the foolishness:

Now to make a long story short, this man had the nerve to say that  Democrats are the slave masters and we, the poor innocent non-suspecting Black folk, are blindly allowing them to enslave us with their “liberal economics.” Honestly, it is my humble opinion that the economics aren’t liberal enough seeing as how the tax cuts go to who?? Oh yeah, the RICH. And the vast majority of Americans are where? Oh yeah, middle class or below!  And who got hit the hardest by this economic drop? The MIDDLE CLASS AND BELOW. And yes it is despicable that Obama has not visibly take time out to listen to the concerns of the community that came out in record numbers to support him. Yet, why are we still debating on a bill (Obama’s Job’s act) that can save so many from drowning deeper and deeper into a debt that they NEVER would have had to deal had the Government (Bush as well as Obama) avoided this altogether. Why are the Republicans not answering the call with policies that would help instead of the same old sappy policies that got us in to this mess in the first place?? Not to mention the fact that Allen West’s OWN BROTHER was at the Democratic jobs fair. His brother who had been out of a job for like 3 months comes to West for some kind of help and Allen sends him where?? TO THE DEMOCRATS!! You mean to tell me, Congressman Allen, that it hit you that “close to home” and you STILL haven’t devised a plan to “help a brother out?” And by brother, I mean of any ethnicity. Because white people, hispanic people, and everyone else are suffering too. Now I’m not here to debate on how we got into this mess. I’m here to point out that the ONLY people who are trying to make progress are our evil, manipulative, no-good DEMOCRATIC overseers. Because correct me if I’m wrong, but what have the Republicans done for African Americans lately outside of send them into a war in Iraq, Afghanistan and whole bunch of other places they didn’t have nothing to do with? I haven’t heard or seen ANY initiatives by Republicans to benefit the Black community and if this is enslavement, hell, I’d hate to think what it would be if the Republicans truly had their way. A concentration camp? Which leads me to the next comment made by yet another crazy African American Republican. Check this out:

Ok, so basically not only are we enslaved we have been “socialized” or brain washed into voting for Democrats. Now don’t get me wrong. Democrats have not always been faithful to the Black Community. I do believe that in some instances, they have taken our votes for granted and not always readily listened to the concerns that we have. However, let’s just take a detour into a quick history lesson shall we? African Americans had been voting Republican since Abraham Lincoln signed propaganda to “release” the slaves in the Southern seceded states (which technically he had no power over because the Conferderacy was a whole other country by itself. Thank God it worked though, right?) Anyway, this continued all the way up until the Great Depression of 1930 and FDR’s presidency. It was Franklin Delano Roosevelt who first established the Black Cabinet in an attempt to win African American votes, which he did. It was also his administration who, although did not put an end to segregation, did create a great deal of opportunities for African Americans that no other politician had done to date. And it was during this time that many African Americans began to flourish and contribute even more to the rich culture of America.

Now, today, even in the face of so many openly racist Republicans, and Republican policies that do nothing for my community but only benefit those who have always been on top,  Cain has the nerve to tell me I’m brain washed? I think if I weigh the options, I’d choose Massa over Hitler any day. Ok, the example may be extreme, but you get what I’m saying. If the Democrats are “brainwashing” and “enslaving” me with policies that help my community in the long run, instead of hurting it in order to benefit some big shot businesses who don’t do anything to give back to my community, yet continue to prosper on my tax and income dollars, put the chain on my neck!!!!

This is why I felt it necessary to highlight these things. The election of 2012 is coming and we, as African Americans, need to get geared up and informed starting now!! Don’t let these perpetrators in black-face, these wolves in sheeps clothing, fool you! Get informed and get ready, because we all know the gauntlet has been thrown, and it’s about to go DOWN!!

That’s this Diva’s take on things. Holla back.


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