The Soap Box: The Real Republican Concerns for Americans

With 13 months until the great election, and all the craziness happening politically, it’s no wonder that a Diva like myself needs to be informed. Especially being African American, a woman, a member of the working class, and a tax-paying citizen too. Everything happening right now effects people in any of the above mentioned categories and it keeps getting worse. Republican leaders keep getting crazier. I say leaders, because looking at #OccupyWallStreet, I refuse to believe that the citizens who identify as Republican are in 100% agreement with their leadership who seem to frankly be ignoring their voices. However, again, I’m getting ahead of myself as I tend to do with the politics. My focus today will be on the issues everyone Republican is talking about: Contraception, Abortion, Gay Marriage, and somewhere along the way Jobs.

Let’s start with Jobs since that’s what everyone is actually worried about. A few nights ago, Republican filibusters blocked the Obama Jobs bill from even getting to the floor to be considered for a vote. Every night we witness how people protest and demand Wall Street be held accountable for it’s part in this economic crisis, and how people demand to get work and we continuously see the Republicans doing nothing towards that end accept denying the one and only sensible plan that has been proposed. I mean I’d rather be debating the validity of two different jobs acts, one from the Democrats and one from the Republicans, but they have YET to introduce anything dealing with jobs. Although they released a plan recently nothing reported in the plan had anything to do with increasing jobs. At least not according to the report.  It had everything to do with refuting everything that the Obama Jobs act would have tried to enact.  Herman Cain had his own opinion as to why jobs is not necessarily his issue. Watch this:

Yep, it’s your own damn fault Wall Street Protestors!  Herman Cane says on the Wall Street Journal that you’re to blame for the fact that you’re losing your homes, because you were laid off while the banks took home your deed and a huge bonus check. It’s all on you! So stop your belly aching and get back on craigslist and find a job!

Yeah seriously that’s what’s being spread around the Republican camp. To make matters worse, instead of focusing on jobs as they would have us to believe, after they denied the President’s plan, they devoted their focus to the biggest concerns plaguing this nation yet: Abortion and Homosexuality. Now I have a lot to say about this, but here

Now you know I’m about to go in on this right? Well buckle your seat belts and get ready! Let’s talk about what this means. So first, a serious investigation into hospitals and clinics across the country who provide Women’s Health Services? Then sacrificing the Pentagon’s funding to make sure that the “Defense of Marriage Act” (DOMA) is created? Now I have always been a Pro-Lifer personally, but above all a Pro-Choicer politically. This ideology goes further beyond Abortion and even Homosexuality. Although personally I know that I could not go through with an abortion, I do not and can not speak for every woman in the world. Concurrently, although it is a held fact that homosexuality is a sin in Christianity, so is lying, so killing, so is stealing, and so is fornication. And I know I’ve been guilty of lying a couple of times! According to my bible in Romans 3:23, it says that every person on this planet has sinned against God and that no one is better than the other. Yet God, in all His infinite glory, majesty, and righteousness still gives all mankind the right to do what? CHOOSE. Even in the Old Testament the Lord said CHOOSE ye this day whom you shall serve. Even He didn’t force anyone to do anything they didn’t want to do and left it to them to deal with the consequences of their actions be it good or bad.

Now if GOD, Himself, can do this, what makes the Republicans so much higher that they get to wipe choice completely out through legislation? Even better, let’s talk about why they are spending $1.5 Million of my tax paying dollars to do it, especially in a time when that money could go to creating jobs? And finally, WHY  is defending marriage more important than our national security????? It seems like we’ve seriously got our priorities messed up! But let’s not get hasty, let’s go a little further and talk about this contraception issue.

No Contraception?

Teen Pregnancy has been a serious issue in this country for decades and not to mention the sky-rocketing number of STD’s that plagued teenagers prior to the sex education classes introduced into some schools. Now again, I admit that according to my religion, sex before marriage is a sin. But the Bible also says “my people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.” Just how far does the destruction go you ask? Let me show you!

According to, young people ages 15-24 are four times more likely to contract Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. A report on revealed that in 2007, African-American teens represented 15% of US Teens but 68% of the new cases of HIV/AIDS reported! Sixty-eight percent. According to a report on, approximately 1,100 teenage women give birth every day. Yet you want to cut contraception and abortion altogether?? To me, that’s a communist notion, because wasn’t it in China that because of the dense population, the government limited the number of children its citizens could have to 2? Am I mistaken? I didn’t read that correctly or something? If their government is limiting their number of kids, eliminating the CHOICE the citizens have, what is the difference is demanding that every citizen in the United States gives birth to every egg that is fertilized? Isn’t that the same elimination of choice?  Not only that, but if we continue this “witch hunt” as Maddow referred to it and the GOP successfully shuts down Planned Parenthood and other sites like that, let’s talk about what that would to Women’s Health altogether. So I no longer would be able to have my yearly visits to  make sure I’m healthy unless I’m pregnant? And God forbid, I have a miscarriage, I’m just supposed to bleed to death because you don’t like Planned Parenthood? What is LadyC talking about? I’m so glad you asked. Take a look at yet another video on the abortion-crazed Republicans.

Yes, that’s right they don’t want you to get that kind of treatment. I heard a pastor say that the church has been guilty of trying to control the woman’s vagina for centuries; making no serious demands on male virginity but immediately persecuting a woman who is sexually conscious. He was definitely right about that. Yet, I venture to say that with the Republicans in office, they want control over my vagina too, and honey let me tell you, the answer is NO!

Where do the Republican front runners for President stand on the issue? Mit Romney once up a time counseled Mormon women to only get abortions if they were raped, at risk health-wise, victims of incest. What brought the change of heart? Stem cell researchers from Harvard who destroyed embryos after 14 days. Then, there’s Rick Perry who, as governor of Texas, made so many vicious cuts to health care that “6.5 million Texans” don’t have coverage, not to mention that he “cut funding for family-planning clinics by [2/3].” These are the people you want to run our country? Who have a blatant disrespect for people of color, women, and the middle class?

That brings me to my conclusion. I’ll end with this inside look at Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Economic Plan. I’m not even going to add anything else to you. You be the judge.

That’s this Diva’s take on things. Holla back.

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