Fa real Fema?!

Ayo, ya’ll heard about all that million dollars worth of supplies that FEMA had stored for Katrina victims that NEVER EVVVERR got to Katrina victims?….what? you didn’t hear about that? Wait, I KNOW you heard about that 2 million dollars they spent on food, supplies and a whole buncha other shit that I knew that the residents that are STILL living under bridges in New Orleans have been needing since Katrina, I KNOW you HAD HAD HAD to hear about it never getting to the victims, and has recently been moved and basically gotten rid of because they didn’t think nobody needed it…what? fareal? you didn’t hear about that?….Go Here and read up…..Vote Obama 2008

And in honor of America’s continous NIGGER treatment to anybody that’s not rich, here’s Nas’s newest video/shortfilm



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