That’s my Juvie?!

I’m from the city of New Orleans, I love it to death, but to many its a place where if you’re a young black male, it’s almost guaranteed that you’re going to end up a d-boy, a d-boy turned LOCAL rapper, or dead, point blank. It’s going to take alot of dissection to really delve into the psyche of why this is, and even after trying to understand it, the odds of it changing seem as bleak as Jesus being gay, our levees being 100% hurricane proof, and Lil Wayne checking into rehab….but hey, ya never know right, either way, one thing is sure, your environment and your culture dictates how your brain thinks, and why it thinks the way it does. While to some, walking up and down the exact same dirty street, drunk for hours may seem like a waste of time, for many people down here Bourbon St, is a night in itself, that’s basically YOUR NIGHT, especially after a big event. Hell, people come alll the way down to the N.O just to get drunk and walk up and down a dirty smelly ass street in their best outfits (and worst shoes)

but fuck it, that’s the N.O for ya. It’s a mentality of sorts, and this brings me to the purpose of this blog

Once again, another young black man is jailed for dealing with an underaged girl, and no he isn’t R. Kelly…wait, I GOTTA take a detour into R.Kelly land right quick. The trillion dollar question being…How in the hell is R.Kelly’s trial still NOT over after being delayed to the point that the 14 year old girl is now 22, a multitude of witnesses including someone who had a threesome w/ both of them ,forensic experts say its him, his former publicist’s under age daughter, his ex-wife said she allowed it, his personal assistant, the girl’s auntie has proven it was her niece in the video, and countless other underaged girls dating back to when he was married to underaged Aaliyah have all come forward, yet yet yet this 22 year old Morris Williams, whose MY AGE to be exact so I feel for him, was trapped on myspace by this lil hoe and he has to serve a year in jail instantly. Our justice system is passed fucked up.

And yah she’s a lil hoe for that, and I could care less what her story is. Girls ask all the time, “How come she gotta be a hoe, what makes a girl a hoe and why a man aint a hoe”, well lying about your age to the point that a nigga gotta do time definitely constitutes a HO, w/ a slight dash of slut, and a big pinch of BITCH behaviour, real talk, ESPECIALLY since this aint the first dude she got set up and trapped like this. Which brings me back to my city and our justice system. As much as I’m sure across the country this happens, unlike many other cities as usual, New Orleans isn’t trying to hide it’s dirty laundry. Hell we even have a term for it, your “Juvie”. And it’s a fact that messing around w/ “Juvie’s” is almost part of the norm.

No I won’t say that everyone does it, but shiit, a nice amount of guys(and some women ona slick) do, even to the point that some of our local rappers would rap about having a “juvie” like it was nothing, hell there’s even a bounce/club/dance song referring to “Juvie’s”, granted it was made by a female, but you can tell that she was responding to her environment, an environment surrounded by older dudes and younger girls. And trust me, they’re DUDES ina club that hear this and try their hardest to not mouth the words, the shit is hilarious sometimes, watching the hardest niggas in the world, fighting to not spit this, why? Because half of em gotta “Juvie” (or 3) of their own, and their drunken honesty kicks in to the point that they know where this chick is coming from. (alla otha cats, just rock w/ it cuz this is when the girls tend to shake their asses the most, but uuh yah)

Not the most inspiring piece of music, but fuck, it’s just a dance song, and in our city, Bounce and Gangster music basically reigns supreme, so in it is where you hear many of the most honest stories whether its about drugs, death, pain, or fuckin some gullible juvie, straight up.

Growing up, I can’t tell you how many girls in my highschool were messin w/ the 20something yr old guys to the 30 something yr old guys, and they were bucked up, smiling and proud about it. Some were getting tattoos, some were wearing Tshirts with these niggas faces on em, and others played it cool. While real shit, us lil dudes was HATING. The most common statement being

“mann that old ass nigga there can’t get nobody his own age so he gotta come down here and mess wit brauds our age, what the fuck”

Some blame it on the “scientific fact” that girls mature faster than guys, which if true, they must only mature faster than guys to a point, because honestly I watch girls become women doing just as much dumb shit as boys turned to men, and sometimes even dumber shit, because it tends to lack logic, but that may just be my male mind speaking, either way, as I became a 20 somethin yr old guy, noticing how alot of these teenage girls seem to look like 20 something yr olds I now realize how easy it is for a guy to be fooled into this situation. Not you though R. Kelly

Hell, I’ve even pulled girls thinking they were my age, when you meet em, and you’re out in about, the shorts are short, the boobs are magnificent, big smiles, belly rings and all that, and in that night, you may even be intoxicated, so its all sexy, and hot, she’s carrying herself like an adult because she’s in her “adult” mode, and yeah, girls are damn good at it from an early age, they’re almost trained to be women from birth. Hell as babies, what are babygirls playing with?

BABIES, playing house w/ her dolls and shit, so yah, they know how to act the part. Then you get the number, call a few days later, and you get that SMACK in the face, whether its a SMACK of their maturity level telling you their age, or the SMACK that they may be straight up with you and tell you that their fine asses are too young to be talking to, you feel that smack, and from there on its your decision whether you continue talking to them because they’re “worth the risk”, or you cut it right there.

And many many guys in this city, I know of, usually take that “that ass soo fine that it’s worth the risk” decision, so they go ahead and do it, and for the most part nothing happens, because like I said, many feel like its acceptable down here. It’s like that thing that women don’t respect, but they kinda expect, because as much as they don’t respect it, they did the exact same thing when they were lil girls, and really didn’t think much of it. And whether its respected or expected that doesn’t mean it was worth it, and many guys don’t leave it as that one time in and out, lets satisfy this fantasy fuck, no,

most cats rather keep the “lil bitch ona leash”

It happens so often because many times, these young girls, are already screwed up enough with enough daddy issues to fill up a lifetime supply of Ebony, Jet, Essence, and Playboy magazines on the subject, that they go to these older guys thinking its love…when the older guys just look at em as their “lil bitch ona leash”, and thats the way the circle goes, because eventually the girl breaks ties with the guy, or the guy replaces her w/ a new “lil bitch”, the girl either lets this situation further scar her against men in general (yeah the lesbian population goes up a bit), or lets it empower them into making smarter dumb ass choices…pardon me, that’s my bitter male mind coming out,lol, but honestly we all see this time and time again. Which raises the question, is this something to be arrested over?

And I honestly don’t have an answer for that one at all. Because on one end there’s the young girls, that are lied to and led on by these older men who are only using em in place of there XBOX 360 for a few hours a night, and a few lies a day (and these niggas be tricking to these lil girls too), but then there are the fucked up lil chicks that trap niggas because they’re feeling like nabbing an older guy is a prize to be flaunted, and getting dudes arrested in the process. And then, I can’t lie, I know situations where the older guy actually falls for the girl, she just happens to be younger than him. And they do say that age isn’t a number but a mindset, so who are we to really judge two people that actually care about each other, if it’s genuine.

And to some point aren’t they all products of their environment? I’m not saying that people are entitled to do fucked up shit and blame it on where they’re from, but in trying to understand why they’re doing the fucked up shit and how they should be judged, I think some of their culture should come to play. I brought up the city of New Orleans earlier, because thats where I’m from, and what I know. So my opinions and thoughts are going to come from being raised 504. In the N.O we have drive thru daquiri spots, which is basically telling people to drive drunk. Hell in many places, if you walk around with an alcoholic beverages you’re arrested or fined, down here its part of the norm. Crawfish, second lines, parties on the lake, mardi gras, public displays of nudity, underaged drinking, all of this comes into play as one big mesh of a gumbo of right and wrongs that can only be judged by a person’s perception.

So I look at our justice system. And how much power the jury has in determining the fate of a person’s life. And the whole time I’ve been writing this, I’ve been giving you a trip into my psyche towards this subject, my psyche which has been formed by the culture I was raised in. And in giving this honest contemplation, I know for a fact that there are millions of people who feel like anybody who messes with a chick underage is a Pedophile Chester Child Molester no matter the situation. While others feel like it depends on the situation, just like the 17yr old kid who was arrested and put in jail for getting head from his 15 year old girlfriend. That’s only a 2 year age difference, that to me is the same age bracket, and even if she’s making 16 and he’s making 18 him going to prison shouldn’t have been the option, especially with all of the 15 yr old girls down here dealing w/ 20 year olds. Not saying its right, or wrong, it is what it is, but just like my perception may be flawed, and corrupted because of where I’m from, I truly feel that every juror on the case was wrong in sentencing this man a year, and six months probation permanently damaging his record, over a lie, over a trap! Hell that shit is RAPE to me, she basically raped homie…

Hell, and he’s the one who told her father what happened because he couldn’t believe that she was 13, and wanted to get her parents on her ass before someone else was trapped. The father basically said “I hope he joins the other one in jail” not even caring that its his daughter setting all of these dudes up! She’s walking free, cool, no consequences, her parents haven’t punished her, she still has her myspace page up, possibly looking for guy number 3, who could very well be you, your brother, whoever. I personally don’t deal with under age girls no matter how fine they are because the consequences are too too too great. You can play Monopoly, you can play playstation, hell I’ll play with my dick before I play with my life and that’s just real talk.

All jokes, pictures, and everything aside though, I’m feeling the need to step up. So if you feel compelled to do the same I ask you to please sign my online petition for Morris Williams, no I don’t know him, but I’m tired of seeing young men’s lives RAPED by situations that our justice system’s laws haven’t taken into account. Cuz I ain’t tryna be next, there’s too many other ways for a nigga from the N.O to go out…


Once again, this was just my $0.02 towards life’s $0.98

BATS, the ACE among kings...

  1. She needs a real beating. Her parents are failing horribly.

  2. damn thats so real. i grew up in the same environment out here in cali, but since i was raised by older parents it was very nasty to be to even date let alone date some one ten years my senior.

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