Cry me DeNile!

Awww, get over it, the “nigger” beat the “bitch” lol

I meant to post this a coupla days ago, when I first saw it but that “Save” button and that “Publish” button steadily screws me up, but hell better late then never I guess. The reason this is the Featured Funny is because I’m trying my BEST to not get angry every time I watch this damn video…My dude, the Uppity One is much better at it than me…This woman here is calling herself a second class citizen because she can’t vote for Hillary? Why can’t she vote for Hillary? Because her state broke the rules and tried to vote for Hillary this is the reason she’s a second class citizen? She’s one of the many angry citizens pissed off that they couldn’t vote, but how can you be pissed when you along with your state, voted EARLY, against the rules, while the other states followed the rules, so what you wanted a break? Ok, if thats the case, I know it’s over, but hell Hillary’s STILL holding on, lets address it, I say this, if those states would’ve gotten their full votes back after breaking the rules, then every other state should’ve gotten a double vote just for following the rules, then what Ms.Hagrriet? Then the “INADEQUATE BLACK MAN” would’ve STILL won, get over it. This is an old video, everyone knows that those states got half votes counted and we still know the outcome, but I saw it last week, and as I put it up as a Featured Funny, it still strikes me hard, it hurts, and serves as a reminder, much like those West Virginians, that there are white people, and then there are “REAL” white people…I have nothing against white people, I love my white friends, but my white friends aren’t “REAL” white people, they’re white, meaning they understand just like me, that color is nothing but color…”REAL” white people believe that color equals entitlement, fuck em

She then goes on this huge tirade basically yelling “white power” all because she’s bitter that Barack at the time was winning and now has won FAIR AND SQUARE….

“He’s an inadequate black male, why can’t I call him black if you can call me white?”

Muthafucka I can call you white if I’m describing you, yes, you’re an old WHITE lady, but for some reason you feel the need to tax on “black” after you say “inadequate”…if you feel that he’s inadequate, just say he’s an inadequate candidate, but by the fact that you feel the NEED to make his race and issue, that’s where the difference lies, and that’s why you end up looking like an old racist white hag…and honestly, I don’t even think the woman is racist, she’s spewing off at the mouth, but nah, I won’t call her racist at all, she just has a strong opinion married to an ignorant outlook….If she’s a second class citizen, better yet, she called herself “nothing”, well if she’s “nothing”, then I guess the people that are STILL living underneath bridges in my city must be the shit that comes out of “nothings” ass whenever “Nothing” has no more Pepto Bismol to choke on…..our country has such a ways to go…

And Hillary is a bitch for not conceding yesterday even though Barack has already won, yeah she was a bitch for alot of reasons throughout this entire primary, but during that time, she was supposeta be a bitch, honestly I applauded her bitchiness sometimes, even if I didn’t always agree with her methods…but c’mon, after the man has won, you STILL can’t give it up? This is just the reason why one of my friends was saying he didn’t want a woman as president, he would tell me that they are too emotional, and now I know after hearing about Hillary basically attempting to black mail Barack into picking her as Vice President…my friend is feeling pretty damn validated, and I can’t even say I have an argument to go against his notions. No I don’t agree that a woman couldn’t be president because of “emotions”, but I will say that she is a straight BITCH , you know what, screw the colorful language, I’ll say that she lacks “character” for continuing to play the game after its clearly over, instead of accepting her defeat like every other candidate before her has, she feels the need to keep the propaganda going, aiming to get into that white house no matter what the costs, I’m at a mute point on whether I want to see a Obama/Clinton ticket, yes it would do some good in bringing the party together as one and bring everyone together, making history yet again with our first woman vice president, but on the other hand, with Hillary comes Bill, and Bill showed me through this campaign how much of a dick he can be…with Barack’s mantre being that of CHANGE, it’d seem pretty hypocritical for him to allow the old inhabitants of the house reentry because everyone feels its the “right thing to do”…fuck that, hell if he lets them in they’re probably gonna think and treat Barack’s like he’s the Vice President like they’ve been doing all year already. Let the man make his own decision, if it’s her, cool, if it ain’t don’t turn on the man because of it, Hillary should be wooing her supporters to Barack’s side, instead she’s letting them run wild, and pretty soon they’ll run to Mccain if they haven’t already.

Wait, as I was just looking for a link to insert,I ran across that CNN just posted that she’s waiting until Saturday, to officially drop out, why does she have to wait until Saturday, why couldn’t she just do it last night in an honorable way, like expected? Why? Aside from having all of her friends send messages, make websites, and who knows what else behind the scenes, why? because the bitch, no matter what wants to have the last word…hell Al Gore was cheated from the ACTUAL PRESIDENCY, but still took one on the chin…see, thats why I usually don’t get into politics, because people in regular life piss me off enough…but yah, check her out, she’s the Featured Funny for the day for those that missed it….I’m still trying to find the humor in it…


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