I just got back to my apartment, and I’m right in front of this laptop, a lil drunk, so my thoughts may be more blunt than usual, I know you’ll forgive me, if not then go here

I just finished getting my ass whooped in Monopoly by my gurl Jo, but that’s not what this blog is about, you know what? In a way it is about Monopoly, me and my dude Fresco have been reflecting all night, intoxicated reflection is always the best, because it’s the most honest reflection I believe any man can do aside from talking to whatever higher power he believes in…

And in this realm of intoxication, one question popped up that I wasn’t sure how to answer at the time, but I knew the answer had to be found in the word of the night…”potential “, ever have one of those words that just won’t go away, your whole day you feel like it’s following you on billboards, on the radio, on tv, just everywhere you go, something keeps reminding you of that thing or that word…well, yeah “potential” was that word that wouldn’t leave us alone tonight.

“Potential”, it has to be one of, if not the most powerful word in the English language, fuck it, in any language. The word itself is a 9 letter crossroad. It means what one can become, not necessarily where one is, but what one CAN become, operative word being “CAN”, or rather “COULD” become, and it’s “COULD become” because a majority of us never attain the heights of our true potential. The graveyard is where you’ll find the answers to damn near every problem facing the world.

Growing up, I’d always hear about how much potential I had, how much potential my friends have, and as I watch myself grow up, I can’t help but feel like the most decorated underachiever anyone could ever meet. I graduated high school with a 2.7 GPA, but I scored at 25 on the ACTs, without using a calculator, while suffering from the flu and most importantly w/o any care of the damn test or ever taking it again. There was this one teacher I’ll never forget though, she saw my scores, and drilled me my entire senior year because out of all of her students I had to be the first one in line to win the award for most tardies, most class cuts, and most homework assignments missed. At the time tests to me were just bullshit ways to build someone else’s ego up by showing them how much “smarter” they were than everyone else. I had this strong opinion that intelligence shouldn’t be weighed in by some piece of paper, because truly, if the man with the 4.0gpa has no idea of how to fix his car when it breaks down, he’s going to go right to the junior high school drop out that’s hustling, and in that instance, I ask, which man is smarter, the 4.0 student, or the best mechanic in the city that couldn’t tell you what year slavery was over, or how to spell “Harriat Tubmen’s” name? I had a point, unfortunately I was aiming it in the wrong direction.

My grandmother always said I was a smartass, unfortunately I didn’t always use the intelligence of my ass to produce the smartest shit all the time, so alot of good shit ended up flushed. I guess at the time I thought I was rebelling or some shit, but really I was basically hiding from my true potential, probably was afraid of it, and my teacher let me know that…every fuckin day. Her 4.0 students were scoring lower than me on their first tries, and she couldn’t believe how someone so “smart and talented” would be doing things that she felt were dumb as hell. At the time, I used that fact, that honor roll students scoring lower than me fact, against her as proof that the system was all fucked up if, I, a “C” student was technically according to some paper smarter than her “A” students. But truly, it was only an excuse to be lazy, and honestly, DUH she was right I was being dumb as hell…nah better yet, I was being stupid as the fuck. The point wasn’t whether my points were right or wrong on the matter of tests, test taking, or if homework should matter if I’m passing tests, the point was really the fact that there are people out there that’d kill for some of the abilities God had given me, literally KILL for em, and I was just shitting on em w/ my smart ass. And another funny thing is, I had friends that had abilities that I’d kill for, that’d either smoke em away, get killed over some piece of land that was owned by white men anyway, or be forced to ignore their gifts because of family obligations (i.e: Having to be Daddy because Daddy aint there, or having to be mama, because condoms felt uncomfortable), and I’d stay on their asses about it, w/o giving proper care to that scared arrogant ass boy in the mirror…I guess some author’s would call that irony…my teacher called it wasted potential, with a sprinkle of stupidity and a dash of insecurity. I ended up passing her class, with a “C”…like I did most classes in highschool (never did homework, but made As on tests)…and as the above average once again applauded this average grade as if it were a trophy, I didn’t know it at the time, but I’m more than sure of it now that somebody that fought for me to have the right to have an education in the first place had to be rolling in their graves on my graduation day, and will possibly STILL be waiting in heaven to kick my ass as soon as I touch down.

Why do we run away from our potential? What are we afraid of? It must be happiness we’re afraid, or maybe money, some say it’s failure, but the true failure is accepting failure as an option. Instead of bitching about not getting the 4.0, or not knowing how to fix the damn car, why aren’t more of us aiming to do both, and better yet, not just do both, but be the 4.6 student, the Mechanic of the year, the captain of the football team, the chess team, and the nigga w/ every dyme chick on his team. I know it sounds a bit unrealistic and a bit idealistic, but unrealistic and idealistic thinkers are the ones making alll of the BREAD. The rich in the world aren’t all just some random lucky mafuckas,

alot of em are,

but all jokes aside, at some point far back and sometimes not so far back, there was one ambitious soul in their family history, that stood up and said, fuck it, I’m going to be the best, became the best and made sure his family was set. Why haven’t more of us been bitten by the same greedy, intelligent, ambitious, fat ass bug that he was bitten by?

I hear many of my peers blaming it on being from the hood, blame it on being black, blame it on being gay, blame it on being hated on, blame it on the cops, blame it on their parents, blame it on God, the Devil, Santa Claus, R. Kelly and the lil bitch he was pissing on…and while they’re blaming it on the entire world, there’s another black kid from the hood making the most of his situation, by not focusing on the situation, but focusing on the dream so much so that the only “hood” on his mind is one made by GUCCI

….and the only situation he’s worrying about getting out of, is how to double his net worth so next year he can be making 20 million, instead of the 10 million dollars he made last year. And guess what, the way the world is now, that guy is probably under 25 years old

When I was young, my grandmother told me that I was born with two strikes against me, I was male and I was black, and she urged me to play the game to the best of my ability or else I’d strike out before hitting age 25. Nowadays, we have 25 year old millionaires, and what’s truly stopping more of us from becoming the results of these positive statistics? No, it isn’t the hood, it isn’t the school, it isn’t the white man or your ancestor that he raped…Nah, it’s that arrogant ass mafucka staring back at you from your reflection, wishing he could be wiping his ass w/ money, but instead has to SETTLE for bubble gum wrapper because the mafucka can’t afford toilet paper. Yeah, that’s whose stopping you, nobody else, and if someone else truly is, if there’s really someone else out there, with a gun to your head haulting you from upward progression, then you should tell that nigga to pull that trigger and shoot you in the head, because life ain’t worth living if you’re going to be forced to live in mediocrity.

That’s a statement more of us, including myself needs ETCHED, better yet TATTOO’d onto the very wrinkles of our brains, “Life ain’t worth living, if it has to be in mediocrity”…I’m not promoting suicide, I’m not saying kill yourself if your feel that your life is a bitch, I’m saying nut into the mouth of that so called Bitch of a life you have, make that bitch (Life) swallow it, then bend that bitch (Life) over, impregnate her ass with greatness, and your dreams, and watch your potential grow to what you were really born to become.

Remember when we were younger? We all had these huge dreams, firefighter, astronaut, first woman president, rapper, pimp of the year, etc etc…And then as we get older, we’re told to think “realistically”, we’re forced to conform and settle, instead of becoming that doctor she dreamed she’d be…she decides to major in Nursing. And that’s not a jab against Nursing if that’s really your dream, because mafuckas GET PAID being nurses, but that IS a jab against accepting to ‘settle’ instead of living out what you were probably MEANT to become. Settle, Settle, Settle, half the people telling you to settle and think “realistic” are hating anyway because they settled, misery loves company, and mediocrity loves family.

Nobody is born to live in mediocrity, Poverty doesn’t choose, it’s chosen. And for those of us born into poverty, its your choice if you die in it. Some of us are born in ignorance though, alot of us are conditioned to think that there is no way but down, but fuck, if you’re reading this long ass blog then you’re obviously not one of those people, and if by some chance you are, wake the hell up, we’re living in a world now where a black man has a chance to become President.

Yeah, the lowly nigger coon boy that was seen as a savage animal years ago, not allowed to read, not allowed to attend school, not allowed to breathe…is on fourth and inches to scoring that touchdown in becoming the HNIC…

I have to say that this is the most inspiring thing I’ve seen in years. Seeing, a black guy with an “UnAmerican” name, the product of a single parent household, from the hood of Chicago fight his way from the very bottom of the political totem pole, hell his middle name is HUSSEIN, dude not only snatched away the victory from someone that everyone was already calling PRESIDENT, but he BANGED on her bitch ass like YAH BITCH YAH GIMME THAT, I’M HERE, NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY, I’M HERE, I WILL NOT BE IGNORED, THIS IS MINE, YAH YAH YAH,

he took it, didn’t beg for it, didn’t suck dick for it, HE TOOK IT …overcame the racism, overcame his situation, overcame everything! I look at that and think to myself, now what if he, at 22 yrs old, 18 years old, 15 years old decided to say fuck it, I’m black, I live in the hood, pass the KFC, the watermelon, the 40 oz and my gat and let me shoot some niggas up right quick so I can be the king of my street…nah, instead he decided, he made a decision, to try and become the King of his country instead. Now THATS big dawg shit, I read that the world revolves around penis envy, well if so, then it’s time for everyone, women included (because Hillary did her thing), it’s time for everyone to let their nuts hang a bit lower, and start learning how to hold their heads up a bit higher. Because when your eyes can only see the sky, your body has no choice but to follow…(remember cliche’s are cliche’s because they are often the TRUTH)

And NO I’m not one of those people who think a college education is the SOLE road to success, because last I checked Jay-Z didn’t even graduate highschool, and he’s making more money then a majority of these cats out here with masters degrees working at Wal-Mart.

It’s not about being caught up in the bullshit college scam, it’s about giving more of a fuck about yourself than you do about pussy, dick, reality tv, his business, her business, Lil Wayne and his wack ass album, and yah I gave it a good review on my last blog, but after listening to it a few more times, I realized that he’s taking his position for granted and wasting his potential as well, but that’s another story for another blog, that I don’t think I’m going to even waste time to write about, but back on track, it’s about giving more of a fuck about that arrogant ass mafucka in the mirror. Why give a damn about anybody else moreso than yourself, the only person I can accept that from is Jesus, and that’s because that’s Jesus, but you ain’t Jesus, Jesus doesn’t have to pay your bills, Jesus ain’t slanging dope for you, Jesus doesn’t have to raise your kids, Jesus is not doing your homework, and when it’s all said and done, and when you finally do meet Jesus if that’s who you believe you’re going to meet, he’s probably going to ask you why didn’t you care more about pushing yourself to your highest point, afterall that’s what he felt he was doing back in the day anyway, and hell, if I’m wrong, and Jesus is doing your homework, then give me Jesus’s number so he can do mines too, shit…and for those that take it as me saying only be selfish and not care about anybody, no, I’m saying get yourself straight then help others, the helpless can’t help the helpless, hell, Jesus had superpowers….

but yah, back to the arrogant mafucka in the mirror, at least if you’re going to be arrogant, let it be for a reason, and if you’re not going to be arrogant, at least be able to be able to if you wanted to, if that makes sense, forgive me, the liquor’s kicking it, but you get my point.

So as I sit here, tired of typing, sobering up, and beaten in Monopoly w/ my nigga Fresco, who had also gotten his ass whooped in Monopoly…we look at each other, and one question reveals itself…”What if we were playing Monopoly, with REAL money, and REAL property in REAL life”, this is the question that inspired this long rant, and the only answer I could come up with, was in the form of a question itself…”Why can’t we?”

Pick up whatever you have to pick up, whether it be a pencil, a microphone, a stethoscope, a book, WHATEVER…just pick it up, drop your insecurities, egos, and fears, and please, for the sake of our generation, our community, our society, those graves full of unseen dreams, but most importantly, for your own sake…answer my question by attaining your FULL potential, because I’m tired of accepting that THIS where we are is the BEST we can do…

…but hey, if you don’t, then us successful people will be happy to grant you membership to our “Haters Club” for the FREE…lol

Once again, this was just my $0.02 towards life’s $0.98

BATS, the ACE among kings


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