Tha Carter III Review

Ite, so one of the biggest bombshells to hit hip-hop circles this past week was Lil Wayne telling all of the mixtape DJs to have lunch with his penis. Let’s look at some of the younger Carter’s blurbs:

“I’m him. I created the mixtape game but I’m not in to that anymore. I’m doing Lil Wayne. I’m against it—and to the mixtape deejay, I don’t know no mixtape deejays—fuck you,”

“I’m him. I created the mixtape game but I’m not in to that anymore. I’m doing Lil Wayne. I’m against it—and to the mixtape deejay, I don’t know no mixtape deejays—fuck you,”

“they sucking my dick and not letting me nut.”

Anybody calling themselves a hip-hop fan, hell anybody that watches TV and sees the little dreadlocked one carrying his styrofoam cup of joy already knows that when on the magical potion, Weezy is known to say some of the wildest shit ever, and these statements are no exception. Of course damn near every DJ has been up and arms about the shit, going crazy as if Wayne knocked on their front door, kicked em in the nuts and forced them to listen to the Birdman rap.

But honestly at this stage of knowing the celebrity that is Lil’ Wayne, and no I’m not talking about the man Dwayne Carter, I’m talking about the “CELEBRITY” that is Lil’ Wayne, after watching dude for all these years, I don’t see how anybody can take half the shit he says seriously. Yeah he’s one of the best to do it in music, but I swear listening to or watching one of his interviews is the most entertaining shit EVER. From “I’ll never fuck with no more coke. It’s not about a bad high, it’s just about the acne: Cocaine makes your face break out, and I’m a pretty boy.” to No, I’m not gonna rap about you man, I will murder you, your family, your child, a newborn, I don’t give a fuck”

Weezy continues to be one of the most entertaining figures off the mic for all the wrong reasons. So while many of these DJs are up in arms, and I can feel where they’re coming from seeing as that Mr. “Go DJ” became a household name from the grind of the mixtapes, they should at least see that w/ his album on the horizon, Weezy is pulling a 50 Cent on erybody by just trying to stir up controversy to get those extra album sales. Especially since he goes from saying fuck ALL mixtape deejays to only singling out a few by the end of the week, after his name was in the mouth of damn near erybody for like a week. He could’ve clarified his statements, the next day, but of course not, that’s not smart business, keep em talking, take the good and the bad publicity, then pick out one of the many random DJ that wouldn’t effect him either way to place the blame on, and keep it moving onto the road to platinum.

Sounds like Wayne is playing it pretty smart. Either that or the drugs are really getting to him, either way it ain’t like Weezy doesn’t have a point, even if it is for publicity. These mixtape DJs are milking him dry, making names off the dude and he doesn’t even know a majority of em. Everyday I see a new mixtape with Wayne on the cover, and after awhile I started getting tired of hearing and seeing the lil mafucka, and being from New Orleans, I grew up on dude for years, I should be use to seeing him, hell he even went to my middle school (before I was there, but he’d visit sometimes)

So how in the course of one year of endless mixtapes from countless no name djs, do I feel tired of hearing Dwayne’s music after listening to it for over 10 years. Shiit, I can blame the DJs too, because the game is full of crabs and leeches, and while some of these mixtape djs have been making some fiya authorized as well as unauthorized material, a majority of em are really just riding his dick and ‘not letting him nut.” So even though he did just disrespect an entire culture with his statement, and yah, its pretty fucked up that he just took a big shit on erybody that made him a household name to everybody from Jamal to this happy fellow

as harsh as his statements were, they aren’t necessarily unwarranted.

One thing I can say though, in all this madness, one of the deejays that he pissed off leaked his entire CD to the net, and though I am going to still buy it and support my fellow N.O brethren on June 10, I did download the entire Carter III album, and I’m going to give ya’ll a song by song review, not counting the mixtape bonus songs. I’m going to give my first thoughts on each song. They say a person’s first thoughts when they FIRST FIRST listen to songs alot of times change w/ repeated listens, some ppl say your most honest thoughts come when you first first hear songs, others say they come when they’re processed after a few listens, so what I’m going to do is review this album on first listen, then after I buy the official and bump that for like a week I’m going to come back with a follow up if I feel any differently. For the record I’m a Carter I guy, there’s a split amongst Lil Wayne fans whether Tha Carter is better than Tha Carter II or not, well I’m one of those fans of Wayne, in his full NOLA style hungry ass Tha Carter swag, rather than the approaching rockstar east coast influenced Wayne. Am I Lil Wayne’s biggest fan? No, so don’t expect no full fledge groupie penis choking of the dude in my review, but I do fucks w/ kid, and I respect the legend that he’s becoming. So on that note…

Track 1: 3 Peat:

This Cool & Dre track has Wayne in full swag, full passion, and it flows like water, like he really freestyle’d the entire time, no stops. I’m not one of those people that really thinks Lil’ Wayne spits nothing but one take freestyles everytime he goes in the booth, but this one sounds so effortless that I could imagine him just sipping a lil sumthing, fuckin Mary Jane in the ass, and jumping straight in the booth yadig. It’s a pretty good intro, but I think Carter I and Carter II had much more impacting and memorable introductions, but hell, it aint really fair to compare Wayne to Wayne, especially since it’s all heat anyway. In this intro he’s covering a myriad of topics in his life, getting you prepared for whats to come on this ride he calls The Carter III

Favorite Quote:

“Money so old, it’s growing white hair”

“Crazy on these niggas, I don’t give a mutha fuck/Run up in his house and shoot his grandmother up/What, I don’t give a mother fuck/Get ya baby kidnapped and ya baby mother fucked/”

“Hollygrove throw it up like I’m tryna lose my gut”

“I could do this shit for my ‘Click’ like Adam Sandler/I control hiphop and i will keep it on my channel”

Track 2 – Mr. Carter ft. Jay-Z

Man this song is crazy, finally we got both Jigga and Weezy SPITTIN ona track. Carter verses Carter, and I don’t care what anybody says, Wayne or Jay, it’s a competition on this track and any track that artists with their caliber of skill, influence, and ego are on is going to be a competition, shit the name of the song is MISTER CARTER. So of course both are going to represent to the claim of being the best CARTER, whether Wayne spits three times to Hov’s one 12 bar verse or what. That Hello Brooklyn 2.0 joint was just some chill shit, you can tell that they weren’t tryna go hard at it, Jigga was just talking about Brooklyn and Wayne just seemed happy to be ona track with his idol. But on this one, of course both Carter’s attack the track, and in my opinion Jigga took it. Yeah I’m a huge Jay-Z fan, and I can’t guarantee that I’m not being biased, but in just listening to it for the first time (ite i replayed it like 4 times), Jigga birthed that muthafucka without even seeming to try hard at. He just commanded it as the original Carter always does as soon as he got on it, letting Wayne know why he’s looked up to in the first place. Not taking anything away from the Young Carter though,because even though at times it seemed like he was trying a little to hard to surpass his mentor, he was not run over in any way. Definite good start for the album.

Favorite Quote: “Blind eyes could look at me and see the truth, wonder if Stevie do/Cuz i murder “Y”, kill “O” and even “U”

Track 3 – A Millie

Psycho song, sounds like something that Wayne must’ve listened to, while rollin, thinking “I wonder what the fuck I could do on this shit” so he just started spitting, and for the most part hot shit came out, brush ya teeth Weezy cuz you did your thing. NOT a classic song, but its one of those joints that you can let just rock out, but its been out on the mixtapes for so long that my intial reaction was “Oh, yeah I remember this…what happend to Cory Gunz?“, so I found myself phasing in and out of it, because it does come across like just a mixtape song.

*NOTE EDIT: THIS SONG IS NOW ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS ON THE ALBUM, dunno, that bitch caught on to my ear heavy heavy now, the beginning of the first verse, and the entire second verse BANGS

Favorite Quote:
“Yeah she’s my girl, poppin EXcellent up in Wayne’s World, totally dude””

I’ma young millionaire/tougher than Nigerian hair” “

If Hip-Hop is dead I am the embalmbing fluid”


Track 4 – Got Money ft. T-Pain

Instant single with the two most sought after collaborators in the industry right now. Same ol Lil Wayne metaphors and stunting, I’m not too sure about that line “bitch I’m the bomb like tick tick”, but he swags it like erything else he does to the point that it’s forgiven and will most likely be that line that erybody in the club says much like “Even bobble heads tell me yes”. I’m still waiting for the substance Wayne, we’ve gotten so much of the same kind of talk from Weezy on his mixtapes that expectations are so high that songs like this will get bumped, but won’t win any awards ya feel. But I got faith in the lil homie, and I liked the song for what it was.

Favorite Quote:“her boyfriend hating like a city cop/Never been a chicken but my semi cocked”

Track 5- Comfortable ft. Babyface

Another track that was leaked too early by one of those DJs that Wayne was bitchin about. Heard it months ago, but it’s definitely worth the album, c’mon man, he got BABYFACE on this bitch, and dude is a legend. First Wayne was featured on Mary J shit, now he has Babyface on his album, dude has come a long way since “The Block Is Hot” definitely. After the first verse though, everything feels phoned in and standard, I guess Wayne felt that the feature and the Kanye West track would pick up any slack he decided to leave….wait and just as I wrote that last line, he just did his thing on the third verse, not exactly murder, but hell it’s a girl song, and he’s swagging it so good shit. Most likely will be a single, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t.

Favorite Quote: “To the left to the left/If you wanna leave be my guest you can step/Feelin irreplaceable listening to Beyonce/Okay, I’ll put you out on your B’Day”

Track 6- Phone Home

Wayne’s riding high with his “martian” gimmick on this one, and I’m glad that dude is experimenting, that’s what your album is for, to try new shit and take risks, and this is one of those risks, and the shit rocks. The hook is infectious, and the alien that is Wayne starts talking his spaceshit. Now a part of me is hating on him because years ago I was saying I was from Pluto, callin myself an alien on tracks and shit, but fuck it, this aint about me, and besides its WAYNE, we don’t need him to tell us he’s a fuckin alien cuz something’s wrong w/ the dude, some say it’s the drugs, sometimes when I’m high I think I’m on Mars too, lol. The verses are cool, nothing too groundbreaking lyrically though, but as a song its pretty complete, and once again I’m glad he took a risk.

Favorite Quote:
“They dont make em like me no more, matter of fact they never made em like me before/I’m rare like Mr. Clean with hair”

Track 7 – Dr. Carter

GOOD SHIT WAYNE! Just as I was talking about dude taking risks, he does a full conceptual song, w/ Weezy playing the doctor over a cool ass 90s hip-hopish beat (w/a new age tweak), conducting surgery on a different kind of (lacking) rapper in each verse, and basically giving advice to those rappers out there that fit in each category of each verse. Great song.

Favorite Quote: Whole song

Track 8 – Tie My Hands ft. Robin Thicke

My favorite song on The Carter II had to be Shooters, dunno what it was, but Robin Thicke and Lil Wayne’s chemistry mixed together into a mulatto of a classic song. And they don’t disappoint with this one, I’d have to say that this is the first song of the album with substance, you know what I won’t say that, because Dr. Carter had subtance, and hell the intro did in a way, i’ll say this, this is the first song on the album with commentary, Wayne reflects on the world and himself and its fully relatable. All of Wayne’s detractors that think that all Wayne does is stunt, and talk about drugs, and guns and shit, he really flipped the script and spit some realness on this joint, the beat pulls you in, Robin Thicke hypnotizes you w/ his vocals (…real men don’t have to say no homo)….This is true growth, and don’t get me wrong Wayne has other songs in his catalogue with him spitting THAT REAL, but as far as albums go, there aren’t many to judge him from, and artists are judged by their albums not their mixtapes…even though Lil Wayne’s mixtapes ARE albums. Only gripe is how short the verses were, but I ain’t bouta nitpick the shit that hard, music is self expression and i’m feeling it

Favorite Quote: Shit, I vibed to this whole song too

Track 9 – Shoot Me Down ft. D. Smith

Pulsating track, very melancholy, Wayne spitting his raspyness, the hook hits, but I’m a sucker for rock inspired songs, because I’m a fan of rock music, and before I was BATS the Ace among Kings, I was Bats the Rockstar before all of the Rockstar shit became “trendy”. Back to Wayne though, he lets em know why he’s above the competition, literally, in 12 bar verses, so he’s in and out, the hook singing “Please don’t shoot me down, cuz I’m flying, I’m higher”, like the court of law, he pleads his case and the jury says he’s “Guilty” of the sickness he’s always repping.

Favorite Quotes:

“I sweat money and the bank is my shower”

“watch me stand on the world as I sit on the throne”

“If you shooting for the stars, then just shoot me, but your bullets dont reach mars

Track 10 – Playing With Fire

Another rock song, and this one is more uptempo, like I said before, I’m a stickler for rock inspired rap tracks and this one doesn’t disappoint in the least bit musically, Wayne goes psycho on it as usual, and whoever produced it, gets a big high five for the sample.

BUT, Wayne is on and off lyrically, he goes from saying some rewindable fiya goodness, to mixing it with lyrics that can be seen as mediocre compared to what the martian normally spews out. This song is also an example of what Wayne was tripping about, if it wasn’t for the mixtapes his third verse would’ve been seen as a passionate never heard before salute to his Moms, but since we’ve heard much of it before it lacks the impact that it would’ve initially gotten. Still in all, the recycled verse STILL rocks, the beat matches perfectly with it, so you enjoy it still…Yeah the third verse saves the song for me

Favorite Quote:

“They say you’re nobody til somebody kills ya, well where I’m from you’re nobody til you kill somebody”

“And you know what they say, when you’re great, its not murder is assassinate/So assassinate me bitch, cuz I’m doing the same shit that Martin Luther King did, checkin in the same hotel, in the same balcony like ASSASSINATE ME BITCH!”

Track 11Lollipop ft. Static Major

I’m not going to review the #1 single, waste of time

Track 12 – La La ft. Brisco and Busta Rhymes

Last year Wayne was talking about a track named “La La” being his first single, and when it leaked it felt like he was channeling Jay-Z “Hard Knock Life”, but not lyrically as impressive as usual. This version of LaLa is a total revamp but David Banner, and this time featuring Cash Money artist, and Florida homie Brisco and Busta Rhymes.

I fucks with Brisco, but he didn’t show off his full skills on here that I’m use to hearing from him on mixtapes, but he ran it, and of course Busta is the vet, and usually KILLS features, on this one Busta just did “good”. I’m useta Busta eating up features, but I guess he took the backseat on purpose this time, he was better than Brisco, and I’m sure after repeat listens it’s going to grow on me more, but on first listen after it was all over I couldn’t tell you anything he said aside from dickin down Halle Berry and wanting a chick that looks like Janet. It’s Wayne’s song, neither Brisco nor Busta took it from him in any way, and honestly it isn’t one of Wayne’s best verses either, but it ain’t one of his worst, song gets the job done.

Favorite Quotes:

“My daughter is the twinkle of my eye, ya’ll hurt her, ya kill me and I will not die”

“I’m richer than all ya’ll I got a bank full of pride”

Track 13- Good Girl Gone Bad

According to the Track Listing Good Girl Gone Bad is on Tha Carter III, I don’t know if this version I have is the one that’s going to be on the CD, because the version I have has Bun B featured on it, and is basically the exact song that came from the mixtape with Wayne telling the story of a Good Girl Gone Bad ala Tupac, Ludacris and Bats the Rockstar ;-)….and Bun B basically takes this song from him, Bun B’s stature on the track forces you to realize why he’s a legend, and he does it so cool and effortless. I like the song, I liked it when I first heard it on Devin the Dude’s CD, same Bun B and Wayne verses, I guess since Devin’s shit didn’t blow Wayne decided to keep it for himself. On the album track list it doesn’t say that the song has any features on it, and I doubt Wayne would omit someone as big as BUN B from the liner notes, but list lesser known artists like D. Smit, Static Major, and Brisco, so we’ll see on June 10 what the deal is. The message, the track, the delivery, everything about this song is solid.

Favorite Quote: Whole thing

Track 14- You Ain’t Got Nuthin On Me ft. Fabolous and Juelz Santana

Three hot ass spitters on one track and they eat it up. Honestly the track’s quality that I heard could’ve been better, but they bring it out, feels like a mixtape track though, at least the one I have, and I do remember hearing it awhile ago. The standout on this song is Juelz Santana though, Juelz has been stepping up a helluva lot since he’s teamed up with Wayne, I guess Wayne brings the best out of Santana, it’s his song to me. Hook has Wayne doing his T-Wayne, pretty basic

Favorite Quote: Juelz’s entire verse

Track 15- Let the Beat Build

Classic Kanye West beats, as soon as it comes on you know Mr. West laced it. “I wear bright red like a girl toe”….no, that was wack, sorry, but sometimes Weezy just says shit, I will say that I will never forget the line though. As the song goes on, it’s kinda boring, Wayne is doing his Wayne, but I feel like he could’ve dropped this song for one of his premier mixtape songs, shiit I would’ve taken Gossip LIVE over this, cuz he ripped the fuck outta Gossip at the BET Awards.

Or one of the bonus mixtape leaked joints, he’s already seemingly using mixtape material, and there’s been alot better mixtape songs than this never before heard of joint. My girl Jo next to me listening says the song sounds like some Sesame Street shit, that got a laugh outta me…I think its cool that Wayne shouted out Blue Bayou though, thats some Louisiana shit, our water park, it aint much, but its ours. You see I rather talk about a Baton Rouge waterpark than talk about this song, that tells you, its pretty lackluster… the end of the song though, he starts rapping fast though, best part of the song….the end

Favorite Quote: “I paid my dues, you keep the difference” “suck my dick with red lipstick and bitch don’t let it smear

Track 16 – Whip It

Once again, the leaked version of the album has a song I think is suspect, it’s called Whip It, and if I remember right it’s featuring one of Dem Franchize Boys, Parlay, and has Parlay rapping ona hook and he has a verse. This song is OLD, so I really doubt he put it on the album, hot song though, but out of all of the mixtape songs to stay on Tha Carter III, I’m doubting that this joint ft. Parlay of all people would make it, he rips it though. Wayne talking about his favorite topic…no not money…no not bitches…yeah COKE (caffeine free)

Track 17- Misunderstood

Sample pulls you in, Weezy really like samples it seems. Dude singing on the sample is spitting some real shit though. Wayne comes on spittin about how the world basically misunderstands him, it’s another one of those reflecting style songs. It’s kind of weird, but I’m fucking with it, and he’s spitting some real shit, its one of those songs where you just roll up the blunt, light it and go to where he is and let Wayne school on his life, and in the end life in general. Great outro

Favorite Quote:

excuse my french emotion and my passion, but I wear my heart on my sleeve like its the new fashion” “what are you asking? if I don’t have the answer, its probably on the web like I’m a damn tarantula”

*NOTE EDIT: WHIP IT and GOOD GIRL GONE BAD were in fact just mixtape tracks, instead MRS OFFICER, this joint w/ Nut the Kid and Bobby Valentino was added, I usually skip this track, and no, I won’t say its a garbage song, its just the hook kinda annoys me (gay ass hook), I give Wayne props for trying something different, but this one just wasn’t my thing I guess….

All in all this was a well put together album, and like every album Wayne has put out before this one, its a good listen, it’s going to be a hood classic, its going to be the lp of the summer, but I don’t know what it is, it just feels a few missteps shy of that CLASSIC rating when compared to the Pac, Outkast, Biggie and Jigga’s, but dude aint far off. And with the amount of material that Lil’ Wayne produces on a regular basis, his legend will continue to grow to the point that damn near his entire catalogue will be seen as classic when its all said and done. Does it meet it’s hype?….sometimes….but I think it would’ve been impossible to fully live up to the hype due to all of the leaking of his shit, due to all of the many mixtapes, ironically due to all of the constant Wayne material that we are bombarded with DAILY. It’s virtually impossible for Wayne to live up to everyone’s expectations. Dude needs to just disappear for awhile, i can only imagine what the Carter III would’ve been if nothing would’ve leaked, and the only mixtapes that dropped from him were official Weezy released mixtapes, like Dedication and Drought. But removing the HYPE, and when its all said and done, it’s worth the buy, especially compared to the bullshit that’s out there. I guess you can blame the mixtape DJs, but pointing blame is pretty pointless, eliminate the drama and all we have is the music. Listen to the music, love the music, ignore the bullshit

*NOTE EDIT: Above is my early thoughts of it, its now July, and I still listen to the album every now and then, for certain songs, most notably, Mr Carter, Dr. Carter, A Millie, Tie My Hands and Shoot Me Down….let the beat build has grown on me a lil bit, but as an album, I’m looking forward to C4 finally knocking Tha Carter I off of its pedestal with me….but hey, that may just be me

Once again, this was just my $0.02 towards life’s $0.98

Bats, the Ace among Kings

  1. I enjoyed the album a lot. I liked Let the Beat Built much more than you did.

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