Damn, fareal Buckeey?

Damn Buckey fareal?

I wasn’t the hugest watcher of Flava of Love when it first came out, erybody I knew was on it heavy though, talking about it at school as if it was the hottest thing since my penis (cheap one, but screw it, it’s my blog), and cats were all over the internet hating it for its “negative stereotypes” as if “negative stereotypes” aren’t the truth. On a side note, let’s face it, whether its a positive stereotype or a negative stereotype, its still a reflection of something true, the only thing that makes it a stereotype is when people attempt to generalize the majority based on one person’s actions. And that does go both ways, I don’t want someone to watch Flava of Love and think that’s how all of us “niggers” act , but I also wouldn’t want someone to watch the Cosby’s and believe that the black struggle is over, just because they see happy and successful black faces on their tv screen,

The world needs that balance, like ying and yang, and like red bone and darkie, and I don’t mean darkie in any offensive way, because I’m a proud darkie myself. And one proud, and sexy ‘darkie’ that grabbed hold of my attention had to be Buckey from Flava of Love 2.

I didn’t start watching Flava of Love until around the end of Flava of Love 2, then I started watching that Charm School show on a fluke. And aside from Bootz’s breast, the girl that stood out the most was Shay aka “Buckeey’s fine ass”. That’s what erybody called her, “Buckeey’s fine ass”. She had the lips, the thighs, the weave, the ass, the stomach, the breast, and her complection was on point!

And on some real shit, I’m usually one of those cats that’s been conditioned and traumatized by the music videos filled with the light skinned variety, because I’ve probably dated maybe ONE dark skinned girl in my entire 22 years of existence. Yah, I know its fucked up, but at this point I can’t help what my eyes like (blame New Orleans for all the Creoles),

Don’t get me wrong, there are a number of dark skinned girls I think are sexy, they’re just usually taken for some reason….or famous.

But back to “Buckeey’s fine ass”, girlie had that lil rough edge on her and some intelligence too. Now, I aint gonna say she was a brain surgeon or nothing but she looked like she at least had some common sense, but unfortunately, it looks like her common sense has jumped off the cliff, with her now being the newest addition to the Sex Tape Club (STC). The most notable members include, Paris Hilton, EVE, Kim Kardashian, Chyna, Pamela Anderson and even Marlyn Monroe, those interested in the full list of Celebrities with Sex Tapes can go here, for those interested in the dudes, you can go here

Now who knows if she planned for this to be released to get a lil buzz or what, because gurlie talks about becoming an actress, but there aren’t any actresses that I can think of that say that having a Sex Tape won them any respectful roles, so I’ma go with thinking that some old ex-boyfriend just put her ass out there(with corny music), which raises the question, why now all of a sudden, when she’s not even popular anymore….entertainment is funny, I’m just sort of let down, not by the sex in the sex tape necessarily (though, that WAS a let down, damn Buckey, fantasy supercedes you…the dome was cool tho), but by the fact that another respectful woman is about to get her record tarnished and smeared all because of a sex tape, like erybody ain’t having sex. The media’s obsession with trying to bring down anybody who has a sex tape leaked, whether its Ray-J not getting movie roles (don’t give him the role cuz the nigga can’t act, not because he had sex on camera), or Paris not getting any respect (Don’t respect her because shes spoiled and unintelligent, not because she had sex on camera), all just trips me out.

Like these same journalists and bloggers that are bad mouthing these STC members, aren’t doing the same stuff at home themselves. AREN’T WE ALL HAVING SEX?! I mean damn, at this day and age I’m surprised that sex is still such a big deal that the media makes it, and being a blogger myself, I know I for one am doing it waaaay more exciting and interesting than all of those boring Paris, Kim, Eve, Pamela, Bucky tapes, and thats being real.

I’m not really into porn like that, but I will go check out a sex tape if a celebrity is in it, mainly out of curiousity plus if it was someone I was digging on, I get to see if the fantasy matches the reality, and I swear every time I see one of these things, I laugh at the boredum that is their sex lives. If that’s how they’re getting it popping on a regular bases then all of em need to give up on sex, lol. I mean damn, the people calling these women sluts, are definitely doing way more sluttier, raunchier things then these skinnamax rejects the STC continue to produce. And I blame both the celebs, and whose screwing them, and yeah, definitely whose screwing them, because trust me, if I had a chance to get Buckeey in that position, even the 2 minutes shown would’ve been some spectacular celebrity death match style action man,

And I’m more than sure there’s a huge majority of the male population that can agree. And I gotta say as a STC subscriber I should be getting more realistic, less weak, quality of sex if it’s going to be put out in public like this….ya know what? I shouldn’t even be blaming the celebrities, even though they are definitely approving the release of these tapes, I can’t blame them for why I gotta sit through the yawn spectacle. Nah, I blame the guy that pushed the button, that let this boring shit out here in the first place. The guy that uploaded it onto the web, sat through it, and thought to himself…ya know what? I want other people to see this, they’re gonna love this. Unless it’s Al Sharpton or the Pope himself setting this up as some massive trick to get us to stop having sex, the guy who pushed this button could’ve saved us all the media overhypeness by just keeping it to himself, until he came across some real dirty ent. I’m talking Meagan’s Good’s gone wild in a farm type action baby…

……but maybe I’m just in the minority, maybe hair pulling and aggression is only a southern tradition of the bedroom…

Point being, get over it, its JUST SEX, nothing to kill a person’s career, character or dignity over…hell, if you’re going to kill someone’s character and dignity over sex, you might as well kill their career over breathing, eating, and SHITTING, yah…the next scandal should be how dirty Jessica Simpson is for taking a crap…in her TOILET….GASP!!! ……………

In any event, as much crap as I’m talking, I really hope ol gurl Buckey gets through the slander that’s coming her way, because as the son of a dark skinned woman in America, and yeah, once again race plays a factor into it, live in denial if you want. I know that they have it the hardest out of everyone in our community. The light skinned girls can pass for white and are prettier (which is bullshit because I know some ugly ass light skinned girls), the light skinned guys seem safe (which is bullshit,cuz I know some crazy red dudes,lol), the caramel people all blend in (well, yeah), the dark skinned guys get bullshitted on the most, and the dark skinned women usually fall right under the bullshitted on’s boots. It’s the fucked up truth, in all its generalized stereotypical glory unfortunately.

So yeah, keep ya sexy ass head up Shay/Buckey….alllllll the way up, Lol…

…oh and congrats to Flav for proposing to his babymoms on the reunion special and finally finding what he’s been looking for…..Though if I were the one wearing the clock, I would’ve picked Black’s “fine ass”

………BUUT THATS just me,lol

Once again, this was just my $0.02 towards life’s $0.98

-BATS, the ACE among kings….

  1. boy you cant dance, so stop fronting like you can do anything that has to keep rhythem LMAO!

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