A look at drugs…

Ite, lets talk about drugs, yeah drugs…The word itself sounds bad as fuck doesn’t it? It’s like we’re programmed to hear the word “Drug” and automatically go back to thinking of the D.A.R.E program conditioning we all had to undergo, remember? the “Just Say No” bullshit?

As if just saying “no” would ALWAYS work. Now I ain’t gonna lie, it can work, but obviously with 19.1 million Americans REPORTED to be doing drugs, and those are just the ones that are reported, and we already know that a majority of cats out there aren’t going to report shit, with that many people reported, just saying “No” musn’t be as easy as they tried to say it was. (And lets not get started on the occassional users who don’t classify themselves as users)

“DRUGS”, its like porn, damn near erybody watches it or has watched it, but verrry few people will admit to it, yaknow? better yet, it’s like masterbation lol…and just like drugs I KNOW there’s more than 19.1 million people having sex with their shadows………..fareal

So, let me tell you about my day first, I get a call up from my grandmother and it goes like this


BATS: Hello?


BATS: Whoooa, wasup grandma! Hows your day going?

GRANDMA BATS: Martin, do you smoke marijuana”

Now PAUSE, this is grandmother, grandma, the woman that raised me to be the young upstanding, fearless, outspoken often rebellious man that I am, growing up she would tell me to speak my mind NO MATTER WHAT, and cultivated me as an artist, writer, and especially a speaker by making my ass speak at damn near every church event that they had, she’s probably the one person on earth that I respect the most…so when she asks

GRANDMA BATS: Martin, do you smoke marijuana”

First thing I think to myself is, “I CANT LIE”, I’m a very honest person, I pride myself by that, as humans we all lie from time to time, but I’m one of those cats that says only lie when you HAVE to, like to get out of a ticket, to prevent getting yourself or somebody else killed, to get an extra order of fries thrown in your bag at the drive-thru, but in this situation, as much as I wanted to LIE, I couldn’t bring myself to it, this is GRAMS, who knows how long she has left, not trying to jynx her because even though she’s in her 70s I still see her putting a good 30 more years into this job called life before she indefinitely retired yadig, but still, I wouldn’t want a lie to be the last thing I ever tell her, or the first, shit, yah I be thinking into shit like, so I say

BATS: uuuhhh…..Yah

She then goes into this long ass rant about drugs, and drug addicts, how she’s not tryna support no drug addicts, and a whole bunch of other shit, she then made me promise I’d never smoke weed again. Now that is a hefty ass promise, I’m not pothead number one or nothing, but promising that I’d NEVER do anything aside from fucking a man, failing in life, being a deadbeat daddy, or fucking a man is damn near impossible, because Life is a long time, you never know what’s gonna happen on that road, and I wouldn’t want to promise that I’d never smoke again in life, then 10 years from now, I’m caught rolling up a fatty and she throws it in my face about some promise I made 10 years earlier….

naah I couldn’t do that, so we basically got off the phone agreeing to disagree and decided to never bring the subject up again and leave it alone…you know throw it in that Don’t Ask, Dont Tell, Don’t See it, It Don’t Exist box….oh and FUCK MY AUNT for telling my grandma that I occasionally smoked. Ya’ll ever have that relative that you don’t have a relationship with, don’t talk to, but for some reason the mafucka stays in your business, twisting other family members on you w/o ever hollering at you about nothing? If you don’t,then I’ll happily sell my Auntie to your family, cuz that mafucka gotta go

Back on track though, the convo with my grandma brought some thoughts to my attention, when thinking about “Weed” the term DRUG ADDICT never came to my mind, because, shit, Weed is so common that it’s not even shocking when you hear somebody smokes it, peep the scenario

Person 1: Whats good kid

Person 2: Nada chillin

Person 1: What you up to?

Person 2: Nothing man, just rollin up a blunt about to watch a movie

Person 1: Oh, thats wasup, I’m bored nigga, I’m bouta come pass through

Person 2: Cool

Now compare that shit to

Person 1: Whats good kid?

Person 2: N-Nothin coolin

Person 1: Whatcha doin?

Person 2: Hold up give me a minute *snorts* *snorts some more*

Person 1: Hello?

Person 2: *Snorts* *Snorts some more*

Person 1: YO!

Person 2: Hello?

Person 1: Yah man, what you doin man?

Person 2: Who this?

Person 1: Nigga, this yo cuzin

Person 1: Oh, cuz? uhh, just smokin some CRACK

I dunno bout ya’ll, but in deciding which one is more of a drug between a blunt -vs- CRACK, HEROINE, METH, COCCAINE, Ima take a blunt every time. And no, I’m not advocating drug use of any kind, everyone is different, as I always tell people DO YOU, if you’re into weed, smoke that shit, if you’re into coke, snort that shit, if you’re into caffeine or alcohol(drink that shit cuz those are both drugs too), and if you’re into being completely drug free, rock your D.A.R.E T-Shirt with pride, just know that there are consequences in any choice you make, and understand the consequences of what you’re getting into, whether its Addiction, Death, Weight Loss, or the Munchies, ya feel me?

So today, I wanna take a look at DRUGS, and I’m going to give each drug a fair chance at explaining itself, why it should be legal, why it’s good that it aint legal, and what I think of the drug personally, cuz fuck, you’re reading this so you must give some parts of a damn of my opinion….I won’t count alcohol, nicotine, or caffeine because they are legal, even though they also cause death, can’t argue with our wonderful government though…so using the vast powers of Wikipedia, lets GET ER DUN!



According to Wikipedia, around the world, people take hits of the nose candy as if it were Starburst. If you think the U.S is doing it big, go to the UK, these mafuckas are ona all time high. After doing some searching on the web I typed in “Why I Love Cocaine”, and sure enough I found a mafucka that actually wrote about why he loved Cocaine, which made me laugh like because, once again it’s been proven to me that you can find ANYTHING your brain can think of on the internet,lol. According to dude, he said that coke made him feel like he was having a nonstop orgasm throughout his entire body, his self esteem rose to new heights, he felt unstoppable and driven to take over the world, every thing that he’d ever learned in his entire life, he remembered, from math problems to biology, to the proper way to put on a condom, dude said the coke had him feeling like an intellectual GOD, homie never got pussy himself, but said that his friends that did get pussy felt every drop of their orgasm as if each drop was it’s own seperate orgasm….wait, that shit’s funny,lol….oh and he couldn’t stop looking at himself in the mirror.

So coke gave this guy, high self esteem to the point that he wanted to make something of his life, made him smarter, he felt like Tony Montana, and oh yeah, a full fuckin FULL BODY ORGASM…needless to say dude was never happier in his entire life, he called it POWDERED HAPPINESS…wow….nigga was a perfect commercial for cocaine…and besides, it use to be in Coca-Cola, what’s there not to love.


This same dude at the end of his article admitted that every time he took coke after his first two times, he could never match that high, and this is basically what fueled his on going addiction to it, he kept wanting to get this feeling again. After searching around on the net, I found some damn good reasons why this “Powdered Happiness” should never be legal:

-It causes your heart to beat fucked up, which means heart attacks and heart failure is definitely in your future.

-It can cause strokes, can cause you to swallow your damn tongue, can make fungus and mushrooms grow on your brain, oh and it can put holes in your brain…damn, that’s fucked up

-It can make your lungs explode, no, not just Lung Cancer, it can make your damn lungs EXPLODE

– It can make you go psycho, it heightens depression, so as much as you love yourself when you’re high, when you’re coming down you’re gonna hate yourself enough to possibly wanna end yourself, ain’t that some shit? Oh and it makes you delusional….to the point that you may think that everyone is trying to kill you or suck your penis, neither of which is good to think.

– You get traumatized easier…lol…damn…lol, don’t ask me why that’s funny for some reason

– It messes up your nose to the point that you won’t be able to smell, constant nose bleeds, insomnia, oh and sexual dysfunction, so while you’re believing that you’re a sexual god in your brain, your penis is really taking a nap on that ass, and if the girl you’re boning is a constant coke user she probably can’t get wet anyway

-Increases HIV, kills babies, makes you throw up alot

-Oh and Lil Wayne said it breaks your face out, and gives you alotta pimples, which is why he doesn’t do it anymore….perfect reason…



LOL, ain’t no way in hell, am I gonna snort anything up my nose, even before reading that it can make your lungs, brain, and penis explode, just the act of snorting anything up my nose was the ultimate turn off for me. Them mafuckas is brave brave souls I tell you that…



Lol, uhhhh, lets see…CRACK is damn near the same as coke, accept that everything that’s good about Cocaine last for a lesser amount of time, and everything that’s bad about cocaine hits you waaay faster. And crack is made waaay cheaper. So I guess, Crack should be legal for the same argument that cocaine should be legal, but it should be legalized faster because, Crack hits you quicker than Cocaine does, and uhm it doesn’t last as long so you can do more shit with your day, and…wait, let me go look up the good and the bad on Crack right quick…ite, here we go

– It heightens all the good ass things that regular coke heightens, meaning if you FEEL LIKE a god on coke, you’ll prolly feel like God, Allah, Buddha, AND Satan on crack.

– It makes you more hyper, so for things you need to be hyper for, you can be hyper hyper hype

– It makes you overly analyze everything around you, so nobody can try you in any kinda negative way, because you’ll see it quick quick quick, hyper hyper hyper fast

– While you’re high on it, your anxiety goes down…dunno if that’s always a good thing though

– It makes you more social, and open, you ever notice how crackheads will talk to ANYBODY, well yeah, if you’re on crack, you’ll never be shy again, so I guess that means before every presentation in front of the class, smoke some crack and you GOOD

– It makes you lose weight…yup, so it’s the cure to obesity, and they do say that a majority of America is fat as fuck….so fat people rejoice! DO CRACK!


Well, from research, it basically says that if you take all the negatives of regular cocaine, and you multiply the shit by like 10, and add in extreme extreme weight loss, oh there are heightened chances of SUDDEN DEATH, yah you read that shit right, you can smoke crack and if your brain is made a certain way, you can INSTANTLY die from it…yeah, I think that’s a good enough reason why that shit should stay ILLEGAL!

who wants to be a crackhead?


The government flooded black neighborhoods with crack, by giving it to the street gang leaders and drug dealers in a big scheme to wipe out the “criminals” in the hood, which effectively destroyed many black families, and fatally wound others for life. The big set up of crack was to give it to the drug dealers, they sell it to the community, then they arrest the drug dealers for something that they gave them, while the community, now a community of crackheads and druggies kill itself through murder and addiction. There’s no way I could ever be in favor of this being legal, used or any of the sort. The government is passed fucked up for this, and if you tell me that if I smoke it, I will turn into an anorexic retarded corpse that’ll suck anybody’s dick for it, why on earth would I be tempted to try the Blue Magic…fuck that



Crystal meth is made easy, the white boys usually heat it up in their basement cooking iodine, paint thinner and other shit u can find at your local Wal-Mart. They say its an even better high than coke, damn, its Crack 2.0…It’s also used in portions to fight obsesity, so now fat people don’t even need to use crack to get slim, they can use meth! If you need energy to study, you can use meth to stay awake, and if you’re constipated it’ll unstop you up


Man, here’s a list of reasons why Crystal Meth better never be made LEGAL

– You will have to shit, a whoole lot, massive massive diarrhea

– You will sweat uncontrolbly…not ina good way

– You will have no appetite to wanna eat anything for days, but still get massive tooth decay out of the blue

– You will have a “compulsive fascination” with doing the same thing over and over and over

– You think that everyone is out to get you, kidneys fall to pieces, muscles fall to pieces, hallucinations that you’re dead,you’ll get herpes style soars, your brain physically melts, PHYSICALLY can melt, I ain’t even know that shit, and you can get meningitis, as well as extreme spans of feeling like your body is cold as ice

-You’ll stay up for days and not realize it

Yah, now if that shit sounded attractive to you, then yah, Crystal Meth is perfect for ya



lol….nigga I aint tryna have my brain melt on me bruh…fuuuuuck thaaat


Well heroine is injected with a needle, so if you hate smelling like smoke and you aint tryna feed your nose, then its perfect for you. It stops diarrhea, and gives you huge rushes and as well as pleasurable light headedness, and hell,it did help the soldiers of WWII get by through the war, they probably thought they were in a big cartoon the whole time since most of em were high on heroine, and cartoons are the shit, fareal, I always wanted to be in G.I Joe and Ninja Turtles. It also prevents you from being able to see at night, so that means instant sleep if you’re suffering from insomnia caused by crystal meth yadig. And if you’re one of those sloppy mouth mafuckas, it dries your mouth up, so you all good…


We’re talking about heroine,lol…yah..It stops your asshole from making its natural dew, last I checked that was kinda unhealthy, Aside from the constant vomiting, the heavy eye bags, constipation, collapsed blood vessels, heart failure, HIV, liver disease and imminent death, heroine also causes your piss to turn purple…I don’t need Barney coming outta my dick, so keep that shit illegal


I don’t do needles…so even if it didn’t make Barney come out my dick, I wasn’t fuckin w/ it anyway



Oh Ecstasy or “EX” should definitely be legal for the mere fact that it has churches and cults made around it. That’s some powerful shit, I guess it must be Jesus in pill form, because every article that I found to read up on why people love EX sooo many of the words “love” “love drug” “drug of love” “the lovesness of all the loves of drugs” “love love love” was all I found, ecstasy is instant valentines day, you find yourself loving everybody and everything, and sex feels like COKE GONE WILD, which is possibly because traces of coke is used to make ex, but hey, at least it learns from the best, yadig. Hell this one dude even said it cured his narcolepsy. Not only will your orgasms feel like a zillion dollars has formed in your pants, but it gives you the energy of a crackhead without actually becoming a crackhead, and the love of a million nuns, which I think would definitely make the world a better place….just add water…

And Mushrooms, for those of you that don’t know, mushrooms, or “shrooms” are just like regular mushrooms, but can also be found as caps, and they make you see stuff that ain’t there, cool huh. I’ll just say this, Super Mario was on shrooms,yeah Super Mario from Super Mario Bros, that nigga was on SHROOMS and look at how much fun he had, dude thought that he was in some magical land, saving princesses and fighting dragons and shit, when all he really was, was a plumber, shrooms makes every day a video game, it makes you feel as if you were living in a video game…literally, not exaggerating…without the annoying joysticks and controllers though, hell, the Nintendo Wii ain’t got nothing on some home grown, straight from the cow’s dung…fresh MUSHROOMS, or SHROOMS for those who actually understand why their great…the real world is too boring anyway


Without water EX can kill you, it can also make you swallow your tongue and your teeth, it can make your face continously shit out of your mouth, the world may never stop spinning, your emotions can spin in directions that you don’t need them spinning to, and eventually the drug itself will make you it’s bitch…after it’s made you cripple by chipping away at your spinal cord…you will constantly go to it for love and affection, and once it’s done with you, you’re getting the boot….oh and if you’re a guy you may find your penis in another male without your consent, and girls tend to gain a new found respect for vagina….you will grind your teeth alot, it can give you Trisma aka lockjaw, Nystagmus which is uncontrollable eye movements…and a whole buncha other scientific words that I don’t feel like typing but don’t seem to comfortable….and besides, niggas needta get mad sometimes, if erybody was on “E”, too much shit would slide, and we’d prolly die becuz of alla babies mafuckas would be havin

And as far as Shrooms, well from what I read, it’s basically the same side effects and fuckedupness as too much EX….so all I can tell you about is the story of this girl who wouldn’t stop scratching her face because she thought bugs were on it that weren’t there, then she thought her faced melted, when she finally came down on the shrooms, she looked in the mirror and had nada but scars…fucked up indeed


I honestly have nothing against shrooms or EX, that ain’t really my past time, but all bias aside, all of this stuff that I read up on shrooms and EX all dealt with how much you take, now if you’re completely drug free and you don’t even sip wine coolers, then this doesn’t apply to you, but if you’re somebody that experiments or tries stuff, or does this stuff, then all they basically say is watch how much you take, or else it’ll fuck you up, the big problem though is all of this stuff can be VERY addictive, so you better know yourself…



America’s favorite drug, Marijuana, Weed, Canibus, Ganja, Stick Icky, that GOOD, Mary Jane. This girl Mary Jane is that bisexual hottie that has taken more men and women into outer space than NASA and the Power Rangers, Zordon included. She makes you feel good in more flavors than skittles, starburst, and college. Artist have made masterpieces under her influence, from music, to movies, to paintings, we are a dynamic culture, with so much depth and works of art, all influenced by pothead artists. Fights and murders have all been prevented after one session,sometimes two sessions w/ Dr. MJ. People become motivated in her presence, people make life long friends with each other once she’s made her introductions, she’s the cure to boredom and depression. And nobody has ever died after kissing the lips of the green queen. And because of her, food tastes so good, that none ever go to waste…the skinny africans that they show you on the commercials are never the africans that kick it with miss Mary Jane, and that’s a fact. Hell more people have died drunk, than high, because Mary Jane is natural and like Mother Nature, she takes care of you..she’s good for your eyes, and many people that are dying or in pain, kick it w/ her to take their minds away from it. she cures suffering and hurt, helping many to just make it through to another day, mentally, emotionally, and for some spiritually in tact…hell you can even pimp her out for gas money, and according to many people’s claims and stories, she shouldn’t only be legal, she should get the Nobel Peace Prize.


Probably the most addictive of all the drugs. This bitch Mary Jane will take all of your money, and when you’re broke, she’ll have you craving for her for an eternity. She will cause you to lose chunks of your memory….you’ll waste away hours, even days, getting high when you could probably be doing something more constructive with your time, some people remember to do more constructive things, many forget. Plus it can give you lung cancer, you know, that disease that slowly breaks your lungs down until they’re nothing, and after a long painful process of watching your life wither away, you finally physically die. Yeah, that’s cancer….and it can possibly turn you schizo…Mary J’s game is so good, that she’ll have you rationalizing to others why its cool that you’re letting her waste you away….what a bitch…plus she eats your brain, no literally, that’s her diet…and as much as weedheads try to deny that she’s a gateway to bigger things, think about this, how many ppl that try coke, heroin or meth, try any of those substances before weed, very very almost an invisible percentage. Weed introduces you to the “high life” then leaves you stranded on your own to figure out which high is right for you, whether it be stickin to the greenery, or heading to the north pole for some snow…a majority of drug users wouldn’t have even stuck the needle, if Mary Jane hadn’t shown em what her way of “feeling good” was really like.


Well we all know that weed isn’t legal, because the government can’t make money off of it, AND because we live in a generally Christian society that is suppose to see anything counted as a drug, as of the devil, so if it isn’t acceptable by the Bible then it never will be…which is why they’ll never be a Muslim, Buddhist, or any other kind of non-Christian President, ever, whether there’s a freedom of religion or not. So not getting wrapped into the, is it a drug? is it natural? should it be legal? shouldn’t it be legal war, I’ll say this, I’ve smoked weed, I’ve never had problems with it, never effected me negatively and my memory and brain are still fully functional as far as I know (shiit, as you can see I can still write,lol), BUT I’ll say this, weed is a bill, and it is addictive, so even though I can say that I’ve used it, and sometimes MaryJ is my lil boo for the moment,I say for the moment because people change all the time, I don’t think it should be made legal, because there are people out there that will let it take control of their lives, will let it waste their time away, and will let it stamp their asses to the concrete and never change the stations in their brains from being on bullshit. And while I can speak for myself, I can’t feel like I’m in some way accountable for those people that just couldn’t handle it.

We often say that alcohol is a drug, why is it legal and weed is not, because of alla shit alcoholics do, and we say cigarettes and cigars give off as much cancer as weed smoke, but hell, thats like saying…”well hey, we’ve already got cancer, herpes and aids to deal with, so who cares if God or Buddha create some more but even deadlier diseases and throw em our way, fuck it, lets raise the bar!”…not to take it to that extreme, but you get my point, I’m not anti-weed but I am anti-idiot, and there’s too many idiots roaming the world for me to feel safe in letting them have the ability to get access to something that they probably can’t handle without PENALTY. The smart guys don’t get caught most of the time anyway,lol…but real talk I know smart guys, I mean some genius type dudes, that find themselves letting Ms.Jane’s influence affect and sometimes ruin their destinies, all because the disease of addiction doesn’t play favorites, which is why I continue saying that you really have to have a firm handle of yourself as a person, swimming in Denial will only drown you in it…and nobody’s perfect

When it comes down to it though, I’m not ANTI-DRUG because I’m not somebody that feels like telling people whats right and whats wrong is how anybody should go about things. All you can do is give the people both sides of the story, the positive, and the negative, whatever their decisions are after that is THEIR decisions, and it’s nobody’s place to judge them, no matter what they choose to do. Because while you could be turning your nose up at a nigga for smoking some weed, or taking some “E”, that same cat can turn his same high ass nose up at you for lying, cheating, becoming obese, smoking cigs, drinking coffee, masterbating and every other “fucked up” thing that everyone seems to do, because we’re all people. Religious nuts, Conservative nuts, Old Nuts, all the nuts can point their fingers all they want, but even angels have skeletons, yadig…if you can show me one that doesn’t, then you’ve just showed me that we’re in heaven so none of it would matter then anyway, right?

maybe it’s just me, but people are going to be people as long as the mirror shows a reflection…so by living YOUR life, however you do you, and accepting people where they are, is the only way any of us are gonna leave this bitch with any sanity at all…sober or otherwise…

but yeah, maybe it’s just me


Once again this was just my $0.02 towards life’s $0.98

BATS, the ACE among kings..

  1. To suggest that a chemical that alters your perceptions status as illegal is a good thing is an extremely ignorant thing to say. Lets focus on the deliciously enlightening grass. To evade wasting your money, it is necessary to possess a bit of willpower. Stating that it can turn you schizophrenic or that the government couldnt make any money off of it sounds like a person who knows nothing about current medical reports reviewing cannabis or simple economics. A taxed government supply, sustaining the current illicit demands, would bring in billions annually, not to mention the money that would be saved by stopping this ineffective drug war. Saying that drugs in general, and cannabis especially, should stay illegal should be made a crime. Because of the ignorance that it continues to spread; the prevailing fog that hides the truth.

  2. First off you’re taking this post a bit too seriously, but I digress…

    “To suggest that a chemical that alters your perceptions status as illegal is a good thing is an extremely ignorant thing to say. Lets focus on the deliciously enlightening grass.”— To attack me because I don’t mind my perception altered from time to time is an ignorant world view in itself, I’m not you Super Roscoe. You completely ignored the fact that alcohol is legal but weed isn’t, this ongoing joke completely undermines the whole purpose of outlawing weed in the first place, especially since more death are related to alcohol.

    “To evade wasting your money, it is necessary to possess a bit of willpower. “— I’m not sure if this is a shot at me or people who smoke in general, but here’s an apple from the teacher..most weed smokers love weed, it isn’t a question of will power or money costs, and this post wasn’t even about that…

    “Stating that it can turn you schizophrenic or that the government couldnt make any money off of it sounds like a person who knows nothing about current medical reports reviewing cannabis or simple economics.” —- The schizo part…obviously a joke, but hey..i guess super intelligent people such as yourself feel superior to humor, and you’re right the government would make alot of money off of it, but they wouldn’t be able to control it how they want to. If weed was legal, anybody could get some seeds and grow it…so while the government would make money, they’d also lose out…Your average person can’t put the ingredients together to create vodka, but if the canibus plant was legal, it’d be nothing for people to illegally grow it and claim they bought it…

    “Saying that drugs in general, and cannabis especially, should stay illegal should be made a crime. Because of the ignorance that it continues to spread; the prevailing fog that hides the truth.”—-First you attack me for being for weed, then you go on to call me ignorant for saying that drugs should stay illegal…which side are you on? Or are you the schizo? lol..

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