Pull your damn pants up Jesse…

Aite, imagine this clique, about three or four lil dudes all seen as royalty in their school. The three older guys are on the football team, and they’re like captains of it, with everyone expecting the youngest dude, JJ, whose in their circle to eventually take over when the others graduate.

so yeah, the older guys graduate, leaving JJ to be the captain of the team, only problem is their shoes are so big that the other players on the team eventually feel that their successor is too short to take over, and his feet are too small to run anything. So they put him to the test, and he comes damn close to taking over the position, but ultimately, they were right, he was really too small for the captain position.

He becomes depressed, and gets kept back a few times enough to see the next big thing come into the school. This new guy, OB, is destined to be the captain, and what does JJ do when he sees how much attention, how much backing and adulation OB is getting, of course he pretends to open OB in with welcome arms, that’s the polite thing to do, show him around the school, help him make friends, kick it w/ him and such, but as OB comes closer and closer to that captain position, the inner hater in him just can’t stand it any longer, JJ’s insecurities feed his envy, his jealousy feeds his previously hidden anger….and this my friends is how “the hater” is born….

As you can see…Jesse Jackson was basically caught with his pants down…and America just saw how small his balls really are…

Really, I never thought that I’d ever see the day a black leader would publically hate on another black leader’s penis

According to the sayings of “they”, your friends who are in much closer proximity to you, will be more prone to hate you when your accomplishments begin eclipsing there own. Now I won’t say something foolish like Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama have been friends, but Jesse has seemingly thrown his full support behind Obama for awhile now before shedding light on the pink elephant that’s been getting ignored thus far on the democratic side of things. The pink elephant being that Jesse’s dream may finally be about to come true, but someone else is going to reap all of the benefits, fame, money, respect, adulation, power and life of this dream, and what can JJ do about it? Here’s a clue:

He was too black, too sneaky, too outspoken, too controversial, and now too old (amongst other things) to ever have a shot at becoming President, he’s basically buried himself under all of his dirt…and he’s in denial about it, he sits on Fox News as one of the token niggers that they consult with whenever they need a (democratic) nigger opinion of things (Al Sharpton is much too radical, and Farakhan a bit too intelligent), and don’t get it twisted Jesse loves this feeling of importance (even though all they ever ask him about is Barack, how ironic).

The younger generation, we show him very little attention, and only acknowledge his importance as being somebody we’ve been taught to respect, rather than naturally respect on our own. He’s mainly seen as the guy that wishes he was Dr. King and….oh….he had a kid ona side. But see, by appearing on Fox, he instead gets to remind himself of his glory days, when he actually mattered.

I know he’s prolly a good guy under all of the mess, but when your own son doesn’t even have your back, then some reflective epiphany needs to happen and dude needs to realize, that unless he’s trying to help the younger generation through the undoubted wisdom he’s gotten from the decisions he’s made in life, if he isn’t trying to be a mentor of this nature, then he should just fall back, because it’s not his time to be the center of attention anymore…sorry

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”—Martin Luther King, Jr

JJ had a dream, he had a dream that one day he’d be the first black man to ‘tea bag’ Mother America…

But now with the newest and freshest Black leader we’ve had in years (who I’m not too sure if I should call a ‘black leader’ since he doesn’t do much for the black community specifically, another blog another day), BARACK OBAMA, has beaten the odds that have left many black men crippled

-He’s a college graduate (from Harvard no less)……


-Overcome the ‘WHITE WOMAN‘, which has been the Black Man’s kryptonite for so many years…


– He made us realize that wiggers aren’t always our friends


-Has a STRONG black wife


-Is a GREAT father (and has no children out of wedlock….err…as of now)


-And has been heralded for his speaking abilities as the next Dr. King…ooooh this must BUURN Jesse up inside, as much as he tries to front like it doesn’t, we all know it does…


And now with Barack just inches away from successfully TEA BAGGING Mother America and finally giving “little black boys, and little black girls” hope…what does Jesse wanna do?

…well you watched the video…he wants to cut the man’s nuts off…


Now we all knew the quick ass apology was coming (shouts out to YunGayBERG)…

But much like when people in Hillary’s campaign would say negative things or make up lies about Barack and then follow it up with retractions, the damage is already done, the seed has already been planted in the minds of the people, and now not only are you relegated as a hater, you’re also a traitor…

—Rodney King

Now of course, It’s impossible for everybody to get along, and to me you’re a bitch if you pretend to like someone that you really hate (unless its business)…but you’re a traitor to your cause when you, for years speak this bullshit about unity, and leadership, and faith, and overcoming the crabs in a barrel mentality soo present within our community…only to be the hardest shell in the seafood bucket

They’ve thrown enough shots at Barack, we don’t need to throw our own

Let the “He doesn’t even have the support of his fellow democratic black faith based nigger leader friends, why should we support him?” nonsense begin…

no it isn’t entirely JJ’s fault, but he’s the obvious democratic donkey turned jackass of the hour so it’s my job to

Seriously though…we’re all human, we all make mistakes, we’re all flawed and we all have opinions some may view as unfavorable (hell, thats on u if u wanna bust his ass, just not on the country’s time) so I ain’t saying we should nail dude to the cross for being caught with his pants down, I’m just hoping that Jesse realizes genuinely, throughout the bullshit rationalizing he’s doing to cover his ass, and the many blogs, columns, and opinions being thrown his way

I hope he sees that ‘THEY’ want to see this:

As long as we’re fighting each other, we’re too busy to fight ‘THEM’, and while this is funny as hell:

It won’t get us anywhere but where we’ve already been….


and tighten up that belt….

As always, this is only my $0.02 towards life’s $0.98…



BATS, the ACE among kings…

  1. Herald Sha'niqua

    9/11 jokes are just plane wrong

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