Rush Limbaugh ruined my relationship…

Ok first off I need you to watch this…..

Now onto my dilemna

After watching that, I felt this weird feeling come over me, one that was very familiar but one I didn’t see coming, it wasn’t anger, surprisingly, unfortunately it was some thing else, it was apathy…

Like, ok, let’s say you’re in a relationship with somebody, but the relationship just isn’t what it use to be, everyone has been there, it’s like you’ve been in the relationship for so long, that you do care about the mafucka you’re with, but you just don’t like em no more, and unless they really do some incredible Bruce Banner type shit, you’re going to continue to grow apart and eventually you’re gonna dump em and that will be the relationship, right?

Ite, in this case, oddly enough, I never thought being a black man I’d reach this point, but, truth be told my dying relationship is with Racism. Truth be told, just being human racism is in our blood, figuratively and literally man, you’re born with the instincts to fear what you don’t understand, and w/ cultures being so segregated, you love what’s in the mirror and fear whats doesn’t look like you. And this has been chemistry of everyone’s on going relationship with Racism for centuries.

So in being born into this arranged marriage, though I’ve learn to ignore most of Racism’s bullshit, and to keep my own practices of it to as big of a minimum as I can, for the longest I couldn’t help the extreme fear fueled love of hating the KKK, the police, corrupt politicians,judges, and ignorant folk in general, it was the backbone of the friendship, and had kept us moving forward, with every year older I got, yup, anniversary after anniversary.

But, all relationships get strained, everything gets tired, especially sex. Having sex over and over again with the same person, doin the same ol gymnastics gets boring, what use to be this huge deal, like for instance seeing em naked for the first time, use to be I CANT WAIT to get this mafucka naked, after awhile it eventually becomes so common that their birthday suit now looks like everything else in the closet. And every relationship is doomed to meeting this fate at some point, so it’s really up to the people involved to figure out how to handle this obstacle.

Well in my relationship with Racism, our sex always came in the form of ignorant shit. Whether it be,

some lil white kid calling me a NIGGER (and me beating his ass for it)

some lil light skinned black girl saying I’m good looking to say I’m dark skinned

some cop pulling me over for no reason whatsoever, putting a gun to my face and humiliating me on the side of the road,

some radio host calling a buncha black girls nappy headed hoes,

some washed up comedian telling some black kids that he’d put their heads ona stick like their ancestors,

a black girl being tortured, raped and forced to eat feces by a group of white people who while finding enjoyment in yelling “NIGGER” at her while they whipped her,

me being a REFUGEE in my own country, The Jena 6

Billy O’ Reilly, Sean Bell Fox News, Al Sharpton and man the list goes on, as you can see my girl RACISM was a FREAK….we could be found doing it EVERYWHERE, our sex was so good that it gave me a glow, turned on light bulbs and dark bulbs, made me wanna be a better person, made me wanna read books, made me wanna advocate and speak on it, fight, march, tell my friends about it, the sex was just the SHIT, it was nonstop, I could get it whenever I wanted and even more when I didn’t want it, and with her mouth she gave me the kinda head that would swallow my kids down her throat for eternity, and I had accepted it as being one of, if not the key foundation of our relationship….

…well up until just now,after watching that video above…

That video above was indeed ignorant shit, hearing it indeed counts as me having sex w/ my bitch, but this time the sex did nothing for our relationship. I wasn’t feelin it, it did nothing to me, a few years ago it would’ve caused the greatest orgasm ever, but now, the love feels obligated, forced when it should feel natural and spontaneous , and I guess it’s because we fucked too much, it’s finally gotten old.

Oldest KKK member, currently on the Senate

Back ina day, seeing cleavage ina movie was a big deal, now you can see a girl butt ass naked and it’s just a music video, back ina day a fight scene was a few punches, a tackle, maybe two shots fired and the good guy came out on top, now we root for the bad guy to blow every thing up in sight, it’s science that humans will become desensitized to ANYTHING that it’s overexposed to, but I just never ina zillion acres and a billion mules, ever ever thought that sex would become boring to me in this relationship, no matter how much I’ve had it….

Times are changing I guess, what use to turn me on and get me riled up, just doesn’t anymore. And when I say this, I’m not saying that I dislike head, no, if you call me a nigger I will feel disrespected,I will nut (and bust it in your mouth), but I won’t be excited for it as much as before, I won’t get as angry yadig, because there’s other pussy out there, basically worst things you can say or do to me, her moans just seem like ordinary noise now…And while she’s good looking and will always be there for me, I know there’s an even better and more fulfilling dyme out there that I could be having sex with, and spending time on…

Now I’m not saying me and Racism are necessarily breaking up…it’s just, the arguments now all feel redundant, like I said the sex is boring, and at times I even feel like she’s tryna insult my intelligence, teasing me, like she isn’t even as into it as much as she claims. Like, with Rush Limbaugh’s (and Bill O’Reilly’s) continual racist remarks, I swear, I’m starting to believe that cats like him all get together and have meetings on how they’re gonna piss black people off next, then take turns executing their plans, and afterward laugh from their mansions as our permed haired, so called leaders march around in circles like pouting kids that can’t go to Chuck E. Cheese, proclaiming them the devil. And ona flip side i think they laugh hardest at the real leaders of the culture, you know the ones with the mics, who the kids listen to the most, yeah I think they laugh histerically at those guys because the only thing funnier than laughing at a person that falls for a joke, and gets it a person that falls for the joke and NEVER gets it…

Yeah I’m starting to think these cats are punking everybody, they know what buttons to push, what size watermelons to throw at us, and then watch us dance for em…in other words she’s a tease with an STD, because nothing ever happens to them, I hardly ever read in a newspaper that a rich racist person, one of those cats on tv rockin a “FUCK NIGGERS” shirt got assassinated, only the people trying to fight the ignorance end up dead…she has this STD but only the overtly ignorant mafuckas wear condoms with her…

This girl is homicidal, but she isn’t all bad, I’ve run across people and developed ideals that I never thought I would. I’ve got white friends that hold me down more than most “brothers” I know, I’ve learned to not see people in terms of color, because we all crazy anyway, so no, not every white person is Rush Limbaugh, David Duke, Bill O’Reilly or George Bush, and that’s one of the many things she’s taught me while being on this ride with her and it’s some real shit to learn and remember, whether it came about while we were arguing or not…

but still, it’s because of them, those Rush Limbaugh type niggas that I’ll also note, that with their on going wack ignorant over done mind fucks they’ve caused my relationship with her to never be the same again, I wanna really get mad at that video, really be up and arms and write one of those blogs that uplift people to riot, and fight the power, we shall overcome, and BLAME THE CRACKERS! and all that…but I couldn’t in good conscience fake an orgasm, that’s not what real niggas do, that’s not what a man does…so I guess that means I’m growing up, and we’re growing apart

I can’t ever be fully through with that girl Racism though, like any man in my shoes, I’ma still have sex with her from time to time, because the pussy will always be there, and it seems like it will never be dry (due to the Limbaughs and the O’Reillys), and I can say that I will always care about her in some way, doing whatever I can for the cause…but it’s gonna take alot more than what she’s been putting in, for me to ever love her, or at least fuck her the same way I did before…I mean she’d haveta try some crazy Barack Obama got assassinated type kinkiness, and honestly I ain’t even ready for that kinda karma sutra, but it’d have to be extreme fareal…

…I’ll say this though, as much shit as I’m talking…I’ll still put money, cupid’s arrow, Billary Clinton and one of R.Kelly’s lawyers on it that she’ll figure out a way to pull me back in again…she always does


Once again this was just my $0.02 towards life’s $0.98…

BATS, the ACE among kinds…

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