That’s That BULLTIP!

I have no problem admitting that T.I. is one of my favorite rappers. What stands out about him is the fact that unlike many of these other clowns in the game, he gives you a sense of reality, a feeling that in the midst of this world of entertainment that he’s a bit earnest in much of what he says he does. Whether he’s getting arrested or talking to children in an attempt to steer them away from making similar dumb a$$ decisions that he’s made, love him or hate him, Clifford Harris is Clifford Harris win, lose or draw.

As a fan of hip hop, it’s hard to separate the artist from the person, because rap is the closest musical form to actual spoken word, through rap an artist can come across as if he’s having a conversation with you, more so than just trying to entertain you. And with hip hop, the thought of being “real” USE TO BE the biggest aim for anyone in the game, so to say that liking an artist based on the type of person they are in real life, shouldn’t be as far fetched as many artists would have you believe….or want you to believe rather.

I say all this to say that from what I’ve seen in interviews and heard through the messages in his music over the years, T.I is one of my favorites because I honestly like the person that he portrays himself to be.  Not just the rapper that’s popping bottles and making threats, but the man that speaks his mind, confesses his faults, shows you all sides of the coin and not just the glamour and the gangster but also the grievances.

So YES, this IS a biased entry, I’m getting this out the way now…Being a young, skinny, hot headed and honest black man myself, I’m speaking as a fan of the guy when I say that arresting this man on the same day that you let him free IS ‘THAT BULLSH!T!”

Here’s a guy that’s f*cked up alot, very true. Since coming into the game (and many times before) T.I.P has had arrest after arrest. He’ll be the first to tell you that he isn’t perfect as if this is an excuse for the f*ckery he’s gotten locked up for.

None of us are perfect, yet we don’t all get locked up for stupid sh!t so I can’t front, even being a fan, the “I’m not perfect” excuse doesn’t go very far with me, aside from the fact that we are all human and really ONLY God can judge us. So it’s never my, nor anyone else’s place to judge the man for his f*ck ups, but to call a spade a spade…my ni&&A be F*cking UP!

I felt sorry for him when he got locked up for having an army of an arsenal in his crib. Hell, this alone showed that a lot of the sh!t talking he does, isn’t just sh!t talk and gave a true view into what it’s like to be his style of rich and famous, sans the money, cars and garden tools. It wasn’t about being a gangster, it was about being a husband and father. With that much fame, there definitely is a target on your back, as he learned from losing his best friend in the storm of his success. Paranoia seems imminent, so while people were condemning the man without trying to understand where his head could have been at the time, I was still a proud T.I. fan, busting the t-shirts and riding the #FreeTI train whole heartedly. Because as a man, wanting to protect yourself from threats, YOURSELF isn’t a sin.


You can only depend on bodyguards so much (a bodyguard is who set hi, up to be arrested btw) and at the end of the day when it comes to protecting yourself and your family, you won’t be able to blame a bodyguard if someone is killed as an attempt to get to you, point blank.

So I think we all rode the road to redemption with T.I, until he got locked up again this time for something more silly. An illegal turn and getting caught with ecstasy…smh…dumb dumb dumb. First off, knowing the amount of times this guy has been locked up, why was making an illegal turn the move? The Hip-Hop police aren’t a fairy tale and they are definitely watching you T.I.P, waiting for you to mess up at every turn, and this time he learned that this statement was true LITERALLY.

As rich as T.I.P is, I still can’t see for the life of me why he couldn’t have just left the pills in the crib or had someone else hold them for him (in a separate car).  No, I’m not a poster child for D.A.R.E so I won’t berate him for his drug use, that’s not my place, but at least be smart about it when you know all eyes are on you.

The arrest for the gun and how he was set up gave people an idea that maybe there’s some higher forces involved in this man’s downfall (besides himself). I mean damn, they let him buy countless guns before taking him down all before an awards show.  The sale time was put in place by the police to happen before the awards show, so they KNEW it’d make headlines.  Yes, him being T.I insured that it’d make headlines anyway, but that arrest was completely a means to embarrass him and send a message. This illegal turn sh!t, then set the stage for people to fuel the fire that he’s being watched even more so, because even though he was dumb for doing an illegal turn in a Maybach with drugs on him, people do illegal turns everyday, not making it right, but the time of night it happened and with him being a celebrity you knew that the cops were just waiting for him to mess up (and when does a person get searched for an illegal turn?). Since the punishment for the gun charge was light as hell AND he got out early, the target was growing and growing on the back of Mr. Harris. Jealousy is real, how many people you know get caught with guns, get a slap on the wrist, a hit record, a grammy nomination, a reality show and a movie deal?  So yeah, the thought that people were trying to take him down isn’t far fetched…but even if you don’t believe none of that hype, this most recent altercation has got to open a few more skeptical eyes if nothing else.

T.I.’s choice of transportation from a Forrest City, Arkansas prison has cost him his freedom until the end of September. His high-profile mode of transportation to the halfway house angered authorities, who sent him back to federal prison in Atlanta, where he is due to be released September 29th, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. —AllHipHop.Com

After serving 11 of his 12 month charge (which came after 9-10 months in jail before that with only 3-4 month window of freedom in between) they release him, then rearrest him for what exactly? They don’t even know.

The rapper, who was released from the Arkansas prison on August 31st, was whisked back to an Atlanta federal prison on September 1st, allegedly over his mode of transportation, which was a luxury bus. Now, officials are claiming that T.I.’s associates, which included his manager and two VH1 producers, were not authorized to be on the bus.—AllHipHop.Com

Originally it was because he got on a tour bus instead of on the court appointed van. Funny thing about that is, the pigs ESCORTED him to the tour bus in the first place.

“T.I. got on a private bus in the prison’s parking area in full view of BOP employees. Indeed, he was actually escorted to the bus by a prison guard,” Sadow (T.I’s Attorney) said. –-AllHipHop.Com

If I’m a prisoner being released, any vehicle you ESCORT me to, I’m getting my ass on it. But then I suppose after seeing how dumb and idiotic that was (see I used two words that meant the same thing? This is a lesson in redundancy, something our court system happens to be pros at) they release this information.

They claim that T.I. was also conducting business on the bus, because the rapper announced he was filming the reality show shortly after he got off of the luxury vehicle. produced photos of T.I. just minutes after he left the prison on August 31st, which show that the prison staff had full knowledge of his mode of transportation, as well as who was getting on and off of the

Yeah, so now…it wasn’t because he got on the tour bus, but it was because he was “conducting business on the bus” which violated probation some kind of way (guess if his Moms was his manager like Brandy, he wouldn’t have been able to see his Moms for a few weeks eh?).  None of this makes any sense and Uncle Sam knows he can get away with doing this, because that’s just what he does…it’s not like we’ll do anything about it.  There are men and women out there in WAAAAY worst position than Clifford Harris, with no voice and no light on their situations whatsoever that Uncle Sam rapes just because he can, tis the society of life we accept.

And I also ask why can’t a man that’s been in jail and unable to make any money for himself and his family, CONDUCT BUSINESS if he’s about to finally be free?

I say this not really on T.I’s behalf much (because he’s rich, so his fam was straight), but more so for our system which sh!ts on people after they’ve been imprisoned.  After you’ve served your time, that’s all a person should owe the government, all of these added dumb ass stipulations that make people less than anyone else in society is unnecessary. Your average felon can’t even get a job to feed himself most times, after being punished, I didn’t know you also lost all HUMAN rights.  Murderers, rapists, pedophiles…ok, I understand why you want to keep tabs and to some extent limit what they can do after being released, but every felon should not be saddled with the same limitations you would give a murdering rapist, it makes no sense.  Somebody please please pretty gorgeous Halle Berry looking please explain to me why conducting business is illegal for a man out of prison?

Just like it was just too convenient to leave out the fact that Uncle Sam was completely aware from the beginning that the VH1 producers and T.I’s manager were going to be on the bus in the first place.  Doesn’t matter, they know we’ll just accept whatever…especially if it’s done to a celebrity, we tear our heroes down out of envy all the time…but I just want to implore people to look at this nonsense in the bigger scope. Our government will pull ish just because they know we won’t fight it. I think Katt Williams said it best…

After serving 2 years in jail, I ask why can’t you just let the man be. He messed up, you caught him, he did his community service, did his jail time, paid his fines, throwing him back in jail after releasing him isn’t just toying with the man, but his family as well.  Dude has kids, kids need a father….even if it’s a screw up of a father, they still need him and I say this about any father that’s in jail, once the time is served don’t f*ck with these men lives, they’ve improperly penetrated their b!tch of a life enough already, can they get some peace after punishment? At LEAST peace of mind.

Yeah, T.I is a celebrity and we know they usually get pampered treatment anyway…but to look at how they are jerking him and seeing how screwed up this is on a public stage, let it set in that many of us LIVE this nonsense daily and don’t have the millions of dollars, fans, lawyers and support system that he has.  T.I is actually lucky, because coming from where he’s come from, most people don’t get his luxuries. The luxury of second chances.  To get into why so many black men commit crimes and get caught up is another blog for another day, from school systems, to economic structures, to just having the bad luck of being born poor, so many factors exist…some facts, some excuses but all comes down to this reality, Uncle Sam doesn’t forgive and forget and yes this is definitely the land of the free….but only if you’re perfect.

…or wealthy….(and honestly, being white doesn’t hurt #RaceCard)

Long live perfection…..



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