The 2011 LEGAL Lynching of Troy Davis

With work, this play, #GumboMonsterDotCom stuff and real life ish all keeping my attention I swear I live in a bubble at times.  I don’t watch much TV, I only catch the news when I remember to hit up the websites in between me flighting from one responsibility to the next, hell I’m barely home enough to sleep…but if I could be late on anything, THIS story is definitely one that I wish I wasn’t late on.  I’m a firm believer that awareness is EVERYTHING when trying to get anything done in this country. Most people holler “change” without realizing that the majority don’t even know what needs to be changed or why. Sh!t like this nonsense with Troy Davis, SCREAMS that change needs to be made.

We are about to LYNCH another black man in 2011!

For those of you as late as me on this debacle here’s a music video from rapper Jasiri X summing up the issues

You can also click here for an article from Kevin Powell at also speaking in great detail on the matter.  But, for ya’ll that don’t feel like waiting on a video to load up or feel like clicking other links, here’s the straight up on it. This guy,

Troy Davis was accused of murdering a white police officer (Mark MacPhail) in the great state of nigger hanging Georgia in 1989.

Apparently, MacPhail was working security, he approached an altercation between a bunch of guys and ended up shot dead on the spot.  Since being charged with the crime Mr. Davis has fought nonstop to get his name cleared. He’s been claiming his innocence for two decades and appeal after appeal has gotten him no where but right into the path of the lethal injection he’ll be receiving on September 21, 2011 at 7pm. There is NO DNA evidence tying him to the crime, NO murder weapon, 7 of the 9 witnesses that supposedly saw him kill this policeman or claimed that he confessed it to them have gone on record saying that the police put them up to LYING on Troy and they complied because of fear.

“I was scared that if I didn’t do what the police wanted me to do, then they would try to lock me up again. … From the way the officer was talking, he gave me the impression that I should say that Troy Davis was the one who shot the officer, like the other witness [sic] had. … I told the detective that Troy Davis was the shooter, even though the truth was that I didn’t see who shot the officer. … I had four children at that time, and I was taking care of them myself. I couldn’t go back to jail. I felt like I didn’t have any choice but to get up there and testify to what I said in my earlier statements.” —Dorothy Ferrell, “witness”

“I told them that … I didn’t see Troy do nothing. They got real mad when I said this and started getting in my face. They were telling me that I was an accessory to murder and that I would pay like Troy was gonna pay if I didn’t tell them what they wanted to hear. They told me … I would be lucky if I ever got out, especially because a police officer got killed. … After a couple of hours of the detectives yelling at me and threatening me, I finally broke down and told them what they wanted to hear. … I am not proud for lying at Troy’s trial, but the police had me so messed up that I felt that’s all I could do or else I would go to jail.” Darrell Collins, “witness”

“They kept asking me what had happened at the bus station, and I kept telling them that I didn’t know. Everything happened so fast down there. I couldn’t honestly remember what anyone looked like. Plus, I had been drinking that day, so I just couldn’t tell who did what. The cops didn’t want to hear that and kept pressing me to give them answers. They made it clear that we weren’t leaving until I told them what they wanted to hear.” Larry Young, “witness” (homeless man that was beaten)

“I couldn’t really tell what was going on because I had the darkest shades of tint you could possibly have on my windows of my car. As soon as I heard the shot and saw the officer go down, I ducked down under the dash of my car. … Later that night, some cops … asked me to describe the shooter and what he looked like. … I kept telling them that I didn’t know. It was dark, my windows were tinted, and I was scared. … After the officers talked to me, they gave me a statement and told me to sign it. I signed it. I did not read it because I cannot read. … At Troy Davis’ trial, I identified him as the person who shot the officer. … I felt pressured to point at him because he was the one who was sitting in the courtroom. I have no idea what the person who shot the officer looks like.”—Antoine Williams, “witness”

Of the other two witnesses that haven’t gone back on their word, one of these witnesses isn’t a reliable source and the other was accused of the crime himself, but never legally approached on the matter (making him the most unreliable source).

Sylvester “Redd” Coles….who was the one who ran to the police and put the charge on Troy in the first place, hasn’t even been contacted by the courts since his first eyewitness “confession” of the events, neither was his face used for witnesses to pick from a lineup of possible suspects.

So, if the police just put up a bunch of random black faces, with Troy Davis‘ being the only one that was even in the area when the killing took place, who else would a witness choose? Even if the witnesses weren’t tampered with. *sigh*

First off, that’s some b!tch sh!t of “Redd”, I understand it’s do or die and dog eat dog out here, but damn…you murk a cop after the cop stops you from beating on a homeless man of all people and then run to the cops and put it on someone else that same night? That’s Camron from Paid In Full level ill right there…

….Secondly, how in the hell does a possible murder suspect get the chance to be an eyewitness to a crime that he possibly committed, how do the cops allow you to put the charge on someone else without questioning?  This is some Scooby-Doo nonsense with the courts REFUSING to accept that they messed up and I guess it’s not suspicious at all that he’s one of the only two eyewitnesses that refuses to recant his statement. Our system, Lord, our system…

After two decades of fighting and all of the doubt cast on this case, the fact that Georgia is still going to MURDER this man…yes, MURDER, let’s not put any fancy words on it because there are no other words to describe what’s going to go down on the 21st (which is tomorrow). They are STILL going to MURDER him, without any clear conscious that he committed the crime, doubt is still in play and they are going go execut…no, MURDER him anyway.  Yes, I’m getting redundant but I really need to drive home the gravity of this situation as raw as possible. Now I’ll say this, none of us know what really happened…hell, MAYBE Troy DID kill this cop, but there is nothing that proves this claim. All it is, is a claim and has only been just that.. a CLAIM for 20 years now.  But no matter what, the higher courts still stand by their effed up ruling for a bunch of bogus reasons.

  1. Davis hasn’t provided “a substantive claim of his innocence”…the hell? They don’t even have a “substantive claim” of his guilt yet they are still going forward with MURDERING him.
  2. The Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 passed after the Oklahoma City bombing restrained federal courts from overturning death penalty convictions and ordering new trials, no matter how badly the original trial had messed up. No matter if juries were tampered with, no matter if witnesses lied and confessed to lying and no matter if all this is over a family just wanting revenge, death penalty stands
  3. The recanted testimonies from the witnesses are “highly suspicious” …you damn right they are highly suspicious but how the hell do you use this still against Davis? All 7 of these witnesses are saying that the cops forced them to lie and the courts are treating it as if they just randomly decided to change their minds one day for no freaking reason!  Another quote from the higher ups states that “The recants aren’t persuasive [enough to prove innocence” Smh
  4. No DNA was available to “categorically clear” Davis. This is LoL funny since there is none available to charge him either.

“If recantation testimony, either alone or supported by other evidence, shows convincingly that prior trial testimony was false, it simply defies all logic and morality to hold that it must be disregarded categorically” Chief Justice, Supreme Court

“Executing Troy Davis without a real examination of potentially exonerating evidence risks taking the life of an innocent man and would be a grave miscarriage of justice” — former President Jimmy Carter (find link)

“I’m a strong believer in the death penalty as an appropriate and just punishment, but the proper level of fairness and accuracy required for the ultimate punishment has not been met in the Davis case” — Former Republican Congressman and presidential candidate, Bob Barr (find link)

“unconscionable and unconstitutional to execute Davis when evidence may establish his innocence” —Judge Rosemary Barkett

Hundreds of thousands of people the world over have signed petitions from church groups,  NAACP members,  Nobel Peace Prize Winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu, politicians former President Jimmy Carter, US Congressman John Lewis (who believes, like damn near everyone else that “Redd” was the real killer) to entertainers such as Harry Belafonte and rapper M1 to even Pope Benedict XVI (THE FREAKIN POPE!) all urging for appeals and wishes for the government to spare Davis’ life yet Uncle Sam is still hellbent on following his flawed a$$ code.

This is all about revenge, nothing more nothing less!

“He decided to break the law. And our law says, you kill an officer of the law, who tries to uphold it, you must be punished”—- Mark MacPhail, Jr.

Granted, to lose a loved one is hard, excruciating…and I can only imagine what it’s like to have them stolen from you as it is with murder. So my condolences and prayers definitely go out to the MacPhail family. They just want their pain to end and to get true justice in the name of their loss.  I can’t fault them for feeling however they feel about the proceedings, because I’d probably want the perpetrator dead too, but that feeling made in emotion may just be the most illogical one to have…so I can give my opinion as well as the facts on the situation.  “Innocent until proven guilty” is what I’ve always heard we’re suppose to stand for in this country and this man has not been properly PROVEN guilty of anything aside from being in the wrong place at the wrong time and not snitching on the RIGHT person.  If you want justice Mr. MacPhail, then you should be trying to find our who really killed your father and not jumping on the first available ‘nigger’ to put the blame on.  From the cops to the family of the deceased they all just needed someone to point their fingers at so the hurt could hurt a bit less, but regardless of anything by the end of this we will have two unnecessary deaths instead of one….which only leads to more hurt in the process and death is everlasting so how can you bounce back from this? And yes I’ve heard that the MacPhail family aren’t in favor of killing Troy Davis for the sake of it, but how many decades did this take to sink in when the truth was right there, emotions are blinding I guess….

At the end of the day, Officer MacPhail is gone and if we kill Troy Davis today, find evidence on Sylvester Coles tomorrow and kill him, find out that he may not have done it and put it on someone else and kill them, where does the hurt end? Doesn’t bring anyone back at all, I’m trying to find the justice’s definition in this slippery slope that’s bordering on madness, but we just accept it.

“To take a life when a life has been lost is revenge, not justice” — Desmond TuTu

There’s been many other travesties in regards to the system screwing over an innocent man, hell, after the “execution (see: MURDER) of  Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams, the cat that actually killed someone but spent his entire life as a positive force leading up to his demise, I had already somewhat changed my stance on the death penalty, but, it’s taken this case in particular to make me realize this, that I am FULLY AGAINST it now.  There’s too much risk involved and there’s no going back from it if we mess it up. Man isn’t meant to play God on any side of the fence whether it’s the criminal that murders or the system that retaliates through murder, there’s no win to be gained.

Hell, I don’t see how murder really punishes a criminal anyway…how can you be punished after you’re dead? Death isn’t a punishment in everyone eyes, some people crave death and really, no one can consciously feel this “punishment” after it’s been instituted.


noun /ˈpəniSHmənt/
punishments, plural

  • The infliction or imposition of a penalty as retribution for an offense
    • – crime demands just punishment
  • The penalty inflicted
    • – she assisted her husband to escape punishment for the crime
    • – he approved of stiff punishments for criminals
  • Rough treatment or handling inflicted on or suffered by a person or thing
    • – your machine can take a fair amount of punishment before falling to pieces

Unlike prison which forces you to stare yourself in the mirror everyday and know that you’re in this f*cked position because of a wrong you committed (unless, you’ve been false accused) or even the middle eastern way of cutting off a criminal’s body part, I don’t see how killing someone changes anything aside from the fact of providing a family with one less member.

Unless these people are highly religious and are counting on these murderers to go straight to hell, there’s quite a few passages in the Bible that says that God is willing to forgive even the gravest sin, no sin is held above another…so even if you look at this from a religious point of view, there’s is no guaranteed punishment…just a temporary, barbaric relief of seeing someone else killed…that’s all the death penalty is.

DOWN WITH THE DEATH PENALTY! It’s pointless and counterproductive. At least with life in prison the perpetrator will either suffer til he dies, which is a real punishment, or even become rehabilitated, like with Stanley ‘Tookie” Williams, and positively effect and change the lives of others, showing them a better way and deterring them from becoming murderers themselves (saving lives in the process).

By the time many of you read this blog Troy Davis will most likely be dead, lynched by a system too lazy and egotistical to admit they are wrong. Hiding behind decades to centuries old policies and rulebooks that they can overturn with the stroke of a pen and some damn common sense.  THEY KNOW HE’S INNOCENT BUT WON’T SET HIM FREE BECAUSE OF FAULTY LOOPHOLES IN THE LAW….let that really set in, the lawmakers KNOW that he isn’t guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt, they know it…..I’m so disgusted by this whole debacle it’s a shame and I truly hope some divine intervention kicks in and spares this innocent man’s life because the message this sends is far more damaging to our society, and especially our black community as a whole than any justice, satisfaction or revenge to be gained by the McPhail family or the Georgia Police Department.

Here’s a link  to a petition site that you can sign up at, though it’ll probably be too late STILL sign it, so even in this man’s death (IF they go through with it) they will be a support showing that Uncle Sam was WRONG and this f*cker needs to know it for a change (shouts out to SEAN BELL).  If poor people in Britain can rise up and go apesh!t over the death of a black man, why can’t we sign a damn online petition at the least for a travesty that’s pretty black in white in every sense of the term. I hate to say this, but if people don’t riot over this, we are all a buncha pu$$ies because we’re accepting the rape….not the first, won’t be the last. And I’m not in support of riots just for the sake of it, or violence just for the sake of it because a riot won’t bring this man or the next hundred men they do this to and have done this to back from the grave, just situations like these are so frustrating and becoming so common place that you get to a breaking point to wonder…damn, WHAT CAN I DO?…WHAT WILL FORCE THESE F*CKERS TO CHANGE!? TO THINK!? This country was founded on violence, is it really the only way we can ever communicate? Through extreme measures?

Doing nothing, many times is even worse than picking the “wrong” side.

…Obama where y’at? You won’t legalize weed, but legal lynching is all good? Casey Anthony’s punk a$$ gets to get away from killing her own daughter, but there’s no crafty lawyer way around this situation? Scratch on brother, scratch on. And I know getting a presidential pardon is harder than a b!tch, Obama can’t be the saving grace for everything, yadda yadda yadda…but somebody has to see the bigger picture here, can we really…as a nation, let this slide right in our faces and do nothing? Is that what we’re about?!

Stop the Execution of Troy Davis  #signon

#FuckCaseyAnthony  #IAMTROYDAVIS


  1. You realy did i great job and had som great information, its so fucking up my head, becuse the system is playing game with i innocent and close there eyes for justice , but this is not the first time but in this case this is so out the edge, i

  2. Thanks for writing this. Right on.

  3. Wow!!!! Dammitt man!!! you are the Truth!!!! Tahe care Be Blessed! And Keep on Keepin it Real!!!

  4. Thanks for this. Really informative. I completely agree with you on all counts…our legal system is so F-ed up 😦

  5. What a great and informative blog.

  6. Very well written! Unfortunately there was nothing done to stop the murder of this man. My heart is aching. What more is it going to take for us as black people to take action? How much longer are we going to sit and watch the injustice that goes on in this country? Very sad day in this awful state of GA that I live in and a very sad day for this country.

  7. Dear Sir you have a gift and talent for capturing the realness and truth of this subject of legal lynching that has carried on for numerous / several decades. It appears Barbaric behaviors have been made legal when it comes to killing innocent people. Hopefully people of all races will continue to unite and fight for whats right. I am a praying woman and the bible says to fret not because of evil doers.

    RIP Troy Davis. My prayers go out to both families.

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