When 5ive Met a Volcano: SAUL WILLIAMS INTERVIEW




2 Cent on 99 4rm 5ive

48 Hour Film Panel (2011)

K&B: Royalty by any other name

Sept 11



Origin: 1960–65; quas ( i-stell ) ar,

Noun: a quasar is a psychedelic strumming of Jimi Hendrix mixed in with your first kiss tasting like eating the best steak at the most awesomest concert wearing a comfortable pair of gaudy silk loafers sipping Ambrosia with rocking Laurel reefs like Ceasar.

noun 2: quasars is a euphoric mood (often proceed more through Amplifiers) put into words. quasars are but not limited to promotions, come-ups, POWER MOVES, hearing good music, Choice ass tacos, Free Drinks, 1st kisses, warm beds, sugar cookies, fresh donuts, Vanilla perfume, Patachouali, Magnolias, crawfish heads, frozen cups, Drum and Bass, guitar Licks,  snow falling, laughter, still pictures, Book Titles and realizations.

****A quasar is a quasar***.

also see:  Quasiatic


Origin: 2011; quasar (5ive Version) + asiatic (Asiatic Black Man from Zion (c) @JayElectronica)

-function as a noun like quasar and as adjective.  i.e., “Quasiatic breakbeat!”

rooted in two words quas(ar) + (as)iatic [Asiatic Man from Zion (c) JayElectronica]. The melding of the words highlights my infatuation with science fiction but also the sense of intrigue that comes from the unknown. It also works to show my illuminations of the world as a whole. Not on the basis that I know everything but that sometimes we all just be going through the same $#^t. Im just a man taking in the bad with God-like patience and ingesting the Good with child-like eyes.

  1. The term Quasar is a truncated term for what are also referred to as quasi~stellar phenomena.
    Ever sat back and just chewed the idea that our SUN is a star. `,,,but its so much bigger than…!?` Nope, just closer. …So, Huge Concept + Saints~fan~style~blunt~force addiction to `SMASH!`= Q: What if two stars collided?!?!?!!! …Whoa! :Quasar
    Dig the allegory bro.

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