2¢ on 99 from 5ive

My name is mike 5ive.

i am educated ,young, black man.

I am a product of welfare and public education.

I live in new orleans.

My grandma has breast cancer.

somewhere in there, i am lucky(bless):

somewhere in there, i am the 99%

What’s the 99%? The 99% is the growing poverty line between the rich, the middle class and the poor based on the effects the housing market, recession and growing tax cuts for the rich amongst other things. These effects basically eat away at the middle class making essentially the Rich(er) and the Poor(er).

I know you thinking man I can’t be poor, I work at this firm/hospital/school/office and I’m getting money. (Yeah?) Well what about that house you pay for? The raising cost of interest rate coupled with the raising unemployment and the Bank rushing to  foreclose your home pushes you ever so closer to being homeless, jobless, and penniless. Basically the 99% are people reallistically being screwed in this economic battle we are having. Money is the Motive.

The #Occupy movement has in theory not made “demands. The movement was just recently pick up as headline news becomes of the blackout that was going across the media. Since people weren’t communicating across the TV, they were “The leaderless protest  call for resistance has made us stop and ask what all the fuss about and  secondly, what are our issues (locally & national). Where are the jobs really (besides McDonald’s)? What’s Social Justice? What’s Our School System like? Etc. The questions run on and on.The underlying theme is that the system has at some point failed us, robbed us, and continued to take from us.  Somehow through mis-managed monies (in social/ political, economic policies) all these chickens are coming home to roost.

And (Socio-economics is very fucking real).

“I am a Product of Public School.”

When people say this phrase I wonder do they mean

When people would say it seem like an achievement. Now the image of the word “public school” has become so demonize. When people think of public schools they are instantly reminded of shows like Boston Public or movies like Gangsta Paradise. How did they get there? Money.

Public schools are funded by the State based upon the taxes of the citizens. It’s free in the socialist term of shared cost but that doesn’t mean the money is being spent on everybody. For instance, there is this growing paradigm between federal money that’s being spent on incarceration as suppose to education. Investigative studies are showing that based on how fourth graders score on systematic scholastic testing(i.e. the CAT) directly correlates to how much money is allocated toward the building of prisons and maintainence. They called it the School to Prison pipeline. The additional freakanomics here is that the numbers are high amongst minorities and people of lower economic standings. Since they can’t pay the taxes require to have an optimal public school system, these parents are left slowly sending their children off , not to school, but to the industrial prison complex (which is another beast in itself)

I don’t believe there is an absence of hope and hardwork in the public school kids or that they are pre-destined to become criminals. I do believe that with certain needs un-met: food, shelter, clothing, they can’t progress.  I would not listen to someone if i am really starving nor would I expect a kid to study algebra if he struggling with a place to live. Their poverty is perpetuated in their parents earnings which is perpetuated in their  the children’s schooling. Its vicious…

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