48 Hour Film Panel 8/20/11

I guess I should start this one by saying im a USUALLY mild-mannered guy, REAL chill and lowkey…..but… I’m amped for this one! Real Talk this is the first time in like 5ive years we not only got IN ON-TIME and we not dis-qualified so we COMPETING! yEAH im on that Good Olde Psych!

Now cool with that being said….This the Q&A session after the showing of the 48 Hour Film version of “Polite Strangers” #Shouts to Alex for playing the Q&A Moderator. Oh #Shouts to my homegirl Colleen. and the homie @Ryan_Mac_504 for coming check out the flick.

*Also dont forget to come check out the screening of Polite Strangers, Blinded and Melon at the McKenna Museum on the 25th. 8pm Showtime.



Yah, just to throw my 2cents into this 5ive post…check how many times this dude says “Shouts out” in this footage just like in this post Lol…..#shoutsOut to 5ive  -BATS-


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