My name is Michal Garrett but today  #IAMTROYDAVIS. Im seriously catching chills writing this cause at 7pm eastern standard time a MAN, A BLACK MAN is GOING TO DIE. I’m from New Orleans. LIFE and DEATH is deeply rooted in my culture. We cry at birth and laugh at death. But I can’t laugh here. Fuck it’s hard to breathe.

The news has told you the story, so I won’t re-spin but what hurts me the most is at 7PM, TROY DAVIS, ME, YOU, US, WE are going to be killed.When I first heard the story I was like “oh, another black man on trial for  some stupid shit.” After reading and really understanding whats about to go down…I really can’t co-sign this. This MAN is going to DIE AT 7PM. Re-Read that. He DIES at 7PM.I’m sadden by cause its the worst scenario of wrong place, wrong time.  This man’s death says, PROVES, SHOWS we ain’t nothing once WE  in THEY SYSTEM. Innocent to proven guilty, my ass. They don’t give a fuck about us Michael Jackson said it. Fuck if you not down for the revolution too. Today is one of those days that Malcolm was talking about, that Martin was talking about..  TODAY, WE are going see ourselves get got. When this MAN DIES,  really think to yourself this could have easily been YOU.

I ain’t saying riot but don’t go quietly into the night. Really don’t speak no next level lets save the whales, greenpeace, recycling shit to me, if you gone standby and watch this man GET KILLED.


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