K&B, or Royalty by any other Name

What up 5ive-dawg, Present. Umm…I think it’s irrelevant for to me to tell you how much I love My City.The ugly, the beautiful and the dramatic, Ms Nola (New Orleans, La). But this post isn’t exactly about her, well in a way it is. See if you from New Orleans, you more than likely a Charity Baby (RIP Charity Hospital), you can instinctively can peel crawfish, the fleur-de-lis (shouts to Coop for teaching me this) is the Saints symbol and you know what this means

by Color, if not by name. 

Yes. K&B is so 504. K&B or Katz and Besthoff (I know right, weird) is, always will be the staple of New Orleans. In my time, K&B was the bookstore cause it had it ill newsstand, THE liquor store (cause who could beat dope ass whiskey at cheap prices), and the ice cream shop. Til this day I have not found another Butter Pecan that was doper than K&B. As a matter of fact K&B, is the reason I learn the word “neapolitan”

So growing up as a kid my mom told me  if I couldn’t say a word insert another word or say something that it looks familiar too when I read out just to keep things flowing cause it looks bad to pause when you reading. I realize this is not proper learning but whatever,lol. Anyway, so one day I’m little kid Mike at K&B and I see this interesting looking ice cream. It’s got vanilla in it, chocolate and strawberry (I totally like strawberry!) but I’m stomped on what the hell the name is. I’m like it’s Neo-pol-tan, Na-pole-ton, Na-sumthing. Once again thinking back on what mom taught me, I’m like screw it, the name of this ice cream is Napoleon. Why because to little me Neo-po-li-tan looks like a bootleg spelling of Na-po-leon. Yeah I kept calling it that til somebody corrected me about what it was but that’s whateva. The point is K&B had that fiya’ “Napoleon” ice cream.

It’s been years since I had some ice cream since K&B closed and became Rite-Aid (which I still habitually call K&B, bump that Rite-Aid sign, :p). But I never will forget it and the Butter Pecan.

Rest in Peace (1905-1997)


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