Sept 11th

tears of children are feathers for angels

I don’t really wanna go on a tangent about what today is. I’ll leave that for fox news and msnbc. What I do wanna comment  on is Art, Life and the threads in between.

The picture above is a collaboration between me and @kloud_stryfe. The piece is based off of Mos Def lyrics from “Astronomy (8th Light)”

Black like the cheeks that are roadways for tears

These lines just stuck in my mind. “Cheeks that are roadways for tears” This then spawned to me add to it “tears are the wings (feathers) of angels.” The face in the picture above is a traced sketching of my nephew which is very symbolic for how children are always left to watch what men do. But the hope in the picture though is that maybe we change our course of action by watching how it affects other around us especially the youth. The tears are also symbolic of calling out for Help which is often seen in the news reports for Aug. 29th and Sept. 11th.

On Sept. 11, (left eye of the child) it was said that a great tragedy had fallen upon us and that we now stood really as ONE America really to meet it. I’m not big for slogans but I felt the message. The Past is the Past let us move on to a new dawn, which we did. Sept. 11 was like Pearl Harbor in our lifetime. It revived the American Spirit

However though that wasn’t the last tragedy we saw. Aug. 29. 2005 happen here in New Orleans, Louisiana of the United States ( the right eye of the child).  We waited, you watched and we all felt the horror of the situation but again it called for the Revitalization of the America Spirit.

If we are all One in this beautiful Nation, let us more forth as such. The news, the politicians, whoever will try and fingerpoint flaws and faults but it is up to us THE PEOPLE to take care in the parts in between. We are the Mesh, We are the Spirit, We are the People! No matter how far or how wide we are spread.


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