TED Talks: Neos vs. Smiths

**This post is courtesy of TED talks, boredom and work, in no particular order. **

TED Talks

Technology Entertainment Design or TED an annual Conference held in California where the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers are challenged to give the talk of their lives (in 18mins or less). The Conference has since opened up to many different disciplines united by their desire to think outside of the box.

Basically it’s the dopest  part of whatever science or arts in 18 minute clips.

I’m parlaying at work yesterday and for some reason I’m feeling extra on it. Like today I’mma walk in and tear the house down. I show up and it’s extra slow. Just standing around waiting for orders.

However I did get put on these TWO songs



Anyway my co-workers are talking  but i’m not really to interested till I hear the words “amino acids” and “computer virus” and “TED talks.”  To myself I’m thinking oh “there’s a TED talk about the Matrix.”

I walk over to try and find out what’s goin? My co-workers inform me of this ted talk where this scientist makes  computer virus that functions like cells and you watch them fight. (I said I was bored right?)So in my mind I’m totally thinking the fight with Neo and the Smiths in the Matrix when it’s like a hundred to one! At last, it wasn’t  but it was cool to peep out. If the science  gets to heavy just fast forward to the 7:49 mark and peep the Neos Vs. the Smiths.

Stop by the site Ted.com. You might just be surprised.

5ive dog Out!


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