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“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” Pt. – Life

They want you to be overwhelmed with slander that you can’t see the truth.

Now I know it has been a little while since I’ve been here to give you the 411 on what some politicians are doing to scam us, but just for that reason I’ll start by giving you a small recap on this year’s events:

1st: Republicans voted for a few different anti-abortions laws to say that life begins when the sperm touches the eggs, that women who were victims of rape or incest would not be allowed to get abortions either, as well as successfully cutting funding to Planned Parenthood clinics and other various preventative community clinics.

2nd: Constantly opposed Obama’s health care reform especially the acts in the bill that demand that insurance companies provide coverage for women’s check ups including pap-smears and mammograms. Does anyone see a contradiction here yet? Don’t worry we’ll talk about it.

3rd: Dismissed the Jobs Act that just like they did the bail out to the auto industries, millions of people losing their homes and jobs, and the voice of the people who wanted fair and equal treatment when it came to their taxes. Rather than even listening to their own constituents who aren’t of the corporate sector, they have catered to the “big business, small government” ideal that is authentically Republican.

That’s right we’re going there. This is not a HATE ALL REPUBLICANS blog. This is a LETS BE REAL ABOUT OUR INTENTIONS blog. For everyone that does not have cable or doesn’t flip to MSNBC every chance they get or haven’t been in the loop, this blog is for you. So that instead of listening to whoever is talking the loudest, we use the intellect God gave us to demand more than the quick and easy answer. To go deeper and find the root, motivation, and true strategy of those who intend to lead us further into this new millennium. In order to accomplish this I’m going to start with some principles our nation was founded on in the way of Life, Liberty, and especially the Pursuit of Happiness.

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An Artistic Call to Arms: Amendment

Amendment: Ok, so it has become apparent to me that the message I was trying to spread in the above post was about as clear as mud. I am NOT, repeat, am NOT calling for artists who are already making billions of dollars doing whatever works now. I’m calling out to those of us who aspire to be in Hollywood one day to hopefully change the material that gets the green light. Read the rest of this entry

An Artistic Call to Arms: Women and the Media

Hello all you people out there! First let me say I do apologize about my absence these past few weekends due to technical difficulties! I do hope you weren’t too sick without me, but lucky for you….the DIVA’S BACK!! Read the rest of this entry

Weekend Recipe: Mini Chimichangas

I love, heart, ADORE Nacho Mama’s chimichangas! I had one order of minis and could not get enough! That of course sent me on a hunt to find a recipe for these delicious Pringle-like meal (because I’m saying, once you pop…for real though!) This weekend recipe comes from the Best Holiday Recipes 2010 magazine. I haven’t tried this recipe yet, but from what I see it looks good! Let me know if you get to do it before I do!

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A Diva’s Fashion Sense

Ok since I’ve been dedicating the past two weeks to politics, this diva has decided to take a break from that and get into the other wonderful things I’m interested in. Since it is getting into the fall/winter month, which is my favorite time of the year, what better time could there be to talk about fashion! Winter’s when you get to layer it up, try beautiful earth tones, and wear my absolutely favorite shoes: BOOTS!!!!!  Read the rest of this entry

Weekend Recipe: Sexy Pancakes!!

Ok so this weekend’s recipe comes again from because I just love this dude. The site is also a blog of (SHOUT OUT TO WORDPRESS.COM) and maybe if we send him more traffic he’ll finally post more delicious looking recipes. Guys if your girl has birthday coming up or you all have an anniversary around the corner, check out this tasty way to turn up the sexy!! Read the rest of this entry