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Peace & Quasars. 5ive Pre-sent.

The video above is a random find courtesy of Tyler Dixon by way of John Ledbetter. I recently saw somebody post up on Facebook: “I wonder how long they think its gonna take us to forget Trayvon name?” Hopefully never is the answer. Don’t forget to check out @MisterBats write up on Trayvon Martin.




Featured Writer- Mike 5ive –

stagebat…Today’s Featured Writer is my family, my brother my dude, MIKE 5IVE…check out on his reflection of the day, this historical day…


MIKE 5IVE mike3

Today is a weird day.

Today is a day like many other days that start off with morning prayers, yawns, scratches, deep breaths, sighs and silence.

today is like the morning troops were riding to Normandy, Aug. 29 as residents check wind damage homes and lit bbqs, the morning where Rosa Parks laced up her shoes headed out to work, the morning those kids decided that today was the day they were going to get service at the woolworth’s counter.

today is history! today in being historic is not our day (the present) today is the day those of the past and that of the future. today is the day my father & grandmother have been waiting on. today is the tears & pain of the past dedicated to fighting for tomorrow cause their today was unjust and inhumane.

today is the day that langston was writing about where he would finally get to sit at the table with the white folks and his guest eat and discuss as an equal instead of a 2nd class servant in the kitchen. this
is what today is.

but in this precious moment called today I’m still puzzled in the significance of it all. I feel the obvious of it as I watch a black man take the helm as commander-in-chief, which had been unfathomable in the past. I also recognize the rejuvenation of hope and dreams deferred in countless people especially in the youth (our future). I’m proud that obama has made it but i’m fearful of what’s to come. I see the comparisons of JFK & MLK. i’m spooked though because in all the hope and pride there is in the world i’m hoping that today is not blotted by the tyranny of evil. I’m also puzzled in the atmosphere of a party. I know today is ”THE DAY” but I’m lost on the concept of a party. I mean let’s celebrate but we shouldn’t make this an excuse to have a rum & coke or with the Obama girl. this day should really be the day we reflect on those of yesterday, the fallen and the
surviving, today and figure out how can we make everyday TODAY cause this day is a culmination of the fear. grief, the tears, the prayersm and the hope of the past…

FEATURED WRITER- Letting It All Go- Brian ‘Kill Bill’ Davis

Today’s Featured Writer is my dude ‘Kill Bill’, he tagged me in this note on Facebook and I have to say it was speaking on some realness, it was some hot shit fareal….not hot shit like sayin it was a steamin pile of shit, I mean hot shit like the shit was hot…like it was the shit….feel me? If not, you will after reading this…



Over the past couple months I’ve been contemplating how I would go about writing this letter. I guess spur of the moment inspiration is the best…….Well here goes.

I sit here at work ingulfed in one of my moments, you know one of those moments when everything seems so clear in your life. And I sit back and I get sad, mainly for a couple reasons. Mostly because I miss the past and the present is ever changing and the future is uncertain. Remember those days when you were sitting in the principals office and your stomach dropped because he was about to call the house because you fucked up?

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Well today I was planning on having a new Op-Ed up, but this Gotham News stuff isn’t as easy at it looks…fareal, it’s not an excuse it’s…wait, yes it is…fuck it…you got me…it was an excuse, awwww shiit nah….Well in exchange for my excuse I’m delivering one of my closest friends to take my place…her name is Jo’Joker…and no her stage name having Joker in it has nothing to do with anything Batman, just an ironic coincidence…gotta luv em…

Anyway, if you read the About Me section you’ll know that I started this site to get not only my ideas and feelings out to the world, but also as a spring board for other young cats like me to do so as well, ala the reason why I have a Featured Writer’s section, not enough of us write (we all love to talk shit though), so I encourage that shit.  In keeping with this, I’m planning to induct three new categories onto the site. The Angry Man’s Chronicles, DJ Jay Skillz’Maze of the Mind and this one Jo’Joker’s Reality. These new categories will be specific Op-Ed’s regularly updated by The Angry Man, DJ Jay Skillz and Jo’Joker respectively (BEAUTIFUL L, HOLLA AT ME). Now Jo has already let me know not to expect one from her every week, but she’s gonna try…I think we just like Jo’Joker’s Reality as a name for a coulmn…

…it’s ite….

But yah, show my homie, my nigga, my girl Jo some love ppl…



Well I’m writing a blog for my boy Bats, and I don’t want any of those super political women to get mad at me for making my first post about men, but after reading his last Featured Writer’s take on men and relationships it got my brain going, so me and Bats got to talking about different topics and eventually I worked up the nerve to write some of my ideas and put them out for you to see, be warned I’m random.

Women, Stop Being So Clingy

There is definitely a difference between women’s mind states in relationships and men’s
and I am not in denial about what it is. Women are too clingy. We too often look for more emotional connections, for the one for a husband, while the man is just after the physical. That’s the problem with a lot of us females, we get too emotionally attached to niggas, period. Whether we’re in relationships ( personally I think the relationship thing is over rated) with the guys or if it’s somebody we’re just fucking, we tend to act as if the boy owes us something just because we had sex with him, or just because he spent some money.

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My very first Featured Writer BEAUTIFUL L. is back with a new one…I can vouch  that she has a lot on her mind, so peep her out…


Why I gotta be a Hoe?

By: Beautiful L.

So we all know the double standard. Men get to fuck whatever is moving and be called a pimp. Women can fuck more two people and be called a hoe. I decided to write about this because back in my younger hot girl days I was called a hoe. Was I a little promiscuous? Hells yea. Were my male friends ten times worse than me? Fucking right. But I’m the hoe. Really. A long time ago I was played to the left by my first love. So I devised a plan. I set out to fuck them before they fucked me. I came up with a surefire way not to get my feelings hurt and still get my sexual kicks in. I called it the option plan. Here it goes:

Note: This plan is only put into action with certain individuals. You gotta test them out first.

Option A: We can fuck now and get it over with. If I know all you want is the goodies and I know I don’t want anything else but a good orgasm, why not? But here’ s the catch: THIS IS A ONE TIME DEAL! NO SECONDS….NO CATCHBACKS…NO NOTHIN. I will not acknowledge you after this encounter. Imma act like I don’t know you if you see me in the streets. You cannot call me. This is the option you chose. This helps to save your time and money trying to get to know me knowing all you want is the pussy.

Option B: We can let things progress normally. Go on a few dates. Chill. You know the drill. But you run the risk of not getting anything but the friendship label. Now this plan can be a bit tricky. If you are really horny, you might have to find you a side piece to fulfill your needs in the meantime.

Option C: This option does not exist. But it has to be explained. Some niggas will try to pull the okie-doke and try to fuck you and then take you out for ice cream. You must choose A or B. Choose your plan wisely because this option does not exist.

So my freshman year I put my plan into action. I wrecked shop if you know what I mean. I got what I wanted and made some friends and some enemies along the way. I told my plan to one of my good guy friends,( who by the way was making his way through the freshman class females panties) and he proceeded to call me hoe. So I asked him, “Why I gotta be a hoe?” Men have been doing the same thing for centuries. Women have sneak, slither , and hide to avoid the stares and snickers of society. Sexual freedom is a right for males. Sexual freedom for women is a luxury. So until women and men are equal in society as far as sexual perceptions, I will keep fuckin these niggas before they fuck me. More to come on this subject later. I’m still a little tipsy. BEAUTIFUL L. SIGNING OFF. HOLLA BLACK. AND I DO MEAN BLACK.


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Today’s featured writer is my girl Tomaseena Auzenne, she laced this one up and it’s a good read for everyone out there….


EMBRACE AWARENESS by Tomaseena Auzenne

Over the last couple of months I’ve been pondering on the quest of the collegiate business major. How ambitious of you to envision a life of corporate interaction?!! How marvelous of you to dream of managerial and executive positions that were once created for you white male counterparts?!! Your ambition is truly amazing!! At one time in history, I, too dreamed of coming up with creative strategies and products that would propel some company into new levels of success. Pie charts, graphs, and colorful graphics would fill the pages of neatly prepared proposals in hopes of looking into the faces of corporate executives and board members and seeing satisfaction, happiness, and congratulatory expressions after taking weeks to create something I considered a masterpiece. Fortunately, for me, something happened after graduation… I didn’t get a job. However, please don’t think that I wasn’t hired by anyone because I was underqualified. I just went to graduate school immediately after undergrad. Enrolling in a journalism l program, I found out something about the world that an undergraduate education in business does not prepare you for… it is hard out here in America for black people (and this was before BLACK IN AMERICA).

Although many don’t want to hear it, 400 years of slavery has not only damaged the black mentality, but also the black condition, even for those who have “made it.” It’s an issue blacks have to deal with just off GP. Our color – our race, our heritage, our culture – is our strike. It’s unbelievable that an entire community can be categorized into an inferior position based on something that cannot be controlled.

Today, more than ever, blacks are pursuing degrees in business. Today, more than ever, blacks enter college with dreams of entrepreneurship. Far too often, however, simply BUSINESS-OWNERSHIP is the goal. Far too many times, I’ve asked high school seniors and college freshmen why they chose business administration degrees. More often than should, they simply respond, “Because I want to own my own business.” There is a problem here for a couple of reasons:
1. As I said, many, many people pursue business administration degrees.
2. Unfortunately, a business degree without a specialization is just as valuable as a general studies degree. But even specializations like entrepreneurship mean nothing unless supported by an advanced degree.
3. Honestly, you don’t even need to have a business degree to own a business. More than likely, you hire out for things like accountants and business legalities.

But back to the point of the message, together these points mean that blacks entering enterprise with business administration degrees not only have race and culture prejudice weighing heavily against them, but they also have immense global competition from individuals of all races pursuing the same degrees and the same jobs.

Before I begin, this note seeks specifically to explain why culture is a more of a barrier for black men entering enterprise. It was amazing to find out that research proves that black men (especially without a college education) have as much a chance of consideration for a job as a white ex-con. In fact, forget amazing; it was ridiculously sad. Think of the equation: black man = white ex-con. Of course this equation may not apply to those who have graduated with specialized degrees or a resume full of exciting and meaningful internships and applicable job experience. But it goes to show how racism exists even to this day in the workforce.

Okay, now let’s imagine you are one of the lucky ones to have been offered the position you wanted. Only now those dreadlocks that took you all those months to grow must go. That’s right. Corporate America and dreadlocks do not mix, according to the mainstream that is. It’s said that in corporate America, dreadlocks equals dirty and unpresentable, dreadlocks equals black, which equals uneducated and underqualified, which equals criminal. I guess it’d good that they don’t allow blacks men with dreadlocks the same way they don’t want their white middle class bred rebel kids with dreads. Therefore, corporate America is not interested in the fact that you love your culture and want to express it. It’s not welcomed. And while corporate America hates you, the police love you so much so that just as in corporate America, dreadlocks equals trouble. Maybe they are in cahoots and share sentiments with one another about dealing with potentially progressive blacks.

After I graduated I began to question whether my undergraduate education ever provided me with the tools I needed to be a better job candidate. Of course, there was career services, but really, wasn’t she overpayed to really do nothing? Couldn’t I have been told that not only does corporate America want me to assimilate and adopt the mindset of the mainstream, but I also have to leave mine at the door of the building. I have to make sure I don’t embrace my culture too much at work, because when I do, I’m cast as the exec with the chip, the hip-hop-er, and/or given all the work having anything to do with urban culture, as if that’s all I know.

The best thing a black college or university can do for its business students is to incorporate a sociology or corporate psychology (if that exists) class in to their curriculum. As a matter of fact, one college that requires something of that nature is University of Houston (I’m sure there are others, but mine didn’t). Then students will be prepared to understand the mindset of the mainstream. Students will then understand why when blacks succeed, people seem to be surprised, and when they fail, it’s attributed to your race. What bothers me most are black students in business who say “I just want to make money. I don’t care about all that other foolishness,” but they refuse to think about the barriers that keep it from happening until it smacks them in the face.

And please don’t think the blacks near the top will rush to help the new generation of employees. Honestly, I don’t believe too many of them will. Yes, there are those honorable few that come and prepare business collegiate for the climb up the ladder (for example, Ann Fudge). But there are more who have to protect their own jobs. They have to make sure that when the new breed comes in off their names, that new breeder is the best of the best. Of course, it’s only natural to want the best coming in off your behalf. But can those same who only want the best come out into the universities and communities and tell his or her people what it takes to be the best, what it takes to outshine the competition, and what it takes to advance once the position is acquired. Among many other things, I’m assuming that would include addressing those business administration majors and tell them to get a concentration. And tell the inner city black men with more polo’s, tees and $400 jeans and $600 shoes to do what? INVEST IN A SUIT. We need someone to tell our black men to treat the job fair like a job interview. Leave your polo’s at home. Brief example, a friend of mine went to a career fair (not a job fair, but a career fair). His attire was as follows: a button down collared shirt (check), denims (X), and timberlands (BIG X). Negro, not only will recruiters see you as careless and trifling, but that resume will never see anything other than that table you placed it on or that “not interested” pile in which the recruiter placed it.

We see enough negativity. That’s why it’s so easy to believe that success is unreachable. There is success, but it’s not as visible. It’s not in your face like all the factors that influence regression and failure. Sociologists say that more men are being raised in single parent matriarchal families.What is needed now are other people that will assume that guidance and advisor role. But that also means that if young adults aren’t being prepared at home for the real world, their schools and communities should take the reigns. Sometimes, there are teachers and professors that will guide you to the right decisions. So, no longer can we solely blame the government or “the man” for their prejudice or blame the teens for their ignorance, deviance, apathy or sloth. Those same words the criminal justice system uses to crowd the prison system with our men for non-violent crimes – means, motive, and opportunity – are the same words our society of black leaders on all levels must use to prepare, inspire, encourage and enable our men to be successful and productive.

Of course, I know that this note will frustrate some, but that’s not something I fear. I actually embrace it. I just hope that if someone does comment, that they are doing something in hopes of changing the black condition themselves, besides critiquing my analysis of the situation. In addition, I am a business graduate of black school who is now attending a white school. So anything you tell me, I probably already know. I welcome everyone’s opinion and advice. What I do hope is my message will inspire some to be more proactive about their futures, about their lives, and those after them. Without the tools I’m suggesting and others that are more thought out and strategized, students and black leaders are preparing ourselves and our youth for a future of mediocrity, inferiority, criminality, ignorance, and carelessness. We must arm ourselves and our brethren with the tools need to succeed and exceed, to create new opportunities, and to remain competitive. Embrace awareness!!!