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Barely Conscience



<p><strong>FEELINZ</strong><br />
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TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!!! S/O to the 80’s babies!


The Innovation of Loneliness: What Social Networks Are Doing To Us!

The Innovation of Loneliness

MusicMondays: RadioHead

What up world! The video below is from the personal favorite band Radiohead off of “From The Basement.” Quasiatically…it’s kinda like a trippy haunted ghost story that turns beauty and spooky at various. You know like low pitch sonnets from Pandora’s Box. (But that might be over selling it.) Check them though!









The Mask You Live In (Trailer)

The Mask You Live In Trailer by The Representation Project

I’m interested to see the rest of this film, because while the message has much merit, it would take a reconditioning of society as a whole for this ideal idea to ever come into fruition. Manhood, how it is perceived to other men, how it attracts the opposite sex, how it inspires, how it destroys and every complexity that it’s current definition entails would have to be uprooted for decades. It’s like fighting racism, in some very small way, it’ll always exist just from human nature’s inescapable fear of what we don’t fully understand. As long as people are different, there will be fear. Not trying to go too left and the video below is very thought provoking, just saying that I’m not entirely sure which side of the fence I stand on this issue. It could be my own conditioning fighting for it’s survival. Check it out.