What is a Gumbo Monster?

  A ‘GUMBO’ is a soup/stew famous for it’s many seemingly random ingredients coming together to make an awesome dish. There’s the broth, the rice, the meats of all kinds, the plethora of seafoods, some people use potatoes, many throw in okra, even vegetables cooked all in one big pot. Down here in New Orleans there’s dozens of ways people make a gumbo but the end result is always the same….a fulfilling meal full of flavor that’s unique to whichever cook is in the kitchen.

Here at GumboMonster.Com that is precisely our aim, to pull all of our talents and ingredients together through the medium of the internet to provide you with a fulfilling source of entertainment.  Whether you come to our pot for laughter, for music vibes, for social commentary, to be educated, to debate, to gain exposure for your own talents, to request our services or just to cure your boredom while you’re sulking at the job, this is a source for you to pick whatever your muse is from our plate and quench that festering hunger for more than the average, the usual and the predictable.

The hunger is what brought us together and our own hunger will be the entire basis of this site.  We’re all artists refusing to just wait to be noticed, refusing to just wait for an opportunity so we’re creating our own.  If there isn’t enough telescopes for every star in the sky, then our aim is to shine bright enough to force those telescopes to focus in on us.  We have a voice and if you listen, it may just match your own. This isn’t being cocky, it’s about knowing your worth, just like we know that you’re worth more than what’s being forced down your throats on television and on the internet on a regular basis. Time for a different flavor.

This hunger is what created the monster and this monster won’t stop until it is fulfilled.

We won’t always fit into the box, we’re raw so sometimes we just might offend, but controversy creates conversation which culminates in change. So even if we fail to inspire, fail to fulfill our potential or even fail to back up all of the sh!t talk stated above (sh!t talk that we DO believe in btw), just knowing that we sparked that initial conversation, that motivation to think, means we’ve done our jobs as cooks in this kitchen.

All conversation starts with a voice, here’s ours…..Welcome to GumboMonster.Com: We Wander Out Loud


  1. Yezzur. Sounds bout right to me

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