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Asking all them questions-Emmanuel OFFICIAL VIDEO

Comedy+Creativity is the new magic. Check this out!

Patrice O’neal vs. Rick Ross

Tizzo here! Barks 3x then snarls for 5 seconds. What you wanna do first, laugh or read read? I think I heard somebody say laugh first. Check out Patrice O’neal’s ROAST on Charlie Sheen. Hope you laugh then you can read.

I never knew of Patrice O’neal until this video really. He’s been FAKE R I P-ed already by the powers that be on the internet but he’s not dead, just recovering. It seems he’s been added to the list of another black man having a massive stroke. I’m sure there are many more, Blacks and otherwise, who are nameless and just numbers but the shit is real. Just ask Rick Ross who experienced two seizures back to back not too long ago. I’m sure we all feel we are well educated folk who are too healthy to have any such thing happen to us but do you even know the difference between a stroke and a seizure, the definition of either one, and what causes both?

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Featured Funny- Lil Wayne and Birdman 3

Broken Equipment Productions, also known as FilnoBEP are one of the biggest sensations on youtube, parodying everything hiphop, and some of the most original ways, just going to their youtube page and clicking any random video will no doubt cause instant laughter and hilarity, especially if you’re a hip-hop head like myself, below is just one of the many videos I’ll no doubt be posting on here in future Featured Funnies, enjoy…