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Man’s Best Friend TRAILER

Gumbomonster’s newest film “Man’s Best Friend” coming soon…

Much Ado About R’Ships: Part 2 of 3: The Single Man’s Mind

Without giving the long introduction, this is Part II of a three part series I’m doing called ‘Much Ado About Relationships.’ I basically got inspired by seeing this woman’s status ragging on men and felt that folk aren’t seeing the bigger picture, or at least aren’t trying to understand each other. I’m not a woman, so I can’t provide the woman’s insight into women, but I can give a man’s POV on assorted topics in the genre that is MAN/WOMAN. Part I was “Men and Women Are Wired Differently”, you can check it out by clicking here. For this post, we’re going to explore…THE SINGLE MAN’S MIND

…yeah, it was going to be titled THE SINGLE MAN’S HEART….but that title was wack, on to it though…



Your average single man is having consistent sex with 1 main woman (sometimes 2 or 3, but definitely 1), while still leaving his penis open to the possibilities for random hookups, fantasy smashes and even future GFs. No matter what he’s telling you, he’s most likely smashing at least one chick

What IS single?

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GOTHAM NEWS: Scientists find that true love IS real

martinandgina I commend any couple that has the audacity and the fortitude to climb aboard a Relation Ship together and test the waters and storms of love.  Now while I do believe that love is real and possible if you find someone you click with  (and I’m not saying “THE ONE”, I’m saying ‘A ONE ‘that works for you), personally I’m not big on the titles aspect of it all.  Boyfriend, girlfriend, boo, spoogie, FUBU (hint: the ‘BU’ stands for buddy) whatever, in my book the only title that means anything is the one you get after marriage. Hell, you gotta sign papers, give away half of yourself (possessions included) and piss off God to get out of that one, and if you’re a woman you have to undergo an identity crisis depending on how long you’ve had this dude’s last name…so whether you’re religious or not it’s a title (WITH POWER) to respect… britmarried

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