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The LEGEND of SnoBallMAN!!!!

New Orleans needs a hero, a hero with…BALLS!!!

Check out Gumbomonster’s newest film, “The LEGEND of SnoBallMAN!!”


Devin McCoyAl BeautiRahim GlaspyAndrew TadrosMatthew “Tizzo” DavisJason Cooper, Canae WhiteDaranisha IngramMandisa ReedDavid Ragas and Martin ‘Bats’ Bradford

Directed By

Martin ‘Bats’ Bradford & Mike 5ive 


The LEGEND of SnowBallMAN!!! Teaser

New Orleans needs a hero, a hero with BALLS!

“The LEGEND of SnowBallMAN!!!” Coming Soon…

Bassmentality 2/1/13 (playlist)

What up world! Greetings and #quasars. Mike 5ive Pre-Sent!


First let me say Rabbit, Rabbit! It’s a myth, according to Nick, Jr. (yes I’m citing Nick, Jr.) at the first of every month when you very first wake up say, “Rabbit, Rabbit!’ This is indefinitely grant you good luck all month long. Good luck to all those who remember,lol

This week’s show, 1st show of the spring Semester!, #hashtag was #NolaDays.


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Bassmentality: 1/30/13 (playlist)

What up world greetings and #quasar. Mike-5ive Pre-sent.

This week show, actually the 1st Hip-Hop show of Spring!,  was entitled #Run5iveRun. Simple name but damn does it hold meaning,lol. For the next two months I’m pulling double duty as the man with a movie camera, dj trying to live and survive. I have totally embraced my inter “Artist” lifestyle.

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Diplo feat Nicky Da B – Express Yourself (Video)

5ive dawg, Pre-Sent.

So yesterday I was doing my blog crawl thing and stumbled across this video.

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GOTHAM NEWS: Cops cock block V-Day role play

The dust has cleared from Valentine’s Day and the world is back to normal. If you’re in the NOLA area your mind is on Mardi Gras and if you’re anywhere else…well, I have no clue what you could be thinking about aside from having to go to work on Tuesday while my entire city will be partying, getting f**ked up, exchanging beads for t!ts, pissing outside, illegally parking, dancing wildly, eating good, smoking great, drinking awesomely, one night standing, praying, repenting and doing all of the walking you’ll ever need to do for the entire year (while HUNG OVER). It’s CARNIVAL SEASON. Yeah….we find reasons to not have to work down here, it’s a perk.

While I have no problem with the idea of Valentine’s Day as an occasion to show your love to the person you care for the most (why can’t it be a month and let us pick whichever day we want to show the love on?), it’s basically become a holiday for the stores to guilt you into the obligation of having to spend money to prove your love to someone that you prove this to everyday or could prove it in anyway you feel on any other day, while trying to make the single people resent their current relationship statuses and conning them into thinking that they’re lonely so they try harder to find someone to be with for one night (or potentially forever) and spend more money to appease Cupid or some sh!t.  The girlfriends gloat while the single chix hate, the single men hide while the married men try to either top last year for the millionth time or fail and hope they still get some by the end of the night, the players go broke while the actual lonely folk get to sit back and rationalize to themselves (and others) as to why they don’t care that they’re lonely. One big heart aching entertaining mess of a day with literal and figurative erections (highs) and impotencies (lows) depending on your situation (and Twitter Timeline) and by February 16th all has either been forgotten or beaten into apathetic submission. Life goes on….unless you’ve been arrested on this day for being caught in the middle of S&M bondage Vday sex…

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