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Weekend Recipe: Mini Chimichangas

I love, heart, ADORE Nacho Mama’s chimichangas! I had one order of minis and could not get enough! That of course sent me on a hunt to find a recipe for these delicious Pringle-like meal (because I’m saying, once you pop…for real though!) This weekend recipe comes from the Best Holiday Recipes 2010 magazine. I haven’t tried this recipe yet, but from what I see it looks good! Let me know if you get to do it before I do!

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Weekend Recipe: Sexy Pancakes!!

Ok so this weekend’s recipe comes again from because I just love this dude. The site is also a blog of (SHOUT OUT TO WORDPRESS.COM) and maybe if we send him more traffic he’ll finally post more delicious looking recipes. Guys if your girl has birthday coming up or you all have an anniversary around the corner, check out this tasty way to turn up the sexy!! Read the rest of this entry