Shouts out to R.Kelly! (And the other free slaves)

Just about a week ago, 22 year old Morris Williams was sent to jail for a year, because he unknowingly had sex with an underaged girl, told her father that he did it, urged her father to put some restraints on his daughter before she got someone else in trouble, and was still sent to jail.

Today, after damn near a decade, R. Kelly, the pied piper of R&B, Mr. Piss on You, was acquitted of ALLL charges, after countless countless witnesses said it was him in the video, countless countless witnesses, even family members and people who had had sex with the two of them identified the girl as well, nigga had him on tape and erything, BUT, he got off because the dude on the tape had a mole on his back, and R. Kelly doesn’t have a mole.

Yeah, a fuckin mole…

Oh, and the girl said it wasn’t her, and testified in R. Kelly’s defense. Hell yah he paid her ass off, even R. Kelly wasn’t trying to speak in his own defense, why? Because he knew it was him, and didn’t need no lawyer tearing his story to shreds. You remember when you were little, and you know you lied to your momma, you try to keep it quick and keep it simple, because as soon as you start adding too much to the story, Momma gon find out and beat that ass. Same with Mr. Kelly, his defense attorney kept it simple, their only defense was that the dude ona video had a mole and R. Kelly didn’t, that’s it, they ran with that story from the beginning, kept it going and going, they even tried to say that somebody made the tape ona CGI tip, using the same technology the Wayan’s brothers used to make LIL MAN, No real shit

But for the most part they kept it simple, the prosecution brought in the girl’s family members, who said it was her (but after the trial began to go R. kelly’s way, other members started claiming it wasnt her), brought in other brauds that R. Kelly had slept with, that said that they had threesomes with R. Kelly and the girl, and even knew the address of where the place was, they had the video, they had everything, and Mr. Kelly STILL gets off, SCOTT FREE! That shit is crazy, because of a mole?! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a person that wants to see more black men put in jail, we have enough of that shit, especially innocent black men, but dayummm that is a hell of a lot of evidence to overcome for any man, whether he’s black, white, brown, or turqoise

And it all basically comes down to a mole…which could’ve been a fuckin M&M stuck to his back or some shit, and hell, Kelly’s RICH, whose to say that he didn’t get some work done to remove said MOLE. I swear R. Kelly is the new O.J Simpson. OJ got off because a glove didn’t fit on his hand, but errybody know he killed the white lady, and now R.Kelly gets off after pissing on a little girl…

and you know what? After really sitting down and thinking hard about this, all I can say is………….CONGRATS MUTHAFUCKA!!!! LOL

Damnnnnnnnnn, I can’t even hate on anybody that cheats the system THAT WELL, the system is ALWAYS screwing us, so I guess if you play it correct, you get a chance to make the system bend over for you and take it, SHIIIT, sure its screwed up that celebrities get all the perks, and regular people go to jail nonstop, but hell, I wanna be a celebrity my damn self one day, so I need them to keep this shit going to I can have an excuse to do dumb shit and know I’m going to get off, SCOT FREE, I guess, I’m going to be one of those bad boy ass celebrity criminal types,and now I can be, THANKS R.KELLY

But it’s not just Robert that’s shown me this, no no, over the years they’ve been a number of celebs we’ve seen getting off EASY, lets call them the FREE SLAVES, becuz they’ve definitely shown us that FAME = FREEDOM from errrything…Let’s take a look at what celebrities have shown me the lengths of what I can do


Snoop Dogg was acquitted of murder, coccaine posession, AND marijuana posession. Yes, the first word was MURDER, in 1993, this dude from a rival gang got shot up, this was a dude that niggas KNEW Snoop had beef with, and the car was even identified as being the one that Snoop was in, he got off with ONLY PROBATION for weapons possession, because they couldn’t prove that he was the triggerman. So basically, Snoop was ina car, had a nigga kill somebody he had a problem with, and got off SCOT FREE, why?! Cuz he’s Snoop Doggy Dogg, Mr. Bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yay, I can’t say whether he did it or not, but looking at the evidence, if it was my black non celebrity ass up in that car, w/ a triggerman, whether I did it or not, I would’ve got more than just a few months probation for carrying a gun, fuck I would’ve got time for having an illegal weapon or something. He got fined for the coke, and oh yah, what about the marijuana?! Well most people don’t know this, but Snoop has a medical marijuana card because he gets migraines…

YAH, you read that shit right, Snoop claims he gets migraines and has actually been cleared to legally have WEED! Ain’t no nigga in the world w/o a platinum selling record, clothing line, and a TV show gets THAT lucky


Now, Diddy has been arrested many times for beating niggas up, as well as connections with murder and shit, but the biggest case he’s had to face left one man in jail for 25 years only for protecting his, gun possessing, bribing ass, Diddy was accused of having gun on him, which he most likely did, as well as bribing niggas to help get him off, which he most likely did, but of course this is DIDDY, this cat is an institution, ain’t no way he’s going out like that, of course he was acquitted of ALLL charges, and unforunately Shyne took the fall, why? BecauseShyne wasn’t famous enough yet


Jay-Z, one of my idols in the game, stabbed one of his friends and employees, Lance “UN” Rivera, because he thought that Rivera was bootlegging his album, Volume 3: The Life and Times of S.Carter. See, this is why Wayne really aint the best rapper alive, because while Wayne is bitching about niggas bootlegging his shit, Jigga was STABBING niggas for bootlegging his shit, hell they were FRIENDS(and still are), at first he denied it, then he AND his lawyers denied it, then a fuckin video popped up w/ Jay-Z seen in the club, on the night that “UN” got stabbed, so Jigga had to admit to it, and guess what…he only got 3 years probation, THATS IT…let me go run out there and stab me up a nigga and watch I get some jail time, but noo not Jigga, he’s HOV, the judge was prolly bumping an advanced copy of The Dynasty or some shit.

This is one of the most recent additions of Lifestyles of the Rich and Aimless, in case you’ve been living with Splinter and the Ninja Turtles,

you should know that T.I was just sentenced to only a year in jail, even though homie was facing like 15! Dude had already gotten out of jail early because of who he was a few years ago, and was put on STRICT ass probation, he’s a 7 time felon on probation, yah he aint playing, it aint just talk I even found dude’s rap sheet right HERE…if he was to be caught with any drugs or guns, thats the last strike and the least amount of time he was suppose to get was like 10 years, BUT out of the blue, T.I.Joe only got a year and a day after being caught with guns in his possession, on his PERSON, and after his house was raided and military style guns were found,

this 7 time felon gets ONE YEAR, that he doesn’t even have to start serving until next year. Now, T.I. is one of my favorite rappers, so even though I knew kid was wrong I was one of the main cats yelling out FREE T.I.P, but I even thought that dude was up diarrhea creek…guess not, he IS the KING “HOMIE!” and royalty is alllways treated differently from us common peasant folk, thats why I’m gonna get my ass a crown ASAPTUALLY


“The Queen B” got a year for lying under oath (and if I remember right she only served like 9months). Yah, she was there, saw some niggas shoot up some other niggas, and vowed to not snitch, which was honorable since that was her people, so she lied, and only got a year for what was suppose to be a 5 year bid, PERJURY. Even the judge admitted that he gave her a lighter term because of who she was, since this was after the whole Martha Stuart case, which Ima get to ina minute, but yah, he felt that since Martha Stuart only got 5 months for lying, he couldn’t give Lil Kim the full sentence or else people would protest that he was being racist, but since Kim lied UNDER OATH,he gave her an extra 5 months….either way, Kim showed me that if I was famous, I could lie to a judge, cool out for a minute, get rearrested, admit to the shit, then only do a cool year in FEDERAL prison aka EASY JAIL, ya know the one w/ your own stove and shit….yah

And last but not least, the King and Queen of taking advantage of their celebrity…


This lady here did the damn thing fareal bruh, she saw the stock was going down, and right before it went down she sold the entire thing without telling ANYBODY about it, making even more BANK, then lied and said that she had no idea before hand, but was caught, now on some real shit that was grimy, and under normal circumstances people that do that get major time, but not the REAL QUEEN B, Ms. Martha Stuart, hell nah, this mafucka here went down with a fight, she even said that she had no problem going to prison because and I quote “Good people always go to prison, like Nelson Mandela” LOL, she brought up Nelson Mandela! I swear, with her money, and Mandela’s name being tossed around, the old lady only did 5 months in the FEDS, she had her own stove and TV, and even grew some plants and flowers, that wasn’t jail yo, that was a vacation, she came back stronger then ever, doubled her stocks, and even got her TV show back. Now, I don’t know that many black celebrities that could’ve pulled that off, but I aint hating, because if I was white, I’d use my skin to my advantage too….real shit

O.J ‘The Killa!’ SIMPSON

The man that made Johnny Cochran a household name, to this day he is probably the most hated nigga on earth by white people, I swear, just like when the movie ROOTS came out, white people everywhere stayed inside, because black folks were going nuts, it was just the same when OJ Simpson got off, them crackers was MAAAAAAADD, LOL, I was lil at the time, but even I knew that I wasn’t tryna fuck w/ nobody white on that day,

not even no light skinned people.

Dude got off with MURDER, his fingerprints were there, his footprints were there, he lived there, it was his wife, he thought she was cheating, that’s a motive, and everything, and just because the glove didn’t fit, he got off…now I don’t know about you, but that was a lil white lady, his big ass could’ve easily knocked her ass out, and gutted her with a glove that fit or didn’t fit, BUT, according to top scientists, its impossible to kill someone if the glove doesn’t fit, SO, Mr.NIGGER, Mr. Simpson once again, showed to the world that a nigga w/ money cant get away with anything he pleases. Now, he was an asshole for writing a book about it, detailing how he would’ve done it if he did do it,lol

And there are many more celebrities that get off easy, Eminem got away with beating the fuck out of somebody in a strip club, charges were dropped INSTANTLY, nobody knows why, Tony Yayo got away with beating up a lil kid, The Game got away with impersonating a police officer (lol), Wesley Snipes got away with never paying taxes, and oh no, we can’t forget PARIS HILTON serving a coupla days for her 3rd DUI and suspended liscense(she got out but then sent back because public outcry was so big that they made her serve a few more weeks), And the list goes on and on of countless other celebs continously get off off off

And wait, i may be in the minority, but the reason why Michael Jackson didn’t make that list, is because for some reason, maybe it’s because I’m a fan of Black Michael’s music, but I don’t think Michael Jackson touched them kids, but THATS JUST ME

Now not every celebrity gets off this easy, Prodigy, Styles P (stabbed a nigga ina ass LOL), Beanie Sigel, C Murder, Shyne, Remy Ma, and many others all have done time and are doing time and are celebrities, but the difference between them and THEM above is….$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

And that what it’s all about, some say pussy makes the world go round, some say dick runs the world, but everybody no matter what understands that money is the world’s axis, it’s gravitational pull, its oxygen, it’s ozone layer, its percipitation and everything else (including its POLLUTION). If you have enough money, you can get away with ANYTHING. It’s the sad truth of the world, and it’s going to continue to be the bad example that all of our kids and future generations are going to follow until who knows when. As much shit as I was talking about becoming famous and going crazy, all jokes aside, I’m going to try my best to teach my kids to not worship money as if its a religion (and it is a religion to MANY), but fuck, whose to tell that kid that’s broke and stuck in poverty, who has everyone around him conditioning his brain to believe that his only way out is Benjamin Franklin(and no not the school), whose to tell the kid that it ain’t the truth, when not only do the rich get all of the houses and the cars, but now they can get away with MURDER and RAPE as well….

Its fucked up, but i ain’t hating, I’m just tellin the truth, people make your money, attain your success, but don’t be stupid about it, even if its tempting, becuz it is tempting to do dumb shit when you know nothing is going to happen. But the cycle has to end somewhere…and I say this whether R.Kelly did it or not, because whether he did it or not, the stigma is still being highlighted…I wonder what Mystikal is thinking right about now…..

lol, i know it aint funny, but damn, lol


Once again, this was just my $0.02 towards life’s $0.98

BATS, the ACE among kings…


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