Niggas In Paris FOR REAL pt 1

5 Whites In Black Face

Aliaa Elmahdy: I am nude, I am woman, but we are not free.  

B.G aka Mr. Dorsey and Telly Hankton —troubles with the law

How Biggie and Jay Z first met

Niggas in Paris pt2

Niggas in Paris pt3

Say something racist then apologize. Welcome to PR 101!


The Bluest Eye book review

Tyra Batts- “1 2 3 NIGGER” chant




On the real real, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t talk to myself. A lot of people call it crazy but crazy is what makes me question my sane actions. When I finish making a beat, making a hook, recording a mixtape, or doing any form of art, I ask myself, “What’s my motivation?” I answer myself out loud, “Creativity, curiosity, and ambition.” Creativity keeps my logic used and my planning skills on point. Curiosity consistently tells me what I am willing to do or not do. Ambition keeps my thoughts occupied by imagining bigger, better, and faster ways to avoid and solve repetitive problems. With this force of motivation, I’ve been teaching myself how to do what I need to do in order to do what I want to ever since 2002. My name is Tizzo and I’m a monster nu$$a.


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