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I USED TO LOVE H.E.R was Common’s ode to hip-hop, talking to Hip-Hop as if it were a woman he was in love with. Here’s where our odes will go….she loves us too…

Bassmentality 2/1/13 (playlist)

What up world! Greetings and #quasars. Mike 5ive Pre-Sent!


First let me say Rabbit, Rabbit! It’s a myth, according to Nick, Jr. (yes I’m citing Nick, Jr.) at the first of every month when you very first wake up say, “Rabbit, Rabbit!’ This is indefinitely grant you good luck all month long. Good luck to all those who remember,lol

This week’s show, 1st show of the spring Semester!, #hashtag was #NolaDays.


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Bassmentality: 1/30/13 (playlist)

What up world greetings and #quasar. Mike-5ive Pre-sent.

This week show, actually the 1st Hip-Hop show of Spring!,  was entitled #Run5iveRun. Simple name but damn does it hold meaning,lol. For the next two months I’m pulling double duty as the man with a movie camera, dj trying to live and survive. I have totally embraced my inter “Artist” lifestyle.

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Tupac Back…in 3D?

What up world. 5ive dawg Pre-sent!

So…apparently Tupac came back.

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Shyt (People) Say: Indie Rapper [Spoof]

Peace and #Quasars. 5ive dawg, Pre-Sent!

Have you heard about the phenomena or meme, as it is called, Shit (Subculture/Stereotype) Say?

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Ahmar (King) To Don (Cornelius)

What up world! 5ive Pre-Sent. Imma keep this post pretty belief cause its really about the knowledge Ahmar drops. I found this blog/letter Ahmar (from the Roots) wrote dope simply because it shows how music transcends the bullshit. I’m sadden that Don Cornelius went out the way he did but glad that he shared his time and inspiration and passion with us!

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