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Featured Funny of the day is where we share a myriad of material from original works from the team to the best of the most random clips and stories we’ve found over the years whether on YouTube or elsewhere….only the best…

Happy Sunday: Church baby SHOULD win a baby Oscar

Church babies, some of us ride the Jesus wave into adulthood and become living breathing judgmental bibles with little bible hands and big bible feet (think SpongeBob, but as a Bible #BibleBob), others stray and become slutty evil heathen robots that are bent against anything good and must be put on leashes to prevent anymore baby kangaroos being eaten, because baby kangaroos MUST be protected.


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FEATURED FUNNY: Jon Stewart eats Fox News pundits in the name of Black Santa


Is Santa Claus black? This hard hitting news story was apparently more important than the economy, upcoming war or the next episode of Scandal. Thank you John Stewart for once again (and again) exposing the waste of queef that is Fox News.

Sunday Funnies (Super Bowl Edition)

How do I start this one of off…. #whodat! I will not front when the Saints lost to that team….umm the San FrisHos, I was kinda pissed. My team had lost and football season was pretty much over. So who was goin to be at the big Game, the Patriots and the Giants. Yeah the season was over but I still had that urge to watch the game. (And I had $40 on the Giants For the Win). However nobody I was by or visited had any interest in the game. Eventually I had succumbed to my new growing addiction to Breaking Bad  with @Misterbats (don’t click here,lol).

I totally missed the game but the homie @Kloud_Stryfe had got me mad hyped about the SuperBowl commercials, so here are a few that rocked to me!


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SUNDAY FUNNIES: Gremlins Edition

*This edition of the Funnies are inspired by Gremlins. You know I recently remember that the Gremlins is holiday movie (props to @NolaDriveIn). I mean I know Christmas occurs in it but it never struck me like It’s A Wonderful Life,lol. Anyway the Gremlins is an 1984 movie ( I love 80s movies) about a little creature, a Mogwai named Gizmo,  that can create multiples once being wet and if they, including Gizmo, are feed after midnight they transform into mischief beasts called Gremlins. The title tells you what happens, so go peep how it unfolds on dvd or vhs or the Nola Drive-In.


The origins of the word Gremlin comes World War II, where Gremlins were blamed for mechanical failures in airplanes. The word reached household name status by a gremlin tormenting Bugs Bunny in “Falling Hare.” And who could forgot that\ famous scene in the Twilight Zone when  William Shatner looks out the window at the Gremlin on the airplane wing and tries to shoot it. Gremlins are mean but hopefully the cartoons are cooler. enjoy and be safe!



*eek the cat, eek files


extreme ghostbusters “Grease”


bugs bunny – falling hare


tiny toons “a gremlin on the wing”


and this one just for the losing Lions

real ghostbusters ” Don’t Forget the Motor City

FEATURED FUNNY: Mike Tyson as Herman Cain


What up, doe! 5ive, Pre-sent. It’s that time of year  again, and NO I’m not talking about autumn/winter, choosing our next president. Honestly I’m not a big politics guy. I understand how politics affects our daily but SO MUCH dis-information and double-talk happens I find it hard really find out what’s really going on? Historically speakin,g a young, black man with an Arabic seeming name WON (peep the word choice, Bush-fans) the presidency. Three years later, he’s the most respected, player hated figure but he’s still the POTUS. This political “season,” if you can call it that is teeming with fervor. The Republicans are going bananas claiming that Obama is ruining the country. At every turn, it seems like Obama has put the nation in debt, fuck up Welfare, and lost us our jobs. (When in actuality, the POTUS, since the name Obama is too Arabic, is moving through at least a decade of government red tape, earmarks, BULLSHIT, and tax cuts.) The Republicans are extra convinced him and his Democratic cornies are fucking up. They NEED to resume the reins of power. Here is where we enter Herman Cain>>>>

I don’t need to run his whole story cause Mike Tyson got me covered but basically he’s a black Republican, (no Nasir here) running for a candidacy as the GOP pick for the Presidency. Besides being the most electrifying Republican probably since Ronald Reagan, this dude is actually leading the polls. Will he win? Umm…if he does hopefully he doesn’t morph with Sarah Palin and becomes the Anti-Christ,lol. But seriously if he does take the poll, get your Canadian Visa ready.




Just so happens that both me and 5ive had Herman COON on the mind, check out this vid from The Colbert Show roasting this fool

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Sunday Funnies (N.E.R.D. Edition)

#quasars. 5ive, Pre-sent.

What is cooler than being cold?  (Ice Cold!!)

This edition of the funnies is inspired by the lesser than cool, The NERD. (and this XV and Chip the Rip concert.) Not to be confused with N.E.R.D. (eventhough they kinda nerdy), the NERD is a term that refers to an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit. Bump all tha,t the “cool kids” just hadn’t caught on to our cool yet. Read the rest of this entry