Over SKIN!?

So I’m chillin, sitting in front of my computer screen, trying to figure out something to write about…I ain’t gon front, this blogging ona regular basis shit isn’t as easy as it looks, I really applaud all the bloggers that take the time out of their day to have enough of an opinion about the world to be able to not only squeeze some HOT SHIT out of the buttocks in their brains, but to be able to do so EVERY DAY, because lately I’ve seem to have stacked up a damn neighborhood full of writer’s blocks in my head….But, it’s cool, I’ma beast, and the buttocks in my brain is like Buffie the Body’s booty in IMAX 3D, so I’m good….

So yeah, as I sit here, bored, I decide to hop on youtube just to pass the time like erybody else does, and after seeing that new T.I video, NO MATTER WHAT (hot song), my T.I mood takes me to his classic video, “Why You Wanna“…now I ain’t saying the song is a classic, but what makes the video so hot is the sexy red bone that’s featured in it…

and as I watch the video, for some reason an old friend of mine’s popped in my head, I’m not gonna put her name out there, but I’ll call her Wesley….why Wesley? Because, whenever I talked to her, she was like a walking “Pro-DarkSkinned-Black” poster, she was dark as hell, fine as hell, proud as fuck and naggy as shit…I swear everytime we’d talk about relationships between people, she’d figure out a way to turn it into the infamous “You prejudice against Dark Skinned” girls debate, the debate that I’m more than sure every black person, by this time in their lives, has heard enough about to the point that this very blog may get skipped over because of the tired rerun that this subject has become…

Now, I’m not gonna lie, when I look back at all the girls I’ve dated, my love line is looking a bit high yella, real talk, I would blame it on the (racist ass color struck) city I’m in, but that’s a bitch way out, so I’ma keep it 100…and by me keeping it 100, and admitting that my preference seems to be light skinned women, she would use my 100% honesty as fuel for her 100% judgments of me and anybody else who has a “preference”, which further cemented in my mind the insecurities in herself that she refused to acknowledge.

So as I watch this T.I video, letting this high yella fineness on the screen seduce my eyes like a 40 year old woman at a Prince concert, the guilt eventually stacks in me (or really the nagging memory of Wesley), and I decide to You Tube that Guerilla Black video he had w/ one of the sexiest video girls of the pass few years, that just so happend to be dark skinned.

Ain’t that some shit, I’m sitting here watching a video that has a dark skinned girl in it, just so I won’t feel like I’m being prejudice…as the video hits the 2 minute mark, I start to feel dirty…now, don’t get me wrong, ol girl is still a BEASE, and honestly, sexiness has no color to me, but we’ll get into that later, but I’m feeling dirty, because I’m not being true to me, and as a dark skinned cat myself, whose also been hit with the “You’re cute for a dark boy” complimensult (yeah, I just made up another word), I don’t feel like there’s anything I should feel guilty about, which brings us to the subject of this blog…which should be entitled “Fuck Wesley”…but instead I decided to just give my normal two cents on this neverending fight

So, what I usually do when I’m putting my blogs together is research, I read shit, alotta shit and I also go on youtube and other sites to see other people’s opinions on things, and lo and behold on youtube, hundreds of videos popped up, and I found myself laughing my ass off at the crap dripping from people’s video cameras.

We have the light skinned girl who says light skinned chicks have it harder than dark skinned girls because, dark skinned people are so dark that blemishes aren’t noticeable…

“Darkies needta stop being mad, ya’ll too black to be ugly”– (Bats Translation)

Then we get to this dark skinned girl from the islands, boring me to death whining about being dark while combing her naps

“blah blah blah”—Bats Translation

And with many more videos dragging on behind that (not all of em were boring don’t get me wrong), it just left me feeling inspired enough to write an open letter to black folk of all shades

Light Skinned Women:

Dear Miss High Yella,

Real talk, it’s really fucked up that as soon as you touch down in the world, you’re instantly perceived to be stuck-up, conceited, good girls that always get it your way. It’s also fucked up, that as a whole, many men will chase you not for your brain or charming personality, but for your skin tone and what a TROPHY you could represent for him and his status amongst peers.

You’re like the dumb blondes of the black race, and as people ya’ll don’t deserve this treatment and unncessary hate. But the most fucked up thing of all, the tragedy of it is when you light skinned black women start believing this redBull niggas be selling and start believing that because of your skin, you have wings that fly you higher than anybody of darker tint.

Hell yeah, many of you are beautiful, and in life, beauty can be like money, but alla money in the world can’t buy you self respect, and by believing that just because you pass the brown paper bag test you deserve more than any other woman, you’re disrespecting your race, your gender, and yeah, obviously yourself…don’t take my word for it, but anybody that lives to disrespect themselves may wanna consider suicide…

…just a thought

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t use your strengths to your advantage. It’s a dog eat dog world, if the photographer offers you a deal and it’s because you’re light skinned and it’ll put you in a better position in life, you’d be a fool not to take it…but still understand that you didn’t land the position based on skill, you landed the position because of your full body birth mark, so don’t take it for granted and get cocky as if you won a damn Nobel Prize yadig….gain honor through humility

Also…don’t let these dark skin brauds make you feel ashamed to be who you are. I know this light skinned chick, we’ll call her TIP…and TIP was the most revolutionary chick ever. All of her friends were dark black, yeah dark black, she stayed w/ the low lil bush cut and her entire closet was filled with African colors to match her many African tribal tattoos…she use to speak her “revolutionary” mind heavy. I swear, erytime I heard one of her speeches it was always something about dark skinned women not being in videos, or how fucked up light skinned people are, or being angry at dark skinned men for dating light skinned women (which was funny cuz her boyfriend was also dark black, so why aint she mad at him?), etc etc…Now at first glance, it seemed like she must be the most down to earth redbone in the world, but when it really came down to it, (this all eventually came out in break down on stage) she really felt “ashamed to be light skinned”, yah….I never thought in life that I’d ever hear somebody really say something like that, but she said it, teary eyed Young Buck moment and all…

She experienced guilt stemming from always being hated on by her dark skinned friends in her neighborhood, so to fit in she took up their cause…

Noble?…yeah…but where her intentions stem from is all screwed up and she’s speaking as if she’s in a whole other race. That’s CRAZY?!….in my humble opinion….Don’t go “Pro Black” because you think you’re SUPPOSE to, this lil chick cut her hair short because of girls hating on her for having wavy hair. As much shit as dark skinned girls talk (really blacks in general talk) about going natural because natural is beautiful how you gonna hate what’s naturally yours?

If your hair is naturally wavy, tattoos naturally show up better on you, your skin naturally (a pussy towards) and sensitive to the sun, and cold weather naturally makes you even lighter toned, accept its beauty and REPRESENT you, because that’s really who YOU are….

(Note: I say represent as in, feel good about yourself, not shit on others)

“Black is beautiful” isn’t just some feel good statement w/ a stipulation towards dark skinned folks to make the darkies feel good, its for the entire race

You have always been the trophy, “Massa” established this from the beginning, now the question for you is whether or not you’re going to continue “Massa”s set destiny and warped respect he’s outlined, or create you own way..

….and one last thing, the myth is wrong, not every red bone is a hottie, I’ve seen tons of ugly red mafuckas, I know people say, there’s somebody for everybody, and nobody is ugly and all that shit, but since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I’m going to say that I’ve beholded some wack ass red brauds in my time…

..ugly don’t discriminate…

Light Skinned Men

Dear Red niggas,

I don’t think times will ever change, as much as Malcolm X, Huey Newton and shiit even T.I. has represented for the rowdy red niggas showing that all ya’ll aint soft, the stigma has never been detached. You will forever be tried just because cats think that red dudes is soft.

I know, even if you look like Craig Mack, there’s going to be a guaranteed percentage of women that think you’re a pretty boy, that’s just the way it is, it’s a stereotype, deal with it. But just like the red girls, don’t think you’re the shit because Prince, Al Be Shore, and Debarge gets the bitches….

Not to sound sexist, but honestly, being “stuck up” is a female trait and it pains me to find that there are stuck up males out there. As a straight man, I always felt that the general thought is “pussy is pussy, as long as she’s hot”, so it use to boggle my mind when my dude “Mariah” would give me rides to school, and talk about how he REFUSED to mess w/ girls darker than a brown paper bag because “they look dirty“…

Homie was dead ass serious too, I guess he felt he could talk to me like I was a fellow light skinned cat because my girlfriend at the time had a “dirty red” skin tone and was sexy as can be…but the 1930s lingo he was filling my ears with was killing my braincells faster than any weed I’ve ever smoked. The first time he said it, I laughed because I thought he was playing, but homie was serious and I always thought it was pretty gay. If light girls are your preference, that’s wasup, but any man that’ll let a hot dark skinned girl pass him by just based off skin tone, is GAY…He said he’d bang Megan Good, but mainly because she’s a celebrity…

yeah, Alex I’ll take GAY for 1000 please

I can’t respect a cat like that’s mind because it makes no sense to me, maybe I’m the ignorant one, and if so I’ll take my “L”, i can’t force a man to think somebody is pretty if they don’t believe it, but I can’t understand cutting girls out the race, not based off beauty or brains, but due to color….color?

Mannn, this surpasses the race issue of it, and even the superiority complex usually attached to this line of thinking, no, this goes pass an opinion, my next statement is some Man Law shit, and I’m sure that my real men out there can feel me on this one when I say…I’d bang Meagan Good even if she was Fred Sanford’s daughter selling junk from his garage making less money than JJ off Good Times, …beauty has no color, and neither does sex…

“I’m kinda racist… I don’t really like dark butts too much… It’s rare that I do dark butts. Like really rare… It’s like, no darker than me. No darker than me.”—Yung Berg

(INSERT! Whoa, this Yung Berg quote just popped up the DAY AFTER I put up this blog, click the above link…I had to add it in…so, I guess Yung Berg is gay, I dunno…I give him props for being real about his racism, but that’s where it stops, cuz dude then tries to rationalize why its cool to not like “dark butts”…like we need more lil black boys coming up thinking that this frame of mind is “cool” cuz their idol Yung Berg cosigns the bullshit, not to mention all of the dark skinned girls he indirectly called ugly….as a black man he loses all respect because he could easily be talking about my 6 yr old dark skinned lil sister…

(INSERT EDIT: gayBERG apologizes….but as Jay says “We don’t believe you, you need more people”)

Now as far as red dudes being stuck up against other men, I won’t call that gay, but it is pretty bitchmade….that’s all Ima say on that…

*(Note: Red dudes lose points for this one, some cat in GA tried to throw an ONLY LIGHT SKINNED ppl get in free party, aint that some shit?)

As usual, the myths ain’t true, like anybody really needs to say it. Just because he’s light skinned, doesn’t mean he’s necessarily the first cat ina clique you should aim to knock out first when it all goes down. People are people, the prettiest nigga ever, w/ the waviest hair and most Terrance Howard looking features could easily bust anybody’s ass if that’s the ingredients instilled in that man.

And women, just cause my dawg is red, don’t think he’s about to be super sweet and still ona flip don’t jump the gun and think that he’s going to cheat on you. He’s going to be who the hell he is, once again PEOPLE are PEOPLE…you’d think this concept would be common sense…but youtube is proving otherwise…

Either way, this one’s for you gayBerg!

Dark Skinned Women

Dear My Nubian Sistah,

You’re beautiful…I have to start off by saying that, because from the looks of things you don’t hear this near enough as you need to. You’re beautiful, your curves are desired by all, your complexion is secretly admired by most, there’s just something about a beautiful dark skinned woman that commands attention, and I truly believe that it frightens men just how sexy you are. The slave master had Ms. High Yella in the house with him because they were accepted, but there was just some alluring quality about the darker sistah that had him sneaking his ass to the back to get a piece of that ebony dream…and i do mean that in the most sincere and respectful of manners… but please believe not everybody is going to be attracted to you, it’s just the way it is…

If a nigga don’t want you…NEWFLASH!…he may just not be attracted to YOU..the individual, YOU, it may have nothing to do w/ your skin tone…just cause he picked the red girl, that doesn’t mean he picked her cuz she was red, he picked her because she may just be hotter than you point blank period, shit you may be….


ugly!…(to HIM)…

(*Note, Ugly doesn’t mean you’re handicapped…dunno what that applies to, but it sounded nice to say*)

….deal with it. Stop trying to make yourself feel better by hating ona red girl and saying you caught the “L” cause you were dark…naw don’t flatter yaself that hard, there’s MANY other reasons why you may have caught that “L”…you may have been boring as hell, maybe its cause you were dumb, cause you had no ass, no ambition, cause you looked like Borat with a tan…and no it isnt because of the tan, its because…bitch you look like Borat!….deal with it and get over it, but stop whining…whining isn’t attractive no matter how light you wish you were

Stop thinking that you need to be seen in a video to validate your beauty. If them niggas is too ignorant to put you ina video, fuck em, your beauty will be appreciated elsewhere and I mean that. Someday people will open there eyes and start being more open to darker booties being shaken in their music videos, but until that day comes…get use to the pussy popping groupies being more of a graham cracker shade instead of the oreo representations seen ona more regular basis in your everyday life…“(if life was fair, you’d be a millionaire”)

Ignorance is bliss, trust it’s going to take way more than a buncha youtube videos, blogs by me or anybody else, rallies, marches and poems to really get a soulfully ignorant person to see the error of his blissfulness

Instead of growing light complected hair over pettiness, maybe you can start aiming higher than being mad about not being video vixens and start getting true anger that your community as a whole is lacking direction and leadership. Your gender as a whole is only scratching the surface of the potential it has…

We are all people, true…but under fire and extreme pressure, I’ve got to take my hat off to women and especially mothers, for showing just why God chose them to carry that 9 month bundle and the once a month burden…and how well they survive and escalate themselves pass the bullshit…ESPECIALLY if you’re generally looked at as “dirty dark skinned tar baby” and no, i’m not trying to kiss my female reader’s asses, I’m just giving honest admiration…oh, and shouts out to my beautiful dark mother!

But once again, ya’ll shouldn’t get mad at guys for dating light skinned girls and then turn around and idolize the Super Yellah niggas like gods….just like I’ve mainly dated redbones in my time, it’s not like I haven’t been played to the left by dark girls because they rathered my Lil Fizz looking counterpart…

…and yes, I agree, if India Aree was Alicia Key’s color, she’d be winning Grammys

…no India Aree is not hotter than Alicia Keys, say its cause she’s dark all you want…I’ll say it is only to make you feel better…(but she aint) 

…and no Halle Berry isn’t a better actress than Angela Basset or Regina King…IN MY OPINION…


Dear Crunchy Blacks,

This is my category right here and from personal experience I can vouch for the guys that, like me, have dealt with girls being blinded by the red nigga fever, or parents of these girls not accepting me because I don’t look like them so I wouldn’t blend in during Thanksgiving dinner, or the ignorant grandparents not wanting their grandchildren to have “nappy hair”, the “you so black” jokes, every field nigga joke imaginable, and also on top of all of this have to deal with the fact, this isn’t an opinion right here for me (sorry let me be biased) but the fact that as men we tend to be victimized and sought after the most by the Bacon Boys.

And in all of this madness over us being dark, we tend to be the most color struck of all. My lil god brother is from Nigeria, and for the longest he would only, and I REPEAT ONLY mess w/ hispanic or white hispanic looking girls. I swear, this nigga done come from the heart of Africa and in only a few years MTV and BET done got his brain warped.  He wouldn’t bring a girl home that looked like his mama if you paid him too, dark skinned girls might as well have penises…

He denied being color struck but continued to practice its ways…he had one dark girl, but only cuz her booty was big…yeah, thats right….luckily he grew out of that madness…he was probably the first case that I could really document and say of a family member of mines really turning his back on his “sistas” because they looked like him…

They say that the dark man has this void in him that never feels fully filled or accomplished until he’s gotten himself a white woman or something close to it. Girls love to hate on the light skinned guys, but honestly I know more darkies discriminating against them then anybody else. And it’s really disrespecting the dark girls, the light girls, and whoever your mama is to really think that you aren’t successful, that you aren’t a man, until you get yourself a graham OR a Ritz cracker…

I don’t need to get into how gay it is to discriminate against pussy again, so I’ll look at it ona psychological tip….and psychologically you may genuinely not realize that you’re screwing people over, if this person is you, then hopefully this blog opened your mind a little

(Note:Something to think about…If you can’t name at least 5 dark skinned women that you find attractive, then you may need to evaluate who you are and how you think…)

Once again, there’s NOTHING WRONG WITH A PREFERENCE, Preference doesn’t equal Prejudice…but don’t think that the word “Preference” can’t be tainted…and if you really think that ALL dark girls are ugly, and ALL light girls are pretty, then you have a problem…

…if you dont perceive it as a problem, keep on living my nigga, but don’t get surprised when folk think of you as an ignorant idiot and your pussy points DROP…just the way it is…

In the food chain of it all, the black man is at the bottom when it comes to confidence (right above the dark skinned female), seriously, dark skinned guys are the most insecure cats ever. Alot of these forward thinking women running around these days saying “I love dark men” start off as immature girls that attack the dark skinned guys psychology whether it’s by using the word “Dark” or “Black” in the same sentence as calling him “ugly” or by disregarding him completely as if being dark means being dirty or lesser…

Even the lil dudes that roast the darkie as well don’t realize the long term damage they are causing…sure you may just be ugly kid (if so sucks for you)…which can be true (stop placing blame), but its no joke how the guys that the lil girls idolize and lust over hardly ever looked like the guys seen ina lil dark boy’s mirror, so what does the “blackie” usually do? Try and overcompensate…while others, like the women, use their skin tone as their handicap…

…weak ass niggers man

Being dark myself, I’ll put it like this to you weak ass dark skinned niggas that can’t see the beauty that your skin tone represents, who can’t see the reason why as girls get older you hear more and more beginning to say “I like dark guys more” and why so many movies have their light skinned cats claiming that “Light Skinned is coming back” it’s because of the appeal that the darker man possesses that can’t be put into words readily, for some reason these women become drawn toward us…call it maturity I guess (and yes it’s depending upon preference of course).

If you’re on that tip that since you’re dark, you can’t be shit cuz of the cops, or because of the “System” you’re destined for failure, then shit, you can stay weak, and I’ll just take that spot that you could have had…bottom line, chew on that for a second…


Oh and for the (personal) record it’s ignorant to think that just because a guy is dark his hair can’t be curly or wavy or his eyes cant naturally be lighter than the darkest of the browns, or once again ona flip dark skin doesn’t mean that the nigga gon be the realest or most thorough and hoodest of all men and that his dick is guaranteed to be bigger than anybody elses

He is, who he is, a darker dog than the lighter dogs you know….and or a darker bitch than the lighter bitches nigga you know….

And dude, it’s your responsibility to put on lotion after you take a shower, if your ass steps out the house looking ashy, don’t blame it on being dark that niggas started roasting your ass for looking like a chalk monster…

And for the record, I personally could give a damn how dark, light, black, white, hispanic, whatever a woman is…if she’s hot…I’m ON HER

AFTERTHOUGHT (to sum things up)

Yes the media plays possibly the largest part as to why people of lighter skin are seen in the spotlight, we can go into the psychology books and blame this on the conditioning we all undergo growing up watching these light skinned and white folk on tv all day and how we eventually subconsciously believe that that’s how it should be. We can easily cop out to that ‘truth’, and even though many of the points for that argument are valid, that argument gets us no where progressive, we’re not moving forward in any way, it keeps us stuck in the old pointing of the fingers, Willie Lynch, self hating frame of mind that will ultimately destroy the foundations of our community if we aren’t careful….

like I said before, it’s not like we have too many leaders with any influence, so if we don’t govern and respect ourselves as we should naturally, then we really have no chance of advancement, which would be a pity seeing how far we’ve come…

White people hate on each other for not being dark (tanned), while black people hate on each other for not being white. The irony of it all is almost poetic…

Difference is, a white person will not let not having a tan be an excuse for him to not achieve or perform at his highest level. Not saying we have to prove anything to, or try to be white, but just on the level of being human, letting something as trivial as color hold you back from greatness, then you’re a nigger no matter what color you happend to be.

I’m not in denial, and you shouldn’t be either, its damn harder for a black man or woman to succeed, but imagine how impossible it can become to win the game with no tokens and an unplugged controller…

…if you’re gonna kill yourself anyway….why live?

And I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but it’s going to be awhile before we really see color in this world as it truly is, which is nothing more than God’s crayola box that he pulls from randomly, and whatever you get is what you get, that’s it…c

It’s not just some American concept, everybody fears what they don’t understand, the blackest mafucka can go to Africa from America, and Africans will point fingers knowing that he isn’t of them…and as proper talking and sophisticated as Barack Obama comes across, no matter what, the key thing that will be pointed out is that he’s black, yup high yella in all, he’s BLACK.

Stop whining, start being progressive, because honestly if your goal in life is to be a bum with no goals, dreams, or aspirations, then you’re dead already, no matter what your skin looks like….

Oh, last but not least….

In Denial

Dear my New Orleans Creoles,


Shouts out to the Caramel people….ya’ll got it MADE! Lol

As usual, this was just my $0.02 towards life’s $0.98…

Bats, the Ace among Kings


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